i bought gyro bowl

I saw the gyro bowl commercial:

Ooops!   Uh-oh!   Watch Out!

Let’s face it kids spill stuff, but now parents can relax whenever kids snack.

I want to relax!

Introducing the gyro bowl.   The first ever snack bowl that spins and spins and stuff stays in.

The gyro bowl is 100% totally absolutely kid proof.

100% kid proof is something I could use in every area of my life.

Just fill the gyro bowl and you are ready to go.   The magic is in the middle.

The gyro bowl works just like a globe.   The gyro bowl‘s inner bowl rotates 360 degrees and magically stays open side up no matter what.


So the gyro bowl keeps all your snacks inside wherever you bounce swing or fly.   Now kids can use the amazing gyro bowl as a super snack contraption.   Fill it up with raisins or cereal and rev up the action.

Kids love the new gyro bowl because it is fun and it never spills!

NEVER SPILLS?   Sign me up!

And so I bought the spill-proof contraption.

Gyro BowlAnd forgot about it for the following 5 weeks it took to be delivered.

Well, not exactly forgot because when I ordered I was required to enter my telephone number.   I then received 3 calls times a few days after I made my purchase trying to sell me OTHER things like memberships to buyers programs and gasoline.

What the heck?

I very rudely stopped the calls with a little yelling and some faux-obscenities.

Eventually I received the life changing item.   But once again, the as-seen-on-tv purchase ended up to be not just one life changing item, but TWO.   I guess it was buy one, get one free and I didn’t even know it.   And by free I mean I am sure I was charged an obscene amount of shipping and handling for the second one.   I have lived 41 years without one miracle container, but now I need two?

Does the Gyro Bowl Work?

Good question!   I was impressed with the quality of the plastic.   It is sturdy and moving it all around is extremely addicting…and a bit mesmerizing.

Then I added Cheerios and lost all interest.   Within a few seconds there was cereal all over my floor and several of the pieces were stuck in the magical inner workings that rendered the 360 degree rotation useless.

It comes with a lid, but my lid didn’t seem to fit very well and popped off.   Rhett(5) accidentally dropped it and the inner part and the inner part rotation device fell out.   I was able to easily put it back together and assume this is what would need to be done to clean it.

The commercial shows kids eating out of them in the car.   I am not even going to re-enact that unless I am driving directly to the car wash for a detail.

It is a cool looking thing that we will never use.

Anyone want one?

Anyone want some WOW containers?

Anyone want some pajama jeans?

How about a booty pop?


  1. Holly, I love when you buy things off infomercials and tell us about them…except, really? I was REALLY hoping it would work. Maybe you should give it a second chance. I NEED THIS CONTRAPTION TO WORK. THE INFOMERCIAL PROMISED THAT IT WOULD NEVER SPILL. NEED. IT. TO. WORK.

  2. OH so very disappointing! I really held out hope for this one…Guess I’ll just stick with the Pajama Jeans.

  3. I know! I thought it had such promise. Silly gyro bowl!

  4. I WANTED it to work too. If you want one to try with a younger child…:)

  5. I was really hoping it would work too. My car floor stays a mess. But then again, the gyro bowl couldn’t save me from the toddler that grabs Cheerios out of her bowl by the handful and PURPOSELY throws them up in the air while she laughs.

  6. ha! No, it isn’t going to help you there…I have that issue myself. Only the kids are older and know better!

  7. One more device designed to teach our kids about life without consequence.

    Behold, the sissification of America.

  8. Stop reading my blog! Don’t you have work to do?

  9. Thought it was the coolest device like, eveh! Too bad. Except my darling would have put a small animal in it (stuffed or live) so I’m glad that I will never get it now… Thanks!!

  10. My boys *need* this! Just like they needed the pancake puff pan and the pillow pets. Trying to get them to understand bait and switch is becoming easier and easier.

