My Wife Is Always Right…Except When I Am.

Someone much smarter in the ways of marital harmony told me 5 things to remember when navigating discussions  with your better half. My wife and I have employed these points, and have enjoyed the difference in our marriage and overall happiness.

1. Be each other's advocate. Be the spouse that talks highly of the other. It's an incredible thing when someone wants to give themselves to you, to spend their life with you. Talk about them like you adore them, when you're in front of them, and when you're not. Defend them. They will adore you for it.

2. Acknowledge their feelings. This does NOT mean you have to agree with them. Every issue should be treated as This is how it made me FEEL , not This is how it IS . Too often we take positions of My Fact versus Your Fact ¦start to think of each situation as My Perception versus Your Perception. They have a right to their opinion, as do you, and it isn't necessarily RIGHT. Minimally, respect that they have feelings about the situation.

3. Compromise. How hard is it to give in, even just a little? Don't set your feet in concrete, remember : You are not right , you simply have a differing perception.

4. Do something different. Doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result? Come at it from a different direction ¦acknowledge their feelings, soften your stance, try again.

5. Fix the system, don't abandon the house. When a pipe breaks in your home, do you move? I know, it's tempting ¦ Don't bring up divorce like it's some pebble to toss at the fragile glass of your relationship. Address the system. Return to the steps, over and over, find a different way.

As you can see, the person who taught me these nuggets is deranged.

Jay and Kat FEAT

I am not wrong.


Go forward and do likewise, gents.

Be right.

At all costs.

Then decide on which 40% you want to keep.

Jay Lessons is a novice ‘burb daddy, a husband-in-training, and a sarcasm specialist. You can find more of his reflective rants at


  1. Being recently engaged, I truly appreciate all the words of wisdom from the old…..ahem, I mean wise, married people around here.

    Just joking, love ya J & K!

  2. I live by the “I would rather be happy than right” mantra which while is full of swallowing my pride is worth it in the long run. Oh, and you really get used to the taste of pride after awhile…kinda tastes like chicken.

  3. Amen to #1! I hate reading blogs/talking to women that are all about bashing their husbands. Drives me crazy. Why did you marry someone if you can’t respect them?

    Sorry, major pet peeve.

    Good stuff Jay!

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