i bought pajama jeans

Pajama Jeans
I saw the Pajama Jean commercial:

Quite honestly, I couldn’t help myself.

I am weak.

The styling of your favorite jeans with the comfort of pajamas.
Pajama jeans are so comfortable you will want to sleep in them.

I like to sleep.

Just because you are busy doesn’t mean you can’t look sharp.

I am busy.   I want to look sharp.

The secret is in the DORMISOFT fabric.

C’mon people, I mean they are made out of DORMISOFT!
I am powerless against DORMISOFT.

High contrast top stitching.
Back pocket design details.
EVEN brass rivets!
They look like they were made by some European designer.

I love some European designer!

Run a few errands in sweats and they start to wrinkle and sag.
But Pajama jeans look great ALL DAY LONG.

I just hate it when my sweats wrinkle and sag…OK, in reality I don’t own a pair of sweats, but if I did I would TOTALLY hate when they wrinkled and sagged.

Available in 8 sizes.
Including XS and plus sizes.

I am a size!

I was sold.

They had me at brass rivets.

I figured I would get $39.95 out of just mocking them on the internet for laughs.

So I went to the website and made my size selection.

Ummm…at this point I was a little frightened.   These are the only jeans I have ever bought that span several sizes and it isn’t like you get to try them on in a dressing room before buying.

I threw a dart at the size chart and pushed the buy button.

A month later my pajama jeans arrived.

I admit to rolling my eyes as I unpacked them.

No zipper?

The high contrast stitching is VERY high contrast.

I now understood why the some European designer styled them anonymously.

Oh my.

And then I tried them on.   And they didn’t look too bad.   And then I found myself rubbing my legs just like the girl in the commercial.   And then someone else even mentioned they kinda look good.

And I am wearing them right now.

And I don’t hate them…

UPDATE: During the first four hours of wearing my pajama jeans I lost one of the brass rivets.

UPDATE: The T-shirt they sent to me with my pajama jeans was “sized” according to the jeans that I bought.   The T-shirt would fit most 8 year old girls.   On me it was extremely tight and left 2 inches of my belly exposed…not a good look for me after 3 kids.

UPDATE: The Pajama Jeans website now forwards to PajamaGram where what I bought for $39.95 is now $59.95!

Really, PajamaGram?

UPDATE: I have tried to wear them several times. They are WAY too low in the back to sit and not expose the world to parts of my anatomy that I usually keep hidden under several layers.

UPDATE: Several people have commented below that they are available in some stores. I haven’t seen them in the stores yet, but PLEASE go try on pajama jeans before you buy them.

UPDATE: Several people below {OK, more than several} are irate that I haven’t returned the money for their pajama jeans returns. Let me just mention here that I am a random blogger and have no affiliation with Pajama Jeans.


  1. Argh! I ALMOST bought them, but was really put-off by the 6-8 week wait!

  2. Allison Bower says:

    They sound awesome!!! I guess I will wait to see when they sell them in the “as soon on TV” section of Walgreens. I hate waiting for things when i order them. Post pics!

  3. Oh my.

    The New Mom Jeans?

    Can’t wait to see how Jessica Simpson rocks these.

    I’m with Allison – pictures, please!

  4. Yes, I want to see pictures of them on a real person before I drink the kool-aid. Wait, you ARE a real person, aren’t you?

  5. I haven’t gotten up the courage to wear them in public yet. I might need to do that before I can post pics on the world wide web…

    as for the second question…I haven’t had my coffee yet this morning so that would be a no.

  6. Oh no…. I resisted the snuggie, but finally gave in and snuggle with the wife on cold sundays during naptime. This smells like a re-packaged snuggie. Here’s some simple pajama jean vs. snuggie math for you.

    Pajama Jeans != Snuggie
    Snuggie > Pajama Jeans
    Pie > Cake

    Oh dear jeebus I hope this does not catch on. I’m off to go eat some pie now.

  7. HA! I bought a pair of jeans looking leggings to go with boots and a long top. The fake zipper is a little off putting. They’re actually pretty comfortable but limited in scope of what they can be worn with.

    Please post pictures because? (whispers) I’m not totally opposed.

  8. Branden,
    What you definitely cannot live another day without is my next purchase:

    The Hoodie Footie
    YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCOXQVnHUko

    It is a snuggie and pajama jeans all in one WITH A FREAKIN’ HOODIE.

    It is like God Himself invented it.

  9. No picture?! Holly. WE NEED PICTURES.

  10. Oh my. You are a brave woman who must have no rolls and jiggles. I can only imagine how those would look on my lumpy/bumpy/none-too-firm body. Egad.
    What I really want to know is how great is your totally free bonus tee-shirt??? ; )

  11. OMG! I forgot about the totally free bonus t-shirt which I haven’t tried on yet because it looks a little…ummm…small. BUT soft! VERY soft.

  12. Thank goodness we have people manufacturing problems to fit their solutions! I’m disappointed that you can’t unzip the hood when the temp really starts to crank up. Call me when it can turn into shorts and a halter. I’ll totally walk outside wearing a “marshmallow soft” pink halter and shorts.

    Hrm, I need hot cocoa now.

  13. Love it!

    I am trying to convince my husband that the snuggie built for two is the newest must-have for our lovely household.

  14. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I guess I live under a rock. I have never heard of this. I am going to buy some right this second.

  15. I can’t believe it. I just ordered some Gap jeans this morning when I could have had these?! 🙁 BTW, no sarcasm is intended here-I love my pink Snuggie! Time to start saving up again…

  16. yeeeeeah, I’m gonna have to pass on that one. I really am okay with changing in and out of my jeans when the situation requires it.

  17. oh. my. gosh. what next? Because, really? REALLY holly??? I am horrified. There are no words… Well, there are a few…
    1) Why is there no stick figure in *shudder* pajama jeans *shudder*?
    2) What the freaking heck- you don’t own sweats??? What about yoga pants? (never mind. DO NOT answer… You can not own pajama jeans and not have adorable yoga pants. Of course you own yoga pants…)

    i have to leave this post now. It’s too much.

  18. I have yoga pants.

  19. i demand to see a photo of you in them…or dare you to wear them to the next tweet up

  20. They sound like they would be great…Please come and visit my blog and check out my ever growing list of Texas Ladies, no gents so far, and sign up to follow.


  21. These go hand in hand with the Snuggie. Maybe the should be sold in a set in a matching fabrics. Pajama jeans, funny stuff.

  22. just wait till they make the pajama jeans snuggie. then you’ll be set.

    really though they sound comfy. and i do own a pair of sweats.

  23. OMG…..did you get the free shirt too so you had an entire outfit?
    I can’t even imagine how much weight you could gain and not notice while wearing those things!

  24. Those look pretty awesome, I must say. (from someone who might still put on a pair of maternity jeans on occasion.) ahem.

  25. OK…these are seriously calling my name. I need to see a pic. The world needs to see a pic. Consider it a service to your gender.

  26. These are hilarious… I like that they throw in a t-shirt for a “complete” outfit.

  27. i knew you did… I knew it! everyone cool has yoga pants 🙂

  28. for the record- the youtube wouldn’t play the other day and the only pajama jeans i’ve seen (which I think are HORRIBLE!!!) are the ones in our dept. stores… they look, well, not like these. the look LIKE SWEATS (or pajama pants) with jean patterns. I’m sure you’ve seen them… if not, go to a walmart. someone will be wearing them.

    Anyway- I had no idea these existed. Are they too good to be true because she looks like she’s in jeans…

  29. Girl….no you didn’t! Ok, we’ve got to see a pic!

  30. I saw a commercial on television for Pajama Jeans and though my wife might like these for Mothers Day “ if she didn't at least they were a relatively inexpensive gag-gift. I didn’t catch the name of the company who was advertising the pants, only the name of the product. I went online and searched for “Pajama Jeans” and found many reviews. After reading some amusing comments and reading that several people had paid $39.95 for a pair I finally came across the website for pajamagram.com where they were being sold. To my dismay, the price on the website listed a pants and t-shirt combo at $59.95 – much higher than what other people had paid. Because I have experience in the textile business I ™m confident the shirt they were offering did not cost them over $3.00 wholesale – hardly a good package deal for the buyer.

