10 Beefy Recipes

It is the first of the year and maybe your resolution is to find some easy recipes, improve your meal planning,   or save money by eating at home.

Here are ten easy beef recipes from local Dallas bloggers that are certain to be pleasing at your home.

  1. Screwed Up Texan shares a Mexican-style pot roast that wraps deliciously in tortillas and goes perfectly with rice. This aint your carrot and potatoes pot roast, baby.
  2. My Baking Heart created  Cowboy Beef and Black Bean Chili served over Fritos for a TCU crowd. Yum!
  3. Mommy Upgrade served her family a delicious Garlic Crusted Roast. It is fancy made simple.   Ten minutes of prep times and feed 10-12 people. Can you say leftovers?
  4. Crystal & Co., made a delicious chip and beef appetizer that makes a perfect weekend lunch idea. Very basic ingredients that easily convert to a nacho recipe as well. Just sayin’.
  5. The Nerd’s Wife prepared this Classic Prime Rib. Cracked pepper, garlic and thyme over prime rib and you have a classic dinner.
  6. June Cleaver Nirvana whipped up these Beef Sticky Buns for her boys and hubby. No worries, they are NOT sweet and they are not sticky. These are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or, all three.
  7. Moms Tool Box cooked up a roast with a cherry balsamic sauce. I think I just licked my screen. So creative. I believe she refers to it as delicious.
  8. A Closet Writer also made a Cowboy Chili. Her version is topped with avocado slices. Have I ever mentioned I love avocados?
  9. A Day in Motherhood cooked up a beef breakfast recipe that also makes a perfect dinner idea if your family digs eggs at supper time. Prepare it the night before and let it set in the refrigerator. Pop it in the oven and dinner is done.
  10. Meal Planning Magic shares beefy Parmesan crisps that would rock as a light dinner or entertaining appetizer. Your friends will think you’re fancy, but you’ll know the truth.

Do you have a favorite beef recipe? We would love to hear about it in the comments!


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  1. There is nothing better than easy recipes. I always go to La Cense Beef and get great grass fed beef recipes off their website. I am interested in trying some of these as well.

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