Motivating a New Reader

Do your kids have a beloved book?   One they have read over and over, and over?   We do and my daughter and I are using it for our current reading lesson.   We have read it so many times almost every page is taped somewhere – its kinda sad looking – but almost all of the words have been committed to memory (both by me and my daughter).   I wanted to see how many of the words she was reading were rote.   How many of them did she know were the sentences you read with “those pictures” and figure out how many of the words has she really learned to recognize, and read. I typed up the words, printed them out on cardstock and cut them into individual word cards.   It was fun watching E find a word she recognized and put them in order to create her “sentences”.   She loved this reading lesson and asked if we could do it again after nap time.


What motivates your kids to read?   I’d love to hear your tips and ideas!


  1. When my kids were young, they each had a paper plaque they decorated for their reading chart. Then for each book they read, they added a paper chain link with the name of the book on it. (So the links were hanging down from their plaque.) Then there was a prize for ten links, etc. It was a fun way to motivate them and watch the chain grow! I LOVED teaching my kids to read. Blessings, Amy

  2. You always have such clever ideas! This is one I will share with my sis-in-law for my Godson Noah.

  3. We have that very same book at home, the one that has been read so many times that almost every page is taped somewhere.

    What a great activity you created. My younger son does not like to read, never has, but he has always loved being read to and now he’s 14 and he still loves being read to. When he was younger I finally found a book, well a graphic novel that he loved. So everytime a new book came out I was sure to purchase it for him. The Bone series by Jeff Smith. Then I found wonderful graphic novels to enhance our history lessons. They are called The Graphic Library Books. We probably have about 20 different books that have been read and reread many many times.

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