    I was hoping that there was a mistake and that I might be able to buy the pants separately without the t-shirt “deal” so I decided to call pajamagram’s 800 number. After reaching a less than accommodating order taker and explaining to him what I saw online vs. what the price was on the website, he confirmed that the price was $59.95 and said that the $39.95 price was just a “promotional” price. He tried to convince me how nice they were and that the price was a great deal.

    First of all, there is absolutely no way I would pay $60 for a pair of pajama pants that I cannot see in person. There is too much risk in buying something that may end up being horribly made. I believe the pajamagram company is jacking up the price specifically to take advantage of Mothers Day buyers. I have decided to buy something I know she will like instead and wait for these pants to be knocked off, renamed, and sold for $29.95. I figure by October the late night infomercials will start rolling them out just in time for Christmas.

  31. Thanks for the review. Dr. Laura on the radio is pushing pajama jeans for Mother’s Day. Natch I want some for myself but I think I’ll wait til they hit the department stores. $59.00 is a little ridiculous sight unseen.

  32. Samantha Smart says:

    I regret buying these “jeans” as they ruined a load of laundry from staining my other clothes.
    Also, I can no longer deal with the constant embarrassment of the ‘butt-crack-cleavage’ that these pants create and a lot of the time, these crappy pants just fall right off of me. I think I’ll stick to yoga pants instead, and use these pajama jeans as toilet paper.

  33. Thanks for bringing that up…I haven’t washed mine yet with anything else. I think I will hold off on that.


    AND they are very low on me too…I wasn’t sure if it was just me or the jeans.

  34. I saw this commercial and I my eyes got glazed over thinking of comfy jeans and nobody would be the wiser. Good to know they may not be exactly as wonderful as I dreamed of.

    Hey maybe I could still buy them, then get the Huggies diaper jeans for my daughter and we can go out on the town rocking or faux jeans. (The diaper jeans: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4020564&CAWELAID=516086369) At least I’d have a partner in crime!

  35. I saw an infomercial today for Pajama jeans and googled it and I’m so glad I did because it brought me to this blog where I have been laughing out loud for the last half hour!

  36. Vicky Zuwala says:

    I don’t have the “pajama jeans”. But I do own two pair of the same principal of jeans that I bought from JCPenney. They are “lounge pants”. My daughter bought them and loved them so much she told me about them. I have to say that I can not say enough about these jeans for someone who is 50 now and tired of pulling and tugging at blue jeans with my 50 year old grandma shape. I LOVE these lounge pants jeans. Oh! and they were on sale for like $21.99. Happy camper here.

  37. Lazy Lorna says:

    Good news, friends! As is the case with all high-tech products, it does appear that everyone in the country now owns Pajamajeans and sales have slowed down. Thus, the price is now lower! At $29.99 you can buy two. AND you will get two soft t-shirts. With two of these outfits, you could sleep in them, get up and go shopping without even changing clothes–two days in a row! I mean, does it get any better than this or what?


  38. Rsoe Thornef says:

    Well the sales must be up again, they are back to one pair of pj jeans for $29.99 (PLUS $7.95 P&H) the ‘free’ tee shirt is optional (with P&H of $7.95, roughly the cost I normally pay for non-graphic tees).

    To be fair they DON’T follow the common practice of adding $3-$5 for plus sizes, and they DO go to 3x

    I wish they would offer the two for price of one offer, I use jogging pants currently. Between being plus sized and limited to a powerchair or hospital bed jeans, most pants other than pjs and jogging pants aren’t comfortable enough. I have to admit I have worn my comfy flannel PJs and a coat to cross the road to the mailbox for my apartment, lol.

    The Pajama Jeans sound perfect; has anyone bought the plus sizes? Do they also sit low in back? how do they fit sitting?

  39. Rose Thorne says:

    Oh I forgot, are the yoga pants people mentioned suitable for plus sized or are they one of those garments that hug every bulge and roll in an unfortunately manner? Thanks.

  40. Kim Brown says:

    The pants are OK, The company needs to move into the 21st century, 8 weeks to get my order ! and virtually no way to contact the company to cancel or find out what is going on.
    I will not be ordering anymore

  41. Go to pajamajeans.com – there you can get them for $39. Through gifts.com / pajamagram.com, you get them for $59. If you live in Canada, you can forget about ordering a pair of pajama jeans unless you want to pay an EXTRA $59 just for shipping – on top of the $59 they charge for the product. C’mon pajamajeans, are you serious? Get with the program, such a high shipping charge and a 4-6 week wait for the product? Best of luck to ya. After reading some of the reviews, I’m glad I had to stop at checkout just because I live in Canada, sounds like these jeans suck.

  42. OMG, warm people before going to that last site. (ROFL)

  43. ‘scuse me. “Warn”

  44. Kathy Bradford says:

    Just received these pajama jeans that I ordered so long ago I had forgotten I ordered them!!! And they changed my sizes. I always order a medium and large in this type of pant and they redid their sizing and send me a small and a medium.along with a note that they had redone their sizing standards and sent me what they thought would work. CAN’T RETURN THEM SOON ENOUGH. Bad experience and I won’t order again.

  45. Okay. I’m wanting these bad. My baby belly makes me uncomfortable…and these look promising…but if the brass rivet falls off in four hours, will they hold up?

    It’s Christmas, and they’re back to $39.95…do I wait or get them before they’re $59.95 again?

    Argh. Decisions decisions!

  46. Yeah, so after reading these posts, I have decided to PASS on Pajama Jeans! Thanks gals!

  47. l went and it was deleted, but sounds very interesting…

  48. Jeans were a gift ordered September 4th and delivered December 1st. Size ordered was a medium 6-8 when received they included a letter explaining their sizing had changed so a 6-8 was now a small. (I personally would have sent a size medium even if the size number had changed not a small) I am an 8 so tried them on and could barely get one leg in. My daughter, who is a size 2, tried them on, and they fit her. She’s a teenager and wouldn’t be caught “dead” in them so that wasn’t an option. They also included a “free tshirt” in a size small – what about ordering a size medium makes them think I am a size small. Called about returns, and they said too bad you need to ship them back so after $15 in shipping charges, I would recommend not bothering with this product. Cost of mislabeled product (bait -M & switch-S?) $39.95, shipping $15 – 37.5% of cost, and they are out $0.

  49. Sceptic Husband says:

    My wife wants these pants for Christmas and after reading all the reviews i think i will try and find her some Yoga pants. Thanks for everything ladies. Happy Holidays!

  50. A fellow late night tv junkie. Thanks for the info. i think I’ll skip it…or make my own…sigh.

  51. So my husband just got home today with 3 of these jeans he bought from work. See he works for the Vermont Teady Bear Com. that owns pajamagrams and so on. It’s a big company here in the Burlungton area with live. They do have customer service most hours of the day for those of you that were asking. I really love this company but I must say these Jean are NOT worth the money. My husband bought them for $5 after his discount, see the big teady bear store sell the ones people return for way cheap, so he thought he would grab me 3….uggg $15 gone….that will be the last time I tell him I badly want something without viewing them first. So please if your in VT pick yourself up some at the Teady Bear Com. If you really need them for a few $ but don’t spend $$ online.

  52. Just get some jeggings. Macy’s has some amazingly comfortable ones from Style & Co. Lane Bryant has some superb ones for those of us with a lil’ baby pudge.

  53. I actually have a pair (hubby bought them) and they are perfect for driving the kids to school in the am before I’ve showered. Since I was caught running out of gas once with pjs on, it’s worth it. I will say that my hubby got me the XS which is allegedly a 4 and I can barely get them on without a struggle and I’m a size 2 at most. So the sizing is off. But I am definitely ticked because the ordering process on pajamajean.com was like trying to exit a Vegas casino, and I kept having to refuse other ridiculous products and then I finally hit “next” and it processed my order even though I had just noticed the 4 to 8 weeks (are they high?) for delivery and wanted to hit cancel. There was no option to do so and no order number on my “confirmation” — what skuzzy people! We have an online maternity store that we have run ourselves for the past 12 years — when people order, we send the darned thing the very next day. It’s not rocket science. And we let people know how to reach us, too. But I am happy I found your blog. Loving the snark! 😉

  54. Anxiously Awaiting Arrival says:

    Well, my husband just ordered the pajama jeans for me for Christmas! I’m so excited. I can’t wait. I will let you know how it works out!

