A Belly Dancing Adventure

Beware of Groupon.

You might find yourself in a Belly Dancing class in Irving, if you’re not careful.

My Belly Dancing adventure began last October, or so, when a friend forwarded a Groupon offer for Belly Dancing classes.  Sure!, I thought.  I can do that.  Easy to pay $20 for 4 classes with no specifics…yet.

Months came and went, and with the expiration date looming, we had to actually make a commitment to go to the classes.  The problem?  Tracy had major conflicts with her childrens’ schedules, and Kym had a conflict with a meeting she was supposed to attend.  But we’d committed to these classes and it was now or never.  Learn to Belly Dance or we’d lose our certificate.

So we went.

driving to belly dancing class

We braved unexpected traffic along two highways as we went back and forth through Grapevine for Music Theater.

But no worries.

I was prepared for the caper!

I’d prepped with pre-Belly Dancing caffeine.

caffeine for belly dancing class

I was afraid I’d feel the coffee jiggling around in my stomach, but since we were late, I needn’t have worried.

We couldn’t find the address when we finally made it to Irving/Las Colinas.

Class started at 11:00.

Note the time!

time for belly dancing class

We finally found it at 11:07.  Yikes!

belly dancing class arrival

Of course, we paused long enough to take a quick picture so I cold write about our adventure.

belly dancing class group picture

Which one doesn’t belong?

The real Belly Dancer/teacher (second from left)!   ‘Cause she knew what she was doing and we, most definitely, did not!

**As a sidenote, I was chastised for trying to take a picture during our ‘break time’.  No phones in Belly Dancing class so as not to waste the teacher’s time.  I managed this one, though, and then she was kind enough to take the group photo with us (above).**

Things I learned from Belly Dancing:

  • It’s harder than it looks.
  • When I go “up” “down” with my hips, I feel the jigglies. The teacher has no jigglies.
  • Doing the combos in class was one thing; practicing them at home was quite another.
  • Belly Dancing is for people of all sizes, shapes, and ages.  Really.  The class was FULL!
  • It was fun.
  • It made me feel a wee bit sexy.  Okay, maybe not, but it made me feel like I had the potential to be a wee bit sexy if I practice enough.
  • It is not like a yoga workout; yoga has no adorned hip scarves for one.
  • Graduation night for our class is called Harem Night.  Yikes.

I may just continue Belly Dancing after my 4 weeks are up.  We’ll see if I get better.  Regardless, it was a great experience, something different (which keeps the mind young!), and may be fuel for a book plot, who knows.

She Is Dallas info:   Misa and friends went to Dana’s Dance Academy in Irving, 414 S. O’Connor Road Suite 101, Irving, Texas 75060 & phone:   972-259-1258 where belly dancing is taught by the Authentic Belly Dancing Academy which can also be found on Facebook.   Misa also found that there is belly dancing available in the Lewisville/Flower Mound area at Blue Anjou which is located at 155 West Main, Suite 200, Lewisville & phone: (972) 956-8555.


  1. What would life be like without trying to cram in one more thing just so you can have a little ‘me’ time! Great post Misa!

  2. And a good time was had by all! That’s the most important thing, right?

  3. Thank you for your participation and I do hope you come back for my belly dancing fun.!! Harem Nite is February 10th don’t forget….I love that you tried something new

    Dancingly Loca,


  4. Are these classes still being offered? I went to the class calendarheir website and saw many other dance forms, but no belly dancing!


    Saturday January 5th with Zaira
    Beginner 11:30am-12:30pm
    Intermediate 12:30pm-1:30pm

    Tuesday January 8th with Reyna
    Beginner 7:30pm-8:30pm
    Intermediate 8:30pm-9:30pm

    Wednesday January 9th with Jennifer Ross
    Beginner 6:45pm-8:00pm
    Intermediate 8:00pm-9:00pm

    Location: Dana’s Dance Academy, 414 South O’Connor, Irving, Texas 75060

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