Build A Bear Adventure

We had a great weekend.

On Saturday morning I took Baby #2 on a date to Build-A-Bear. We had so much fun doing this. And thanks to the gift certificate I won over at Jill’s blog and a $5 off coupon I only spent $2.50!

If you’ve never been there – here’s a tutorial for you.

  • First you pick out the bear you want to stuff:
  • Next you pick out a little heart that actually gets put in the bear before it’s stuffed:
  • The next step is stuffing the bear. She actually stepped on the pedal while the guy stuffed the bear.
  • Next she needs to give her bear a bath:

Thanks to the coupon we were able to buy a t-shirt for her bear (the bear cost $10). It’s hard to see, but it’s the Disney Princesses! Is there anywhere that the Disney Princesses aren’t? Good grief – talk about market saturation.

  • Our next stop was the computers where we registered and named her bear. Baby #2 named her Tinkerbell and received a birth certificate for her new friend.

Overall it was really fun and I hope to take Baby #3 there soon. If for no other reason to get her her own bear so that they stop fighting over Tinkerbell.

Candace is a Flower Mound mom who writes the blog Mama Mia.   This build a bear adventure happened at Grapevine Mills Mall.

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