  55. I ordered a pair and after reading this I wish I didn’t. I did however cancel the ‘free shirt.’ Free? What part is free since they add on the $7 for shipping. There is a customer service line to call…I’ve called twice. I ordered a small cause according to the size chart that’s what I should be. I just ordered about a week ago, so I’ll get back to you all in 2011 some time and let you know how they are 😉

  56. Deborah Townsend says:

    I looked at J C Penney for lounge pant jeans and could not find what I thought you were talking about. Do your lounge pants “look” like jeans? All I found were the lounge pants that are obviously pajama pants.

  57. lory blanco says:

    saw the commercial the other day while watching cartoon network with my 6 yr old son. i thought 2 my self “wow what a great idea” since i have been wanting 2 buy a pair of jeans lately. how do they feel? are they as comy as the commercial claims

  58. TheNextMartha says:

    I was >thisclose< to buying those pajama jeans. Until I saw the length. They have sizes but not lengths. I am tall. They don't want tall people wearing their pajama jeans. I fear the reason why. I'm not going to find out. I am sad. And? Pajama jeans pantless.

  59. I looked at their website, and it says $39.99, which I still thought was kind of pricey, so I clicked off, and the a pop up window appeared, $10 off. . .which essentially took me to another website where they are being offered for $29.99. . .Maybe I’ll give it a try now. . .or should wait to find their website that sells them for $10.99??? LOL

  60. suzanne kaatz says:

    I bought pajama jeans and I love them EXCEPT FOR THW WAIST BAND. IT FEELS LIKE HIP=HUGGER’S I USE TO WEAR IN THE 70’S. (not a good look for me now) WHY DON’T YOU MAKE/offer A HIGH WAISTED PAIR ALSO?

  61. I ordered by phone & hope I get them. The recorder kept trying to get me to buy more, when I hit the pound sign as instructed to, I only waanted 1 pair, it kept repeating the same thing. I finally hung up.

  62. I bought 1 pair over the phone. Only talked to recording, after I gave all the info needed kept asking if wanted to order more or hit pound sign, which I did. Kept repeating the same thing over & over. I finally hung up. Sure hope I get them since they got my info.

  63. Am thinking if ordering these but I have a different problem than y’all, so if any of you who have tried pajamajeans have any input, I can use it!

    I am 55, pear-shaped, and full-time in a wheelchair. I live in dresses and skirts because pulling down pants to go to the bathroom is impossible when you stand with a walker. Takes two hands to hold myself up. When it’s cold, I wear leg-warmers. Once in a while, though, I have an activity that simply requiires jeans, such as going for therapeutic horseback-riding! I can’t put them on/off without a helper. Side issue: I have to wear Depends. Will they show under pajamajeans? So… do you think these would work for me?

  64. I haven’t tried these on, but if they have a low rise, I am quite certain that your brief will show. 🙁

  65. What a rip off. I ordered the 29.99 jeans a few minutes ago. Here is the paragraph from the main page:
    Offer Details: Order PajamaJeans ® today for only $29.95 + $7.95 P&H and we ™ll include a 100% brushed cotton t-shirt with every pair your order ¦ absolutely FREE, just pay $7.95 P&H. If, for any reason, in the first 30 days you are not happy with your purchase, you can return your PajamaJeans ® for an exchange or full refund of the purchase price (minus P&H).

    However, they charged me twice the amount on shipping so my order came out to $45!!! The customer service link has no email address. I am so sorry that I even ordered these jeans. They had darn welll better be worth it.

  66. OHHHH I get it, They charged another 7.95 for the free T shirt that they give no choice about ordering. I don’t even wear t shirts but there is no way to opt out.

  67. You can get these at any store, they’re called “jeggings” and they’ve been around for a while. And even at full price they tend to cost less than $59.99.

  68. Thank you Erica. I found exactly what I was looking for and got three pairs for the price of one on the site. 🙂

  69. Yes! Please look for alternatives. I like jeggings better even though the fabric isn’t generally as soft, they don’t have the crazy boot cut look of the pajama jeans. Thanks Erica.

  70. You probably will have better luck exchanging them if they don’t work out as well. That has been the biggest issue I have heard. Many people (including my mother-in-law) report that the sizing is off on the pajama jeans and the returns are nearly impossible.

  71. Unfortunately, I have heard a lot of negative issues with the returns. Hopefully your comment here will warn people of these problems. Thanks so much and SORRY!!!!

  72. Sorry EricaVee, but Pajamajeans and jeggings are two totally different things. Jeggings are denim leggings.. i.e. TIGHT form-fitting, not made for every body type. Pajamajeans are more of a boot-cut jean. While the fabric may be the same thing, they are definitely NOT the same shape, fit or cut. Jeggings may look good on skinny people, but definitely NOT recommended if you are at all “thick”.

  73. Hello! LOL! I was hoping to get feedback on PJ jeans, and boy did I get it! I just love this website btw. I see alot of comments, and it looks like alot of people recently ordered, so I may wait until yours come in to see how you like them. I see alot of likes and dislikes, but I’m wondering, can you guys rate them overall? Would you purchase them over again? They are pricy, and being a Mom of 4, I have to stick to a very strict budget; these would be a big treat for me, and hopefully not a big disapointment 🙁 Either way, I love the comfort idea, and would LOVE to wear pj’s all day, so I hope to see you guys update your feedback when you get them!

  74. I wanted to buy pajama jeans sounds like great idea however they only offter inseams length of 31 inches which sucks for women who are taller such as myself and need more length. they need to offer different inseams lengths 33 or 34 inches and for taller women 35.5. Just sucks really wanted to try them out

  75. Ummm that whole thing made me laugh out loud…….especially…”I hate it when my sweatpants wrinkle and sag!” And……”I am powerless against DORMISOFT!” You are a hoot!

  76. I was interested in the pajama jeans and decided to check out their “official website”, I am NO LONGER interested!, the recording is annoying and you cannot reach a live person to ask questions, the customer service link when you go to press it whitens out and is unacessable as well, there is NO way to contact the company. and after reading the reviews from people who have purchased them and what they encountered I am definitly NOT going to get them period………I was looking for denim or denim style with elastic waistbands no zippers jeans and they sounded nice being made of a softer material but I will take a pass………….thank yo for your honest reviews and encounters with that company…..think it will be a flash in the pan, no customer svc in this economy is the death knell to business’s…….

  77. Hello there all! I purchased these pajama jeans last night! LOL!! Anyway, this is what happened to me. I go to the site and then click on something (I don’t remember what) and I end up with a pop up screen where they are being offered at their sister website, http://www.getyourpajamajeans.com where they are $29.95 instead of $39.95. So, I’m purchasing them online (after seeing the tv commercial), and I put them in the shopping cart, put my information and credit card number in and when I get to the receipt page I see they very sneakily charged me double the shipping, so this morning when I got up, I called their sneaky little behinds to ask them WHY on earth they doubled my shipping.

    The guy I got on the phone nicely explained that the t-shirt I will NEVER wear and that is FREE, I was charged Processing and Handling of $7.95 which is the same as for the pajama jeans. So, I told the guy that this was a scam, that they give you no option but to have the FREE t-shirt when you buy the jeans and I told him that I know they will be shipping them in the same box and that I just got ripped off! He then told me that he would appreciate it if I would not cancel the order and he gave me a credit to my credit card of $15.00! That means these pajama jeans only cost me $37.90.

    This guy also informed me that they are trying to get rid of all these t-shirts which is why they are not making it an option to opt out of your FREE t-shirt for ONLY $7.95 Processing and Handling! lol

    When I told him that the site also only lets you order ONE pair of pajama jeans, I asked him if that was so they could charge you $7.95 Processing and Handling for EACH pair of pajama jeans you buy and he said yes. SO, I am waiting to get my pajama jeans, and IF they actually fit, are actually comfortable and I actually like them, I’ll order more from the $29.95 site.

