Playing with Baby

Activities for one year olds is something that parents are seeking.   The idea of baby entertainment is a modern thought dating back to the late 1990s with the release of educational videos for little ones like Baby Einstein.

playing with baby

Recent years have brought “educational” hands-on activities to babies. Mommy and Me classes are more popular than ever ranging from music to yoga. Caregivers are also looking for ways to incorporate learning activities for 1 year olds at home.   Learning IS play when you are a baby!

Playing with Baby

Kids Activities Blog has listed some of their favorite toddler entertainment in 4 categories: Sensory Activities, Discovery Toys, Baby Toys and Craft Ideas for Toddlers. Simple activities for one year olds like texture hunting, sensory boxes, hide-and-seek photos, washrag maze and texture identification keep baby giggling while exposing them to new experiences.

Toys that can be made from household items is another way to play games for one year olds. Making “I-Spy” bottles out of water bottles or creating a discovery bag from fabric scraps transforms recycled items into something magical.

Toddlers can craft too! The end result may not be fridge-worthy, but often the participation is enthusiastic. Engaging one year olds in art activities can be an adventure that both the parent and child can enjoy. Babies may gravitate toward messy art projects like finger painting or prefer cleaner fun. Paints made from food can help an artist that likes to taste her work. Enclosing finger paint in a plastic bag {and supervising play} can help a child who doesn’t like to touch something messy.

Kids Activities Blog promotes family play and don’t think babies should be left out of the fun. The kid activity bloggers have kids themselves and know what works when it comes to entertaining a 1 year old.   Playing with baby has become more structured…and more of an art form!