snack menu adventure

Let’s be honest. Due to a shortage of time and for the sake of convenience, I don’t always feed my 3 boys the most nutritious food.



It isn’t as bad as you think.   We do try to make the healthier choices at drive thrus and at home,   BUT I think it could be better.   OK, I know it could be better.

Because overhauling 3 meals a day seems a bit overwhelming, I have decided to start with a healthy snack menu.

Baby steps.

The boys are always on a snack finding mission at home.   They usually may complain about what I make for dinner, but I have NEVER heard a complaint about a snack.   So, my thought is if I sneak nutrition in through the snacks, I can say YES more often and the pressure will be off slightly on forcing broccoli at dinner.

This is all such a great idea…CRAP, I don’t cook.

*Brittany enters*

Oh!   Hi Brittany!

Brittany is super passionate about nutrition and she’s offered to help by providing me with quick and easy nutritious kid snack ideas.   We will be using my three VERY PICKY eaters as guinea pigs and reporting back what went over well. We are going to start with publishing simple snack recipes and will group them into simple snack menus as we go.

And you know me, if it isn’t easy…it isn’t going to work.

Our Healthy Snack Menu Adventure will be chronicled here at June Cleaver Nirvana on the weekends.

Tune in tomorrow for our first snack!


  1. This is a great idea. I am trying to be sure there are 4 servings of fruit/vegetables in kids each day. Maybe your snack ideas will help me.

  2. I will be following your adventure closely because I’m right behind you. I have a picky household. My hubby is even a picky eater…sighs…

  3. I’ll be following this with interest. I have one amazing eater, and one who is so picky we call her a vegehotdogtarian (the only meat she will eat is hot dogs. Oh, and the fish sticks and ham at school.)

    She doesn’t even like normal kid foods like peanut butter or jelly.

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