  78. Sorry, my math was wrong, I only paid $30.85 due to the $15.00 credit to my credit card. I will see IF he really gave me that credit, if not, I will be complaining!!

  79. I ended up ordering 2 pairs because it is kinda tricky at the end of the order …total due was $95 …they should have a cancel button …i felt tricked into the second pair …they better fit ,because i have never spent that kind of money on jeans.

  80. If you’re over 5’7″ these won’t work for you. They’re too short. I’m 5’9″, a size 8. These pants don’t even touch the top of my shoe. I wore them around the house for an hour, as they warm up (like most jeans with spandex) they get baggy, and baggier and pretty soon your actual pajamas look better. Short baggy jeans…i don’t think so.

  81. what website was that? I really would like to have these pants! Money is tight and it would be great to get a break on the price of these pants! I love the look of them and would love to have them. I have a medical problem that makes wearing jeans impossible!! Can I get that web site? I would be eternally grateful !!!


  82. OK love the feedback…Mostly the honesty. I hate buying things based on commercials..and let’s be honest, buying jeans is like buying a bathing suit every summer. You hate the experience (even if you are a size 2) and you have to try on at least 50 pair before you find the right pair that lift, tuck, pull, and sag in all the right areas. So I really appreciate the perspective and the review.

  83. I had the same problem!! i just wanted one! and some how ended up being charged for 2….shipping 2

  84. Suzanne Brown says:

    I love these jeans! They’re super comfy! I do almost everything in them, like jogging, hiking, dancing, and even swimming! My only complaint is that they don’t come in any other colors!

  85. jeggings are leggings that look like jeans, and pajama jeans are more like sweats/yoga pants that look like jeans. these pajama jeans are not snug like leggings

  86. the snuggie website was the same…order 2 and you are charged shipping twice even if it goes in the same box! when you call to send it back you don’t get a live person and it is so much of a pain in the ass. you will soon be able to find them in stores just like snuggies most likely.

  87. Gwen Lorenz says:

    The pajama jeans may be the best invention to come along in years, but I will never know. I accidently doubled my order and would have been billed $15.00 for shipping. Now that is what I call a rip off! I tried to cancel the order but could only do that Monday thru Friday. Welllllll, I placed my order on Thursday before Christmas and had to wait ’til Monday. Fortunately for me, I had entered an old credit card number, and they cancelled my order. Yeaaa!! They would have been too short because I, too am tall. Oh well, back to the drawing board for me!

  88. hey if you like a stretch waistband on jeans,,,,this is gonna sound crazy , but i buy maternity jeans ,,,,lol i get them on the clearence rack at target, and i love them,,,,they have elastic waistband and they look just like reg jeans, i dont wear belly shirts so the waist band doesnt matter and they are sooooo comfortable, i buy shorts , dress pants….ect,,,,,sounds crazy but if you try it you will be hooked tooooo!!!!!

  89. Jeans came as a gift – sized terribly (bought a Medium and my size 2 daughter could barely fit in them) and were way too small. After talking with returns and explaining the problem, I had to mail them back for a refund. Cost of mailback was $9. So looking for refund on credit card and went out to mailbox today (3 weeks later) and guess what. A new pair of “pajama jeans” in a size 4 XS. This – after my letter, included with the return, stated I wanted a full refund to go to the credit card on file!!! Unfortunately New Year’s Eve so have to wait til Monday to blast them….. for what it’s worth, horrible company return policy and customer service was uncooperative.

  90. I am concerned about the length. I would order a 32 if I could but I am sceptical about the 31. And what if they shrink, then I would really be screwed. I think I will wait until there are better reviews about the return policy, the shipping scam and the fact they only come in one length…..even though I really want to buy them I am sick of getting ripped off…..especially when I cant just return them to the local store. Sad 🙁 Please share about shrinkage – especially in the length). Thanks all. Good website.

  91. oh oh ladies..I just tried to open the pajama jeans website and got a message its not available or been moved. I tried twice.
    After seeing these reviews,I think Ill just stick to my stretchy jeans that I get at Walmart for 16.00…much safer,no ship and handling…and if its like everything else sooner or later Walmart or walgreens will have them on their shelves as another one of those “as seen on tv” items…for less cost.

  92. You must represent the company….Did you actually say you can swim in them? ROFL!!! I went on the website to buy a pair and they charged me for two pair! These are scam artist!

  93. ummm…?

  94. DO NOT order from the official website. Same thing happened to me. Double shipping for a stupid T Shirt I don’t want. I was so mad when I ordered last night. Priority USPS shipping is $4.95. Everyone knows this. They are just ripping people off. I am praying I don’t hate the jeans for $45.

  95. LindseyLewis says:

    I have a solution for all of you. I was looking at these pajama jeans as well and decided they are not for me if I have to pay for a shirt I can buy at walmart for $2.00 that I would not even wear! I found some Jeans at Coldwater Creek, Natural fit knit denim jeans, and they look very comfy. I am going to the mall to go try these on before I buy them because the reviews said sizing was off. But right now at Coldwater Creek they are 50% off. Here is they website…. http://www.coldwatercreek.com.

  96. LindseyLewis says:

    And these jeans from cold water creek run long for yall that are taller. Read the reviews before you buy. I cannot say either way I do not own a pair but I am just throwing it out there.
    Happy New YEAR!!!

  97. for $10 off your order got to the pajama jeans site home page, then click the back key to navigate away from the page, it will ask you if your sure you want to navigate away from the page, say no & it gives you a $10 off code. Also, not for us tall girls, only comes in inseam 31 inch.

  98. I disagree… Lane Bryant makes jeggings for plus size girls and they look great… I an a size 20 and wear them all the time and get more compliments about them

  99. This is great information… I need jeans that fit tight in the waist, I have big legs and butt I guess.. It takes me forever to find pants and I’ve tried to take some in but they look terrible. Levis 512 sometimes fit. Are these Pj jeans tight in the waist? Do you guys know of any other jeans that fit tight in the waist?? Thank you for the information!!!!

  100. Try the Slanket! Material is FAR superior to the snuggie. You can get them at their own website (slanket.com), and/or QVC has them. I just bought the leopard and they’re enormous and really, really soft. .

  101. Carthartt are durable like the original Levis were in their day before they sold their company and they went down hill. Try them Teri and hopefully they can fit you 🙂 good luck.

  102. Yikes! 31 inch inseam? I’m 5’8 so they would definitely look stupid on me, especially after a trip through the dryer. Glad I read this. I was almost sold!

  103. Bellcrank says:

    The only time I ever watch a TV is in instances like the other day when I was corraled in a tire store with one. When this ad came on, and I chuckled all over myself. Soon hilarity gave way to the curious feeling of wanting to demonstrate my gratitude all over the rump of that pajamajean model in an unChristian-like manner.

  104. Alrighty, then…

  105. I bought the knit jeans from a Coldwater Creek store recently. I am 5’9″ and the jeans are plenty long enough, even with boots with a 2″ heel. I love the jeans. They wear well and are very comfortable. I am going to buy more (they have a nice selection of denim colors).

  106. After seeing the commercial for pajama jeans I went to the website intending to order a pair. After looking at the size chart I saw “all sizes have 31 inseam” unfortunately at 5’10 these jeans would be more like capris on me. Oh well, guess I’ll have to wait until the manufacturers realize woman come in more then one height.

  107. You could “Daisy Duke” them and start a new trend.

  108. Just checked out coldwatercreek.com and could not find the jeans that were talked about in earlier posts.

  109. I have a smaller waist, bigger thinghs and I love love love the Route 66 curvy fit jeans from Kmart. They are about $10 and come in bootcut, straight, and skinny.

