41 Ways to Use Baby Wipes!

Until I was a mom I had no idea about the greatness of baby wipes. Sure I used other disinfecting wipes, but these types of wipes are chock full of chemicals and don’t smell great! So when I had children, I realized that these wipes can be used for more than a baby’s bottom. As I started to add up all it’s uses, I realized I could probably write a book about using baby wipes.  I actually use them for just about everything.  Here’s just 41 uses but I could probably go forever on this list.

1. Everything Baby (bottoms, face, hands)
2. Wiping up after dinner
3. Dusting book shelf
4. Dusting period!
5. Cleaning off top of ceiling fan
6. Wiping pollen from outside table/chairs
7. Cleaning pancake syrup from counter
8. Blowing noses — eeww
9. Cleaning coffee out of filter
10. Cleaning off front of microwave
11. Wiping up milk off baby’s crib
12. Wiping hands in car after eating ice cream
13. Cleaning bathroom mirror from too much soap/water
14. Cleaning out son’s underwear (don’t ask)
15. Wiping excess paint from trim
16. Dusting book jackets
17. Dusting blinds
18. Cleaning off the car’s dash
19. Dusting the top of handing photos
20. Holding a hot light bulb
21. Cleaning out every drawer of my new kitchen
22. Wiping the dust off the back of my television
23. Cleaning up the excess soap in my sink soap dispenser
24. Wiping syrup off the remote control
25. Cleaning dirt off the baseboards
26. Wiping paint off the window of my new french door
27. Cleaning my paint brush
28. Cleaning out the cup holder in my car
29. Wiping off my kids chalkboard
30. Dusting the plaster from my new kitchen cabinets
31. Wiping down our leather stools
32. Wiping peanut butter off my daughter’s face
33. Dusting my new staircase
34. Cleaning my makeup brushes
35. Cleaning EVERYTHING after my husband had the flu (actually used the heavy duty wipes)
36. Wiping pollen off bottom of front door
37. Cleaning off my kids crocs
38. Pulling the used wick off my candle
39. Cleaning spilled food off my couch
40. Wiping down fingerprints off my w/d


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