online security breach

Over the last year, the boys have been asking more and more to borrow my computer.

boy thinks about Lego Universe

Rhett wants to “print something out on”.
Reid wants to play one of the games on
Ryan wants to go to eBay to see the prices of rare Lego sets.

Do you sense a pattern here?

It is all about the Legos here.

Then they received Lego Universe for Christmas.

A whole new Lego universe has opened up.

Not only are they begging to be online 24/7, they are making dates with real life friends to meet online. They are chatting with online friends with wacky online names.

It is like they suddenly became me.

One of the ways I have controlled the amount of time they spend is that we set up the login with a password they don’t know. That way we at least know when they are playing.

There has been great consternation over the password.

Mom, WHY can’t you tell me the password?
I am going to try to figure out the password!
Tell me, I won’t tell my brothers…

Ya, right.

Yesterday, it must have been in a moment of weakness, blog-Stedman said the password out loud.

Fast, but out loud.


Rhett(5) caught it. The several digits. The corresponding word.

He ran straight to me yelling….

I know the password!
I know the password!
I know the password!
It is ###***!
I know the password!

He was circling me and dancing and taunting.

It was an impressive display of trash talking.

This went on for 5 or 6 minutes. He was giddy in his new found knowledge. Meanwhile, I was trying to think of all the other places I might have used it.


His singing died down a bit and he seemed to be pondering something serious.

Whatcha thinking, buddy?

I am 5 and can’t read.

We are working on your reading.   You will know how to do it soon.

NO! I need to know now!


Because I can’t read, I can’t spell the password.

If only online security was always that easy.

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  1. Can he pass his new found knowledge on to someone who can read? I don’t look forward to dealing with this with JDaniel.

  2. Seriously, it’s like reading about my own house. is both my favorite thing in the world and the very bane of my existence. They love it and do such cool things on there. BUT. We have to set a timer to regulate how long one boy gets to play before the other gets on. And then the first one wants to “help” the other which leads to much yelling occasional fists flying and the eventual shouting of “OKAY FINE! Now you’re BOTH grounded from the computer!” Which, in the end, punishes nobody but me since they then go and play with the *actual* legos and whine about being grounded until my ears bleed. *breathe*

    Also, did you know that somehow, they can get to YouTube lego videos? And then they get sucked into the YouTube universe? Which ain’t always kid friendly. Gah. Stupid internet.

  3. Do NOT let that one near a dictionary anytime soon. Just sayin’.

  4. Cute story! Are they excited about the LEGOLAND opening up in Grapevine Mills?

  5. Legoland is opening at Grapevine Mills Mall???? Cool!

    Holly, I think if your son and my daughter ever married, I would worry about National Security!

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