  110. I finally broke down and decide to buy a pair. The commercial claims a pair to fit everyone right? WRONG – all inseams are 31″! They’d end up being high waters on me. They should broaden their selection if the want more customers.. I have only found one company that makes jeans that fit me. ONE! Enjoy your jeajammas! 🙂

  111. Totally agree with you!

  112. I’ve had a slanket for several years. Well, my kidlet has. I opened the box, and it was immediately captured for use as a superhero cape…. I see it twice a month for required washings. It disappears into the bowels of childhood as soon as the dryer dings.

    I can vouch for it’s hardiness (it’s survived a 10 year old boy-child with a st bernard, after all) and it softness. It’s still just as soft as the day I opened it–for the whole 3 seconds I get to touch it!

  113. I thought that “pajama jeans” were a joke until I visited their official website. Their commercial makes me laugh hysterically every time. WOMEN EVERYWHERE: DON’T BUY PAJAMA JEANS. It’s horrible, tacky inventions like this that make America the laughing stock of the entire world.

  114. Well I didn’t buy them, but I was curious to see if they could be found cheaper or without that ridiculous fee. You can get them on http://www.carolwrightgifts.com/ for $39.99 and they offer free shipping on every order. If you use Promo code DLCR01 you’ll get 20% off your order, so that’s $8.00 off. Just a thought for anyone interested in ordering them.

  115. I had seen this commercial on TV a month ago or so and only saw good comments online about it. Today, I decided to order a pair of the jeans. First of all, the website is poorly done and one of the links to order doesn’t come up. Finally, i manage to come up with an order form that is confusing, it asks me for a second size and all i can figure out is that they need a second size in case they’re all out of the first size so I put in a second size. I fill in my credit card info and click on the next arrow only to find out that I’ve ordered two pairs of pants and $31.80 in handling fees for a total of $91.70. I was never warned that i wouldn’t be able to double check my order. I looked for an email addy to complain to and found nothing. When i tried to call them on one of their 800 lines I was informed that the order would be practically shipped over night. I tried to call Custmoer Support but it’s a holiday. I could reach someone if I tried to order another pair, I’m sure but I have a feeling that they’d just say i’d have to complain Monday and it’s not their problem.

    The pants cost me $29.95 because i saved a little money for attempting to leave their website, it was supposed to cost $7.95 for s/h and now they’ve managed to charge me $91.70 for something that should have been approximately $38. These pants had better be worth it. Oh, also, they keep putting up these options you have to purchase stuff before you finally order your jeans, you have a chance to order a stupid pillow for only $15 and when you click on no you next get a chance to buy some jewelry so when you finally click on that you impatiently click on no again and they’ve got you, you’ve ordered two pairs of pants when you wanted one and double the amount of s/h with no address to complain to. Fortunately, there are places the consumer can complain to online and perhaps the TV station where the ad was played. BEWARE.

    I just tried to call them today, a day later and I keep getting hung up on when I call Customer Service. If I use the toll free order number all I get an an automated voice to take an order. They make it impossible to talk to a human being!! they don’t want to hear about all of the complaints and there is no email addy to complain to

  116. Be careful ordering these jeans. They tricked me into ordering 2 pair. I can’t get to a real person on the phone over there. They gave me an 866 number to call for customer service. I have called that number at least 10 times and all I get is a message saying they can’t help me and a dial tone comes on.

  117. I also got tricked into the 2 pairs when ordering from their site. I did just call #866-347-9047 and spoke with someone who said they would fix it. They better have! Shady website though for sure.

  118. Wynter –
    Where did you get a number to call and talk to a live person? The only phone numbers I could find were to order (don’t want that!) and customer service which just rings and then has a recording that all circuits are busy followed by a busy signal and then hangs up. Would appreciate any insight/help you can provide.

  119. Thank you Barb for your description. I was looking for how they wear and not ordering. I am pretty much the same size as you (5’10 size 10) so now I know definitely not to order them. Thanks.

  120. UPDATE!
    So I got mine in about 3 weeks from ordering them. I cancelled the shirt cause I didn’t want to pay the shipping for it and it came anyhow without the cost of shipping. I actually love these pants. I disagree about them being too low. They come to my belly button and actually consider them too high. I got the small and they are perfect ( a little short for my usual taste) but all in all a great purchase. I’m wearing them now to work!

  121. Wait…so I’ve been noticing all day that my hands are blue and I was beginning to think I was dying until I realized that my hands have been on these pants…pajama jeans makes my hands blue! Bleeding dye and they aren’t even wet???? BE CAREFUL WASHING THESE! Clearly they are going to make a big mess!!

  122. Thank you Diane for letting everyone know… This seems to be the theme of most who buy…

  123. So…FL Mom, who wrote her comment on December 23, 2010 at 4:17 am. What is the prognosis on the $29.99 website for the pajama jeans? Are they a rip off of the original pajama jeans? Or better yet did u find a site for $10.99? LMAO ; ) Well really interested in finding out what happened, did u buy? Was it worth the $10 off?

  124. I ordered a pair five days ago. I Googled the website to see if I could find a projected “ship date” for my jeans and happened to see this site with reviews. I found a phone # for customer service and called it (actually got thru to a real person), I was told they were “back-ordered” their shipment wouldn’t arrive for a week or two (must be LOTS of people ordering these). While I had the customer service rep on the phone I asked him what’s up with sending me an “absolutely free T-shirt” (that I didn’t need or want) but charging me another 7.95 to ship it with the jeans that they’re already charging me 7.95 to ship. He, without any argument, agreed to take off the shirt from my order, which would take off the shipping charge. I guess they’ve had a bunch of phone calls about this. If you don’t complain they know they’ll get away with it. I didn’t try to cancel my order, although after reading all these negative reviews I thought seriously about it. The thing that worries me is that someone said the color runs – even after washing THREE to FOUR times. I’ll be sure to wash them ALONE several times or just wash them with blacks and other jeans. Hey maybe I should wash them with some of my older faded jeans and it will put some color back into them. ;-}

  125. Kellie Selwood says:

    I laughed so hard when I read this, I nearly peed myself!

  126. i know!! i am tall and thin i take 37″ length with a heel . i wanted to buy these so bad, but what are they going to look so stupid on someone who is 5’10. the models in the commercial must be the same height, , like mabe 5’5 ,and then you just buy small-large. does anyone know if you can undue the hem?

  127. omg i know! the people that work there post great reviews. every thing i have bought as seen on tv has been a scam. DO NOT buy BRA LIFTS!!!!! OR KANGAROO POUCH it sucks too, cuz i saw these curlers with a like sham wow wrapped around them(they are just like those cheap claw clips you get at the dollar store, but suppose to dry your hair the same time you do your make up, then you get curly dried hair, im not sure the name of them,i think its natural waves. does anyone know about them? i ts all a rip off as seen on tv

  128. My 6 year old son was in the car with his daycare provider today and heard a pajama jean commercial on the radio. When I picked him up this afternoon, he told me about them and that they were “cozy” and how much I might like them. I knew right away that they sounded like a joke, but I HAD to search them out. I found the website and watched the video, along with my 6 year old, my 3 year old and my husband. We all laughed! Then I found this blog and I’ve been sitting here for quite a while reading the comments and sharing the info with my husband. We’ve gotten a good laugh from you all and the “jeans”, so thank you!

    I am touched that my sweet boy would hear something and think of me, but sorry honey, I won’t be getting any pajama jeans anytime soon!

  129. My son has a Snuggie and I can barely stand to touch it. It’s so wimpy! Thanks to some comments here though, I might look in to the slankie. This was just a great blog post!!! 🙂

  130. I mean slanket 😉

  131. Order PajamaJeans ® today for only $39.95 + $7.95 P&H and we ™ll include a grey crewneck tee with every pair you order ¦ absolutely FREE. We stand behind our product 100% and we want you to be completely satisfied. If, for any reason, in the first 60 days you are not happy with your purchase, you can return your PajamaJeans ® for an exchange or full refund of the purchase price (minus P&H).

