Bear Creek Park in Fort Worth

Yesterday we headed about 30 minutes West (from Flower Mound)  to Bear Creek Park in Keller to take our second annual “Good Pictures of the Cousins” pictures.   I’m not going to lie to you- it’s a beat down.   The term “herding cats” pretty much sums it up.   Everyone wanted to do the opposite of what we wanted them to do which was sit down, look at the camera and smile.   I did manage to get a few good ones of the kids though:

After we finished with the official pictures we had to keep the kids happy and fed them their snack.

While they ate I took pictures of the surrounding area.   It’s absolutely beautiful:

We ended our trip with some time at the park.

It’s fun, but  exhausting.   Thankfully I’ll have a whole year to rest up until we do it all again next year.

When she’s not torturing her kids with photo sessions at the park, Candace blogs at Mama Mia about her life with her husband and three kids.

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