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Dear Target People:

I am writing to beg your help in my family’s efforts to live on a budget. I have a baby girl. She is sweet and cute and fun. She was much welcomed and we were very excited that she arrived on the scene last February.

You may be wondering what this baby girl has to do with your store and our budget. I’m getting there.

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I don’t know who is in charge of choosing what clothes you will stock in your baby section. I don’t know who chooses patterns and designs. If I did, I would contact them personally. You see, I would tell them that I love, love, love the things they are choosing to make available for purchase. And that is precisely the problem. My baby girl will be one in a couple of months (which is hard to believe) and I have not even glanced at baby clothes at any other store. I can’t. My mind is filled with the cute items you stock.

Some would say I should just stop shopping at Target. An interesting idea, but not likely to happen. There are a few things at your store that I can’t get anywhere else, at least not for the same price. And I could just look at each visit as an opportunity to exercise will power and conquer my shopping impulses. But that is getting more difficult with each visit.

So, here is my plea to you. Could you please just start stocking plain, ordinary, not-fun clothes? Perhaps lots of solid colored onesies and pants with no cute patterns. So no more of this, or this, or this. And all of the other adorable things in your store.

Thanks for your time.

A Mom trying to be responsible

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P.S.   Confession: We do have the second linked item, in one size. I won’t lie–I’m tempted to go buy it in every size so Butterfly can wear it indefinitely. I’m crazy like that.

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  1. Grace Rodriguez says:

    My sister is going to have another baby this year and i am selecting cute baby clothes for her.

  2. Nicole Ellis says:

    i love to buy baby clothes for both my baby and my sister’s baby

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