  132. Bellcrank says:

    There is a common denominator here:
    1.) People are actually stupid enough to buy crap off the TV just because some jerk interrupted their program and told them to.
    2.) Those same people are surprised when they get ripped off.
    3.) They want to look attractive to others by presenting themselves in jeans rather than fat-pants or diapers or whatever TV-watching idiots wear.
    4.) Their bodies would look great and their romantic life would improve if they just worked out, but it’s just funner to blow $39.99 of their husband’s money.
    5.) They don’t want to feel as foolish as they should about their purchase, so they seek comfort in numbers on a blog with others.

  133. I love walmart! you just changed my mind thats what ill do! It seems that all the other people get ripped off so i wont waste my time! TY pj!

  134. anniefannie says:

    Oh my. I found this site by searching for pajama jean reviews and have been laughing uncontrollably for the past 15 mins at the swimming comments. Hahaha. I am discouraged but still kind of want them… the infomercial must have brainwashed me. Have any petite women tried them and if so how do the sizes run?

  135. I agree, I don’t think they’d work for you because they are low-waisted. Plus, they are skin tight down the rear and thighs, so the Depends would show through. A friend of mine bought these and likes them a lot, but they seem exactly the same as the yoga pants I bought at Walmart for $11, except that mine are black or grey. (And no rivets or stitching.) I’d have liked something that looks more like jeans but not at that price. (And after reading all the negative comments.) You might want to try yoga pants, they’d be fairly easy for someone to help you with, plus they’re stretchy and very comfortable.

  136. I bought these ridiculous pants (shame) and I absolutely LOVE them! They fit me perfectly and make my butt look really cute ( a must for jeans). I’m petite and they are perfect for heels but would drag if I wear flats. You can always get them hemmed if they’re too long.

  137. I saw them in the PajamaGram catalog last year and thought I didn’t hate anyone that much to buy them Pajama Jeans because I thought they were fleece. Now I’m curious. So what the heck is the made up name of the fabric supposed to be? Is it the same texture as a cotton yoga pant?

  138. It is a little thicker than most yoga pants (more like sweat pants) and the outside does look like denim from a few feet away. The inside of it is a bit fleece-like. I have to commend them for coming up with the ridiculous name dormisoft. I would have gone with denimsoft, but maybe that was taken at the patent office?

  139. So…like…they are better than Jeggings?
    Or similar?

    The good news is Pajama Jeans would match my daughter’s Denim Huggies….

  140. After Snuggies came out I thought “how can this world get more stupid????”. And now I know.

  141. Laura,

    I deleted your last comment because I run a G-rated blog.

    I sense you think pajama jeans are stupid. You might have noticed a little sarcasm in my post as well.

    Oh, and I didn’t invent them.

    Have a happy day!

  142. I want these Pajama Jeans because they are so funny! Come on! They are ridiculous and that’s why I want them so bad

  143. Well “bellcrank”, what makes you such a winner, that you feel the need to actually look up said jeans, then join a message board to put others down and seek attention? How pathetic are you? Perhaps you should watch more tv and keep your bitter piehole shut.

  144. Hi. I am 6′ tall and I just thought you’d like to know that Gap, Old Navy, and Victoria’s Secret sell jeans with extra long inseams, up to 36″. I also just found a website that allows you to custom order jeans exactly to your body! Indidenim. Hope this helps!

  145. Everyone just needs to stop with the PajamaJeans and the Snuggies and all this other ugly, and I do mean ugly, crap that people get away with selling in the name of comfort!!! PajamaJeans are not cute!! If you want to look like you are wearing jeans, wear jeans! If you want to be comfy and cute, wear cute yoga pants or cropped sweats! Just because it’s comfortable doesn’t mean you have the right to wear it in public.

  146. Thanks! I just went to Carol Wrights website and the 20% code works, but shipping is 6.99 plus an additional 1.95 in handing. How do you get free shipping? Thanks

  147. I bought the Lane Bryant Jeggings for plus size.. i loved them when i first put them on.. 20 mins later.. (the time it took to drive to work).. they were total saggy butt… I looked like i had cloth diaper on.. grrrrrrrrrrr had to take them back.. they didnt hold their shape AT ALL
    was very disapointed…
    … which brings me back to these. im affraid to buy.. will they do the same “diaper pants” thing too?

  148. Holly,

    Pics or it didn’t happen.


  149. I just bought pajama jeans at Carol Wright Gifts. They are $39.95 plus $6.95 shipping. I used a coupon code DLCR01 and got $8.00 off so my total was $38.98. No Sneaky shipping charges or trying to sell me a “free” shirt. http://www.carolwrightgifts.com/ I cant wait to see how they fit I will let you know.

  150. paula winchester says:

    Hi Lindsey, Thank you for the heads up, I will go to CC today. I was going to buy the PJ but…WOW….what a hassle everyone has been through! I think the View ladies got their jeans by having their staff order them and not realizing what a pain it is! Thanks again!!

  151. HOW did I not know about your fabulous blog before???

    Get out of my head- you described perfectly my thoughts as I was watching the infomercial! They almost had me convinced to call and get a pair.

    Though, honestly, I still want to try them. Then again, I also dropped my kids off at school in my bathrobe the other day. And almost picked them up in my bathrobe, too…but I changed 5 minutes before pick up time.

  152. what about short people like me I am 5’2 and they are way too long

  153. so do you think when you order you should get maybe a size smaller since they do stretch out??

  154. How about the size My real jeans range anywhere from size 8 to 18 depending on the material and style of the jean not sure what size to purchase

  155. You are sooooo sweet.

    Oh, and YES…for some reason I was powerless against the infomercial and now pretty addicted to purchasing from TV.

    I will admit to wearing my yoga pants a little more often than my pajama jeans.

  156. If you would usually buy a size 8 in jeans then I would go for whatever size includes a 10. Don’t go down a size worried about sagging…that doesn’t seem to be the biggest problem with them.

    Anyone else have a suggestion?

  157. They will be long.

    I am 5’8″ tall and they were the perfect length for me (which is unusual since things are usually short).

    But I would think you could easily shorten them. The fabric is soft and would be sewing machine friendly.

  158. I LOVE how this post has become a pajama jean forum!

    Keep it up.

    Thanks to all of you.

  159. I don’t think they will do the diaper thing. They seemed to even keep their shape at my knees. These will be a little different than the jeggings due to their cut and they should be softer. The biggest issue to date has been the sizing and the low rise.

  160. Please help all kidding aside I did order them I love the feel, but the size is all wrong not sure what size to exchange for my real jeans range from 8-18 depending on the style and the material. I have never purchased pants without trying them on for that reason. Since the pants were too large the free tee did fit I guess thats a plus need help with the return.. serious coments please

  161. I enjoyed reading these posts, and even laughed out loud until I got to Bellcrank’s insulting post. You must be really unhappy lady! You are a total buzzkill and not funny at all. Find another place to be negative.

  162. They are the Natural Fit denim jeans.

  163. “funner” is not a word…this is a pet peeve of mine as a teacher. Also, why do you feel that all of these people who are buying the silly “pajama jeans” have problems in their romantic life or are using “their husband’s money” to purchase them? It seems that you may have some inner conflicts here…I’m just saying.

  164. Kristinrdh says:

    HI ladies
    Well they seem like a great idea, another person just got rich & shipping extra always speeds up that wealth, but I am gonnna pass on these. Goodluck if you ordered them maybe they aren’t so bad!

  165. These are clearly just leggings styled to look like jeans. What’s the difference between these and jeggings – the pockets?

    It’s pretty clear these will look horrible on anyone who is not a model.

  166. J- the difference between pajama jeans and jeggings is actually the bottom of the pants. Jeggings are styled like skinny jeans while these claim to have a flared leg which is more flattering for anyone with a larger frame than Gweneth Paltrow.

  167. I agree with A’s description as well. I will say that the pajama jeans material is a little thicker than any legging/jegging fabric that I have which is a little less revealing on some areas…

  168. ha! I kinda WISH I had invented them (or at least ship & handle them).

  169. Thanks for the Coldwater Creek jeans suggestion that someone made! I have never seen a product get such great reviews. They are called Natural Fit Knit Denim Jeans and they got 5 star reviews from over 300 people. Most people say they went back and ordered several more. I just ordered some and can’t wait to get them. They are a little pricey at $69.95 but I got free shipping and can return them to the local store if they don’t work out. CC has terrific customer service.

