It is the two words that have North Texas children dancing in their pjs while thier frazzled parents try to come up with a plan…snow day.

Yes, it is day two of the big Texas snow storm…ummm.

Well, to be more accurate it is day two of a bit of bad road conditions.

Flower Mound Texas Snow?

I grew up in Michigan, Nebraska, Washington, Pennsylvania.   These states don’t mess around when it comes to snow…or bad weather conditions.   I remember one day when I was a Michigan Kindergartener, it took my dad 45 minutes in the new 3 FEET of snow to get me the 5 miles to school.   We made it.   We are tough.   School didn’t close for 3 measly FEET of snow.

And then there was that time I had to walk back from school in a blizzard with my sister in our long skirts and bonnet almost getting lost on the Kansas prairie.   Oh, that wasn’t me, that might have been Laura Ingalls…

So here I am complaining about day two of the North Texas school closure.   I need to toughen up.

I am complaining about them being wimpy…

while exposing my own fear of entertaining a house full of children for another day.

Where has my prairie spirit gone?

Alright, I am taking charge!

A plan:

1.   Making cookies or muffins or whatever can be wrestled out of my pantry.

2.   Wii fit olympics should keep us busy for several hours.

3.   Get bundled up and enjoy the “snow”.

4.   Naps and a movie.

5.   A good book in front of the fire.

Throw in a meal or two and a few snacks and I say we have a plan.

What are you doing today?

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  1. I know what you mean! The first day is fun… And I am still shocked they closed EVERY thing. Of course I sit here in the ‘burbs’ and see ICE still coating the trees even though the sun is shining brightly. Streets seem to be melting. Just didn’t seem to be the mammoth storm we were told it would be.

  2. So, here’s the thing… I am the biggest wimp alive when it comes to driving in snow. I am a Texas native, and I know the rules… ice on the ground… stay home…

    Now, that being said… yesterday was a complete waste of a snow day! There wasn’t any ice on the ground! There wasn’t any ice ANYWHERE. I went outside looking for ice, there wasn’t any… I don’t understand how they could have closed down schools and just stopped everything for a really cold, kinda wet day.

    This morning, however… is a different story, we have that nasty black ice, and school should be closed… this is the kind of snow day I welcome… one that doesn’t make it embarrassing to stay at home!