We are week three into Project Baby Surprise…

project baby surprise

The surprise baby and nursery are in full swing now.

John & Kaysie have taken the No Peeking card to their doctor.   Soon, Peekaboo will receive the card marked boy or girl and the grunt work will begin!


In our first meeting, we sat down with John and Kaysie to discuss what they would like for each nursery, boy and girl.

The boy nursery was a cinch ¦planes!   John is an avid pilot and works in the aviation field ¦so up, up and away!   Plus, they have a yummy brown with blue striped fabric that they deemed a must-have ¦all great starts for their baby boy nursery board.

So not to be so ˜themie ™ with the airplanes; the motivation for the boy room is travel.   The bedding is simple and elegant playing off their favorite striped brown and blue fabric.   We will securely fasten travel posters above the crib to create a dramatic focus for the room.

“No Peeking” card to be marked Boy or Girl!

My favorite part of this nursery has got to be the changing table.   The plan is to re-purpose a dresser, turning it into a fabulous and functional changing table with an old world feel.   To carry through the travel inspiration, we will adhere aged maps to the front of the dresser and finish it off with vintage copper drawer pulls.

On the closet wall, you ™ll find art finer than any displayed at the DMA ¦it’s Luke and Emily’s art created especially for their new little brother ¦or, sister!   Below their art work are floor pillows for hanging out with their new little slave sibling.

John & Kaysie Review the Baby Boy Board with Kim

Design Board for Baby Boy

John and Kaysie loved the boy board ¦phew!   But, that’s not the board I ™m worried about.   I had a great idea of what they wanted for baby boy.

Baby girl is a different story.   They had tons of ideas, but couldn’t decide on a definite inspiration. After careful concentration and watching them talk about all of their ideas for baby girl, the team came up with something grand!   Or so we think.   I just hope John and Kaysie agree.

Here’s a hint:   Princesses are out ¦there’s a new chick in town!

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