The Day the Squirrel Went Berserk

A funny gospel song, sung by the same title, talks about a squirrel that enters a church and wreaks havoc among its members. The preacher doesn't understand why some of his members are going berserk. He thinks there is a demon in their midst.


There were days, as a single dad, when I thought my life was demonized by a squirrel. I cannot count how many times I felt overwhelmed, outdone and out-of-control. On those squirrelly days, I literally thought I was going berserk . . . until one day I got the upper hand and learned how to deal with them.

Years have passed since I was a single dad, but I can vividly recall a day when what happened made me question my sanity.

I was in the Army at the time, so that meant I had to get my six year-old son up before the crack of dawn. I had to dress him, feed him and drive him to daycare before I was supposed to be in formation on the post. The daycare would later take him, and a group of kids, to school by van. Well, I overslept, which is an oddity for me. So, the rest of the day went downhill which included me forgetting to give my son his school lunch and me being late for formation. I endured the berating from my first sergeant who didn't understand why I couldn't organize my time better. He didn't want any excuses, so I gave him none. The day ended with my son who, while I wasn't looking, found a pair of scissors and tried to give himself a haircut. I went berserk.

As single parents, whether male or female, bad days are sure to happen. The key, which I discovered after having a multitude of bad days, is to recognize them early. That way, you can correct things that need correcting like scheduling your time better or adjusting your attitude. I know. Sometimes it's easier said than done. But if you can do it, you ™ll make sure Mr. Squirrel stays where he is suppose to — in his tree.

Bob Valleau has written for Christian radio, television and the Internet and he has contributed to three books and written numerous magazines and newspapers. Currently, he lives in Dallas where he continues to work as a freelance writer.


  1. hmm interesting perspective. I would argue that the real secret is to assume that EVERY DAY is going to be a series of mishaps, forgotten lunches, and people yelling at us. So if it doesn’t happen, it just turns out to be a delightful day!

    ha ha

  2. I agree. I always try to remember how boring life would be if everything went smoothly!

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