Today we had an impromptu visit to the pool when Baby #1 and Baby #2’s swimming lessons were canceled.   The girl having a lesson before us had an “accident” in the pool and it was going to take some time to clean everything up so we have a make up date for Friday. Since I had 2 kids already dressed and ready to swim (and let’s face it getting them ready for the pool is half the battle) I figured we might as well get Baby #3 pool ready and head for the city pool. underwater FEAT I learned a lot today as we were at the pool and I thought that I’d share: 1.   Baby #3 cannot walk around the pool- she must run.   Even after telling her at least 100 times and putting her in time out- she still just couldn’t contain her excitement and ran everywhere she went. 2.   Baby #2 can do the same things a hundred times in a row and not get bored.   I can’t tell you how many times she said, “Mama look- I can put my face underwater!!!” 3.   Baby #1 can find a friend anywhere if- 1.   he’s a boy and 2.  the boy is between the ages of 5-10.   I love that he can get along with just about everyone. 4.   “Five more minutes” really means 30 if you’re kids are having fun. 5.   The promise of pizza for lunch  is a great bribe incentive for good behavior at the pool. 6.   Even high school girl lifeguards have muffin top. 7.   It’s important to make sure that all of your doors are shut before you enter the pool.   Otherwise you realize that you left one of your van doors open the entire time you were there.   On the upside our van wasn’t nearly as hot as it would have been if the door had been closed. When Candace isn’t at the pool with her kids she blogs at Mama Mia.

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  1. Great List! And, I don’t know what pool you’re at but all the girl lifeguards by me are pencils with boobs.

    So, you see, that’s why I keep getting pregnant… at least it gives my muffin top a legitimate excuse. LOL