A Gaudium Journey

 The Problem of Pain October 6, 2012 Courtyard Theater Plano Tx

After purchasing a copy of The Problem of Pain by Lewis, I knew before even finishing the book that I wanted to put this idea of purpose in pain on the stage. I didn’t know how just yet, but only that the concept gripped my heart. In my own life, I have experienced times when I didn’t understand what was happening. I felt hopeless and that perhaps life was playing a cruel joke on me. I even thought God didn’t care; however,  I knew deep down inside that was not true. There was a purpose beyond what I could comprehend.

 The first step in starting fresh with Gaudium Dance Movement was choosing who would be part of this, what I deem, memorable venture.  I decided to pray through and deeply consider each person that would come on board; thus, when I finally had the crew, I knew that I had made the right choices. Rehearsals began and the journey putting this show together began as well.

 As our guest artists list was beginning to compliment the show in a way beyond what I could have organized on my own, I was joyous for what I knew would be at the end of this journey. I had a feeling deep down inside that God was making this show more special than what I thought.

 The choice to have a live counselor/professor/published writer there to talk to people at the end was something different than I had ever had at a performance. Dr. David Henderson summed up the show and brought the purpose of it straight home as he spoke.

 My heart was that people would leave with a more clear perspective on why a loving God would allow difficulty in our lives. Highlighting this question using dance, great music, and film was a unique and amazing quest. After the show, it was very encouraging to talk to people afterwards and find that their hearts were touched. That’s my heart. Using the arts as a means to touch people in a unique way.

 I loved working with the Gaudium artists on this new venture. Their work in and out of rehearsals was a great blessing. I truly believe that when you have a committed team of artists it makes the journey focused and powerful. Their choice to uphold the standard of commitment to our projects, during our season, will make for a strong team.

 I look forward to preparing for our next project!



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