Battle the Bug is on a cross-country tour. I went today to see the frighteningly cute exhibit at the Fort Worth Zoo… Battle the Bug event in Fort Worth with it’s frighteningly cute mascot, Achoo… Rhett and Achoo frighteningly cute truck… Battle the Bug truck and frighteningly cute car. Battle the Bug car and Achoo All in all it WAS frighteningly cute. There were activities for the kids (OK, I might have participated a little too) which were teaching hand-washing, tissue techniques and the importance of flu and cold warfare. Achoo and Kelley I met Kelley Rather, RN (pictured above on RIGHT) who is a mom and registered nurse at Hyer Elementary School.   She has joined in the fun at Battle the Bug to educate children about cold and flu transmission prevention.   She mentioned that cold and flu seasons are a year-round issue.   Prevention is something we need to tackle everyday.   Her suggestions were to teach proper handwashing technique to our children. Handwashing should always include soap (plain old regular soap is fine) and should last about 30 seconds.   Kelley teaches kids to sing the Happy Birthday song through twice to make sure that their handwashing is complete. Kleenex's new Anti-viral tissue box I also asked her about Kleenex’s new product – the ANTI-VIRAL tissue – which is the sponsor of Battle the Bug.   It is a three-ply tissue.   The middle layer is moisture-activated and kills 99.9% of flu viruses in the tissue within 15 minutes.   Pretty cool. Here is a little video from our visit today – please note that my bug catching victory is only 4 bugs SHORT of the record. I just have one concern about the Battle the Bug exhibit… Holly, Rhett and Achoo at Battle the Bug isn’t this BUG too cute to be scary?

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  1. Holly,
    Very impressed with the video. As always, looks like you guys had fun! So far, my field trips this summer consist of the pool for swim practice and other pools for swim meets. 🙂 You are an inspiration on getting out and exploring with my kids.

  2. I love how you can hear Rhett on the last part of the video: Mommy, I wanna go! Not to mention the look on his face in the last picture – PRICELESS! Ha ha hahahaha!!! Glad you had fun today!

  3. Too cute! Although my 3 year old actually was scared of that adorable bug. Great job catching those bugs, I am impressed!

    It was great meeting you at the zoo today, Holly! Hope to see you again sometime at another meetup.

  4. How cute! This looks like such a great exhibit and, of course, you’ve documented it so well! Thanks for sharing 🙂