  11. Oh Holly… you poor dear, always falling victim to the infomercial… 🙂 Just kidding… I, on the other hand, annoy my mother and daughter because i overly criticize them all… And this dumb bowl, (which, in my half awake state i just spelled “bole”… what the heck?!?!?) I never believed in it’s false promises…

  12. Kim-
    Your girl has Mardi Gras in her blood…what do you expect? 🙂

  13. Have you noticed how most of the kids in the infomercial hold the Gyro Bowl? Like little soldiers. I can imagine the director sternly saying “Don’t you dare move your hand. You can swing your arm A LITTLE but don’t spill that food!”

    *child puts on fake smile and “plays”*

  14. I know!!! That is part of the problem. If you give this to a child they will be POSSESSED to twirl it around. I can’t even imagine how many re-takes were involved.

  15. Misty, It is a public service…the least I can do to contribute to the world.
    I buy it so you don’t have to!

  16. ya, my pancake puff thingy I used once. The boys do love their pillow pets!

  17. When do you have time to watch info commercials??? LOL! You can my mom know more about this stuff than anyone I know!

  18. I just LOVE that you buy the TV things…you make me smile and help resolve some of my never-ending curiosity about whether that stuff might actually work! I couldn’t believe there was any way for these things to work…I’m not terribly survived that it was a big bowl of fail.

  19. What a shame that it didn’t work. They almost had me sold thinking about how much my daughter would like to play with it and not spill her fishies all over the floor.
    On a different note that commercial was completely annoying.

  20. So sad… it looked so cool!
    Maybe, maybe, maybe, it’s not really for kids at all but it’s meant for adults? I mean, the dips and the nails, and the paper clips… that’s gotta be good, right? Something fun and clever for adults?
    OMG, I’m actually begging you to tell me that it’s at least as good as they say for me, even if it’ll be awful for my daughter. Oh, look. I just got down on my knees and everything. Take pity on me, please.

  21. OH! We HAVE a gyro bowl! We love it! We ordered ours from Thinkgeek.com. A much more friendly place to buy gadgets like that. We’ve not experienced the problems that you have…so to those who are interested in one of these bowls…it is really, really worth getting. Really. 😀
    Sorry to hear of your disappointment…we will take yours off your hands for you. lol.

  22. Okay, I am feeling REALLY unhip regarding the hottest things on the market because when I saw your post title, I was thinking I’d click to some really nifty gadget or recipe related to those awesome Greek sandwiches … gyros. What a disappointment — for both of us. :o)

    Sorry it didn’t work for you. Sounds like it could have been a pretty handy gadget … even sans the tzatziki sauce.

  23. Why don’t I believe you?! I mean, she didn’t even spill that pudding on her mom’s sweater! LOL Seriously though. I know you tried it and you’re telling us it doesn’t work. Maybe you got a defective one?! You aren’t that far from me, right? I’ll come pick up Gyro Bowl number two and give it a whirl (literally.) Okay, mostly, I just want to play with one myself. See if I can keep pudding off of my mom’s sweater…

  24. My daughter and I saw the commercial for this last week nad she thought we should buy one for her dad….which, um, says a lot about his level of neatness when eating.

  25. At least it’s not a total loss. You can whip it out as an example the next time the boys see something “cool” on TV…….that happens to be “not sold in stores.”

  26. No gyro bowls here. Get enough sales calls, couldn’t take more. So glad you warned us, though.

  27. These “As Seen on TV” products should have the disclaimer: “WARNING: Don’t try this at home!” Thanks for the review…glad I didn’t buy 🙂

  28. How much do I love your infomercial reports? SO MUCH!

  29. The funny thing is, when I first saw this thing, that I thought: Nope. Nuh uh. Will not work “as seen on tv.”

    But now, in my head, when these commercials come on, I have June Cleaver Holly dialogue in my head as I listen. “Do you hate when the kids ruin your Persian carpet?”

    “Yes! I hate when they ruin my Persian carpet!”

    So in my head you’re totally famous!

  30. Oh my gosh, I saw this commercial the other day and was intrigued myself! Guess I’ll let me dialing finger rest. 🙂

  31. Step away from the infomercial.

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