Project Baby Surprise: First Comes Love…

Today Project Baby Surprise is getting to know John and Kaysie better.   They have been married 11 years and are expecting their third child.


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Here is the interview I did with Kaysie:

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Where did you and John grow up and where is your family now?

I (Kaysie) was born in Dallas in 1977, and grew up in the Plano/Allen area.  Almost all of my  extended quirky family (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins) are all in the Dallas area as well, which makes for really fun (and crowded!) holidays. John was born in El Paso in 1972, and spent parts of his childhood in Waco and Alaska. His extended family is split between Waco and Dallas. We both attended Allen High School, but not at the same time. Missed each other by one year… Actually, that’s probably a good thing because he was kind of a scuzzy rocker guy  in high school (sorry, babe!).

How and when did you and John meet?

John and I met at Garden Ridge in Plano in 1994, where we were both working part-time. I  had a boyfriend at the time, and he had just ended a relationship, so we were not  romantically interested in each other at first. We started out as friends, and John would go with me to see girly movies that my boyfriend refused to see. He said he knew I was the girl for him when  we met at the theater after work one day. After the movie started, I leaned over in the dark and asked him in a whisper if he was hungry. I then  proceeded to pull Big Macs, Dr Peppers and french fries out of my purse! The rest is history… I dumped my boyfriend and we dated for about a year before he proposed. We were married in April of 1998.

How long were you married before you had  your son, Luke?

We were married for three years before we had  Luke. Not because we had any problem getting pregnant (trust me! I just have to think about it and it happens!), but because John was smart and said we needed time to  enjoy each other before adding a baby into the mix. I would have been all for having a baby right off the bat, but I’m glad we (John) decided to wait. Luke was born in 2001.

How did you find out you were pregnant this time?

It was sooo an accident! We  thought we had the perfect little family with Luke and Emily, and were  not planning to have any more children. I began to think that I might be pregnant around the  middle of February, but I didn’t want to say it  out loud for fear that it would make it true. We couldn’t afford  to have another child in  daycare, we didn’t have an extra bedroom, we were  just now  paying off massive amounts of debt that we had accumulated when John had been out of a job… It just wasn’t a good time for us to be having an unexpected baby. I voiced my fears to my friend Cindy at work, and she said we should go get a pregnancy test at lunch. I told her I just wanted to wait a couple more weeks. That night when I got home, John asked nonchalantly, “So… think you’re pregnant?” “I don’t knooooww…” I moaned, and started to cry. He was so sweet and told me that everything would be okay, that if we were pregnant we would make it work, that God has an ultimate plan…  He bought the test the next day and it was positive. And John was right (he always is), things have just seemed to fall into place as we prepare for our new babe, due in great part to Peekaboo!

Do you have a term of endearment that you use to refer to baby?

Does “baby” count? 🙂 That’s what John usually uses… in babytalk. I have  used “punkin'”, “charmed child”, and “demon spawn” (affectionately of course!) when the baby kicks me in the ribs!

Whose idea was it to keep the surprise?   Who is more likely to peek?

It was a mutual decision to  keep  demon spawn’s (just kicked me in the ribs) gender a surprise. We figure that the pregnancy started off as a surprise, so it should end that way too! I wish that we had kept the surprise with Luke and Emily too. It has been much more exciting and special to keep that wonder and expectation alive. And working with Peekaboo has been double the fun, since we get to look and dream about both boy and girl nurseries. I have become so attached to both of our nursery ideas that I think I will feel somewhat sad to let the other fade into oblivion after the baby is born… *melancholy sigh*. I love both of the nurseries just as I love the thought of having another baby boy or another baby girl in our family. I don’t think either of us will try and peek at the nursery, but if I have to choose one or the other, I’d probably say me. I’m weak.

What is something that you could not live without when Luke  and Emily  were babies?

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste! A mother’s best friend… Also, Mylicon to help relieve baby gas. We went through so much of that stuff! Not sure why our babies were so gassy….? The most important thing in our nurseries was the glider. There’s just something about rocking a sleepy baby in the middle of the night… When Luke was tiny, I was so tired all of the time. I remember getting up to rock him back to sleep in the wee hours of the morning and just wishing he would hurry up and sleep through the night. And then he grew up… (And I’m making myself cry) And I missed my tiny baby boy… and wished I could have one more night when just the two of us were awake in the quiet dark house, with his warm breath on my neck and his soft breathing in time to the rhythm of the rocking chair…

When Emily arrived, I was more aware of how quickly time passes and I tried to enjoy every minute of her babyhood. I know I will cherish each second of the charmed child’s, especially knowing that he/she is the last…

Tune in next week when we find out the plans for both a boy and girl nursery and have an exciting and unexpected behind the scene story…

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