    Thanks for scaring me away from pajama jeans!

  170. So glad everyone seems to be happy with those. I do have to say that I had a HORRIBLE experience with Coldwater Creek customer service in the past. So much so that I won’t shop there. They never made it right.

  171. Averagae Joe says:

    Yesterday I was in a rush to order a couple of pairs of pajama jeans for my girlfriend while she was in the shower and I realized later that I ordered the wrong size by mistake. I tried to call the customer service phone number to change my order, but I got a recording that said they were closed due to bad weather. I tried again this morning and got ahold of someone right away. The customer service guy I talked to was really helpful and I was able to change my order very easily. I asked if they could remove the second “free” t-shirt from my order and they adjusted my total. I got charged about $60 for the 2 pairs of Pajama Jeans and $15 for shipping, so around $75 total with only 1 of the shirts included. Too bad I have to wait 4 to 6 weeks for delivery, that seems really long to me. I suggest making an order and calling the Customer Service number if you don’t want the t-shirt included with your order, since they use it to drive up your shipping costs.

    And thanks to whoever posted the link for the $29.99 website!

  172. Glad to hear something positive about the customer service…thanks so much for posting this.

    My pajama jeans didn’t take as long as I expected, so hopefully that will have a happy ending too!

  173. I would just like to say, I ordered Pajamajeans, I am heavy set and cannot never find a pair of pants that fit me comfortable. I just received my pajamjean and put them on right away, I yelled out to my husband and said, “They fit me, they fit me, I love them I love them, they are so comfortable”, he said I had spark in my eyes that I finally found a pair of pants that I can put on and feel comfortable. My husband asked do they come in other colors, I told him I don’t know but I’m going to order me a couple more pairs. If you see the commercial on TV don’t hesitate, pick up the phone and order you a pair of pajamajeans, they are great.

    Oh I Love the Way The Fit

  174. Yay! So glad they worked for you.

  175. sick of shallow people says:

    Holy sourpuss!
    Nobody was asking your opinion on fashion… and for the record: people have the right to wear whatever they desire, whether cute or ugly or comfy or not! Some people in this world aren’t so shallow and arrogant… like jeepers, nobody’s trying to force you to buy them, so I don’t see why you feel the need to bitch and whine about the “cute” level of other people’s clothes. But whatever… I imagine people like you walk around judging your outfits too… so it’s all good

  176. I thought someone had mentioned in previous comments within the last week or two about a discount pajama jean site or discount pajama jean code…

  177. I’m impressed that you admit to owning pajama jeans. And then I thought about it – and I considered the joy of looking dressed when you’re not dressed. But $59.95????

  178. ha! Luckily, they are priced less now…you know you want a pair.

  179. Lynda Hamilton says:

    I ordered one pair. They took it upon themselves to send 3 pairs. Now I am having a terrible time getting them to credit back my account after returning all 3 pair.s Them sending the other 2 pairs made my check account short and I was charged NSF fees.

  180. Kelly Arnold says:

    I ordered the geans on the 20th of dec. and they are still not here. what happen to the holiday express shipping?

  181. oh no! that is crazy.

  182. That is awful. Good luck straightening that out.

  183. $29.99??? Where?

  184. I don’t think they would be long enough – my d’ter and I need a 35″ or 36″ leg. Are they long enough for tall girls !?! Can they be bought in any stores yet – Costco??!

  185. Hi Twylia,
    I am 5’8″ tall and they are a good length on me. I could even wear them with a slight heel. I hope that helps.

  186. From what I am hearing in the comments that site has been forwarded to the regular pajama jean site. If anyone knows any different, please respond!

  187. delores hughes says:

    i bought 2 pairs of your pajama jeans, the week before chiistmas, i still have not got them, would some one tell me why????delores

  188. Can any of you that own PJ jeans post an actual picture? Or Pictures? I can find very few pictures of them up close or on a real non-model woman.


  189. the site is set up so screwy that I just wanted one pair, and it said I ordered like 5 pair, now I don’t want any at all, and you better not send me any. I hate sites that try to scam people, and of course, no one works there on weekends, so I can’t talk to anybody. and you better not charge me any thing, cuz I want to cancel my order.!! I will be calling you on monday, first thing.

  190. And further more, just because I take a certain size in Pants, doesn’t mean I take the same size shirt, why isn’t there a place to order a certain size TOP !!! How stupid is that????

  191. I am so pissed I might even call the Better Business Bureau on you people !!

  192. why are people posting on here like this blog sells Pajama Jeans?

  193. i almost died of laughter reading this.

  194. i have to say, they intrigue me. i’m the type of person who takes off the jeans and puts on sweats as soon as i walk in the front door. I did buy the City Knit jeans from Coldwater Creek and i must say, those are awesome. they look less like “leggings” and are definitely comfy enough to lounge in. just throwin in my two cents!

  195. I ordered my jeans weeks ago and I still have not gotten them! I don’t even see a charge on my credit card for them. Anyone experience this? Also are they fitted in the butt? or do they bunch right underneath? I hate that!

  196. I did the same thing, I ordered one pair of jeans and ended up with three. I tried to find a way to cancel but no luck, hopefully I can and call tomorrow and cancel. Too bad they make thngs sound so good and we all ge sucked in

  197. Pajama jeans are the shit.

  198. Is that good or bad?

  199. Oh, good luck with that!

  200. Several people have been complaining about long waiting times.

    Mine fit well – just a little low in the back.

  201. bless you.

  202. Thanks Lindsay!

    I actually sent some emails to previous commenters explaining the same thing. I know people are upset, but unfortunately I don’t have any behind-the-scene pajama jean information.

  203. the pajama jean people, not the June Cleaver Nirvana people…please?

  204. Tina,
    I TOTALLY AGREE. My shirt was so small it showed about 4 inches of belly when I put it on. Not a good look for a girl with three kids at the age of 41.

  205. Hi Delores, as I said in my email to you they aren’t my pajama jeans. I don’t even know anyone over there…
    I have removed your last name and mailing address so it isn’t posted here.
    Good luck.

  206. I ordered my jeans on the 2nd and have not received them nor do I see the charge on my credit card. I was wondering if I should reorder or contact the company? Any suggestions??

  207. I ordered my PJ jeans on Jan 2, 2011 as well. I got a confirmation email and that is it … I have not heard anything else. I logged back into the site to see if I could check on the status of my order and I can’t find anything to do so. I wonder if I will ever get my PJjeans????

  208. I ordered mine on 1/3 and still have not recieved my pajamajeans either, and they still have not charged me… I looked up my order status and it says allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. I read on another review website that they were on back order. I think the company should at least send you an email letting you know whats going on. So you say they are low in the back?? are they like low rise pants?? Me personally, i like something that sit up a little higher and you dont have to worry about your butt hanging out!!

  209. Kathryn Muffley says:

    I bought them as soon as they were first launched. I was SO excited! Comfortable jeans with some stretch… I bought two sizes, as I didn’t know which would fit. Their sizing was so small that neither one would fit. I’m used to “normal sizing” that I find in clothing I find in local stores. I had to send them both back. An expensive experiment, by the time I paid for shipping both ways.

  210. Second search result in google LOL

    Umm yeah I’m not paying that updated price for pajama jeans. I can buy pajamas and a pair of pants with that. And a shirt that fits 😉

  211. Stephanie says:

    I agree, they look like jeggings. I wish I could try them on before I buy.

  212. I ordered pajama jeans a long time ago too and have not received them! You all are scaring
    me about fit and getting them!! I am going to call customer service in the morn!! I ordered a 10!
    I weigh 140 and am 5’3”! Anybody think they will fit? Karen

  213. sounds lik a scam u should all complain 2 the better business bureau about the bad business tactics! And who r u Holly??? Either yr connected with this company or u just dont have a life!! BUYER BE WARE

  214. lisa qualset says:

    i would like to know the status of my order please! you can also call 727-319-3390 thankyou lisa qualset

  215. Very good!

  216. Rebeccagrace says:

    Sharon and Lisa~ I don’t think this blog has anything to do with the actual pajama jeans company. She just bought a pair and was reviewing them here. If you need customer service I think you should call the pajama jeans people.

