Mom: Legacy

Things I want to teach my children
Sadness in life is awful, but facing sadness makes the joy in life that much sweeter.
Never underestimate the power of being kind
Family ties will never unravel – they may have kinks or knots but the tie is still there
Self-respect lasts a lot longer than a great haircut, trim waistline, or perfect complexion
Things I want my children to remember about me
My mom always smiled
I never doubted my mom’s love for me
My mom was smart
My mom knew me really well
I knew my mom would do just about anything for me if I needed her to
My mom helped me meet some amazing grown-ups who taught me some pretty awesome stuff
My mom could laugh at herself
Things I want to model for my children
A marriage isn’t necessarily easy but it is worth it
Serving other people will empty you of your free time, but fill your heart
A tube of toothpaste is a lot cheaper than a filling

Being right is not as important as asking for forgiveness when you’re wrong

This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but it’s what I’ve got today. I’m sure as I get more “experienced” as a mother, I’ll add to this list or change some things. But it will be neat to look back 10 years from now and think about this list.

Texan Mama is a DFW mom.   She writes Who Put Me in Charge of These People because she is in charge of a bunch of people…

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