Way Too Much Information

Shoot me in the head now, please. Go ahead, I don’t mind. Really.

We have a problem in our house. One that I have never encountered in my years of parenting. One that might not seem like such a big deal, but really is making me insane. It is oversharing. Excessive confessing. Verbal torture.

kids talking FEAT

Buddy (5 yo, 6 in October) is consumed with this desire to tell us every. stinkin’. thing. “Mom, I picked my nose.” “Mom, I bit my nail.”

Just now, “Mom, I really did eat too much chocolate at Easter.”

Or this one, “Mom, I know you told me not to suck my thumb, but I was sucking my thumb, but I’m not gonna do it ever again.”

Five minutes later, “Mom, I sucked my thumb again.”

So you can see why I might want to go ahead and die. Seriously, if you want to get secrets out of our enemies, just put them in a room with Buddy. They’ll willingly surrender any and all information if they do not have to listen to one more thing.

I am glad that Buddy is aware that he is making choices and that some of them are not good choices. But he needs some perspective here. Picking his nose is gross, but is not something I need to know. I’ve tried telling him I only need to know if someone is hurt, sick, or lost. He doesn’t get it.

Where is this coming from and how do I make it stop? Because if it doesn’t stop soon, there will be no one in this house going by “Mom” any longer.


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  1. I have one that excessively tattle-tells which I think we should both agree never to introduce to Buddy or you would be getting the reports in stereo!

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