  217. Can’t say which I enjoyed more: the spunk & wit of the review or the parade of daft in the comments. Thx for the laughs. 🙂

  218. i really believed the jeans were good, but as soon as i got them they were made for a 12 year old, not for a person that is in her 60’s . i also keep getting them delivered to my home and i tried getting in touch with customer service and got no answer, and i will be sending them back. i only ordered one pair and received 5 pairs and they keep sending me the jeans and i am still trying to get in touch with customer service to no avail. i am very unhappy with the pants and the tee shirt.

  219. Me, too! So funny that people are complaint to this blog!

  220. I ordered one in December, and the next thing I knew, the were 2 in my cart. I never got a confirmation page, so I went back to the sight, and tried to order 1, and I got still didn’t get to the confirmation page, so I quit. I figured after the shipping they were too expensive for my 13 year old, anyway. So, today I got 2 shipment confirmations; one for one pair, and one for two. Oh, noooo. Maybe the shirt will fit my 13 year old 😀

  221. Ahh, I hate auto correct! Lol. I meant *complaining.

  222. OMG! She is writing about her experience with Pajamajeans! It’s a funny piece. I found it helpful, because I wanted to know what real people think of them!

  223. What is the number for pajama jeans? | ChaCha AnswersWhat is the number for pajama jeans? ChaCha Answer: PajamaJeans, P.O. Box 3008, Wallingford, CT 06494. Phone: 1-866-347-9047.

  224. Quit flaming, it’s rude.

  225. I saw them on the Today show (Hoda and Kathy Lee) just a short while ago as one of their favorite things. I guarantee you that ever since then the company has been flooded with orders. Anything endorsed on tv by a celeb has huge curb appeal. I wouldn’t freak if you haven’t been charged for them, probably should be thankful! HOWEVER checking with the BBB, they also go by Fosdick Corporation which got an F rating. So if you like your jeans be thankful! But after doing a little research now (since that is why i am here…trying to decide if i want to order them) I think i’ll wait till they show up in my local goodwill store! LOL

  226. go to the bottom of the website page and click on the customer service link, there you can go and check on the status of your order. They will not charge you until it ships 🙂

  227. this is a review site, has nothing to do with PajamaJeans. I would not put personal stuff like your # on any site. Good luck! I am still waiting for mine, fingers crossed!

  228. Thanks for all the comments about delayed shipping and multiple unwanted orders. This has scared me off the pajama jeans for sure. The oddest thing about the comments, however, is all the looneys that think this blogger sells them or is in any way affiliated with them. I don’t know if you are joking, or are thick in the head, but it is quite obvious that this is a fun REVIEW of a PURCHASE from a NON- AFFILIATED person who BOUGHT her pajama jeans. Goodness.

  229. I just mentioned these on my blog the other day and how they really call out to me and how I wondered if that said something about me that I would rather not admit. 😉 But now I’m even more intrigued after reading your review. They really do look great on you!

    I laughed so much at all these people who apparently just stumbled on your post after Googling “Pajama Jeans” and think you’re customer service. Why, people, why would you leave your address and phone number posted in public on the internet?!

  230. I order 2 pr on 12/31, still nothing and reading all reviews, scared when/if I get them. Shipping was outragious, I called & complained, said I wanted to cancel, they said it should not have been $31 for shipping, told me it would be like $10, will see about that, and I did not see aywhere to put a size for the “free” top. These people really do need the BBB to get involved.

  231. I hope you do get them! It sounds like things are moving very slowly over there at pajama jeans!

  232. I ordered my pajama jeans from Carol Wright gifts the first week of january. They said they were on back order until 2/4/10 so i thought i would just wait. Now they say they are on backorder until 3/4/10. I think I might cancel my order and try ordering somewhere else. I would like to get them befoer summer!!

  233. I went to our Px (Army post) and bought a pair of jeggings..I love them so much. They have pockets and button and zipper but they are probably the most comfortable “jeans” I have ever wore. I looked ont he Pajama Jean website and was like eh..I don’t want the thickness nor would I pay that much for them. (I won’t even pay that much for regular jeans). So might I suggest checking your local retailer and see if they sell an off brand..It will save you the hassle of waiting and you can return them quicker if you don’t like them 🙂

  234. bobbi sue says:

    i ordered my pjeans abouts a month ago and got an email this morning saying they were finally shipped..now after reading these reviews im wishing id never ordered em..im hoping i love them..i had a baby a year ago and have not been able to lose all of the weight. its been a struggle to find jeans..my cracks always showing, im pulling em up and around..its miserable..i was really hoping these would be a solution..but now im guessing that these arent going to be much help at all and im just going to be out some money. thanks

  235. I FINALLY got my PJ Jeans today, after placing the order back in December of 2010. When I opened them up, they looked like Elephant Bell Bottoms…Who wears Elephant Bell Bottoms in this day and age? When I tried them on, the fit was lousy, no elastic band, so that the waist is not comfortable, though they fit. They have a draw string, which is useless. My brand new PJ Jeans are now soaking in the sink, because my hands were all blue after handling them. Ladies save your money and get Athletic/Fitness pants, which are about the same price, and comfy and last for years. I feel like a sucker…The images on tv do not accurately represent this piece of “shmata”.

  236. Sharon Walters says:

    Go to Lane Bryant, they have GREAT jeans in many sizes and lots of great Jeggings.
    If you dont have a local store – go to their website. also the AVENUE has great jean options.

  237. My husband ordered Pajama Jeans for me as a Christmas present on the 16th of December and they are still not here!! I called the customer service number on January 25 and they said they would be here on February 11th. Well it’s now February 14th and, according to the FedEx website, they just reached CA!!! Who knows when they will actually be here!! Maybe by next Christmas!!

  238. Why does anyone think that Holly or this blog has anything to do with the pajama jean? I don’t get it. Clearly she BOUGHT a pair of jeans herself to try out and wrote a quirky review on them— which I find funny and entertaining all at the same time. How I found this site? and I am sure its the same way most of you came accross it was by going to that nifty google site and typing “pajama jeans” and…. well there she wrote, literally. Ha! I am pretty funny if I do say so myself!
    Anyhow, point is, Holly is just a blogger- she does not have anything to do with the company of pajama jeans or booty lift or anything else she has blogged about.

    HOWEVER— reading the posts that have been put on here by some really crazy people have made my day a little brighter 😀 thanks for that!

  239. lol…… see great minds think alike!

  240. dawn matlock says:


  241. You are hilarious. I wanted the Pajama Jeans before, and now I want them even more — for sheer kitsch value. I think I’ll make my husband buy me some… And I also feel compelled to try on these Coldwater Creek jeans your commenters are mentioning.

  242. Lorena A Trahan says:

    I bought 2 pair and they dont fit……..how do I send them back, i’ve lost the paper that came with them.thank you………………lorena trahan

  243. I have seen them inside Aerie before. Haven’t been in there recently.

  244. I bought a pair for my wife on January 5th. They still have not shown up after 7 weeks. So I called customer service, the gentleman that answered my call was very polite, he informed me that the tracking info shows that the jeans arrived at my local post office yesterday after being shipped out on February 9th. Problem is that they only put my house number on the package and not the street name….REALLY!?!?! They not only have my email, but my phone number as well, and I know for a fact that I supplied them with my street name. Why would they send out a package without a street name? GRRRR!! I called my local post office and they said that packages immediately get returned to sender without proper information. So now my wife has to wait probably another month or two for her Pajama Jeans. I hope she likes them. This will be the first and last time we deal with this company. I say AVOID Pajama Jeans, unless you like waiting a couple months to receive your product after paying for it!!!

  245. So I got my Pajama Jeans in 2 days ago after 7 weeks of waiting. I really was expecting to hate them after reading all of the comments on here, but as a house cleaner, I wanted the look of jeans but the comfort and stretch of sweats. I wore them yesterday, washed them, slept in them and I’m wearing them right now! They are better than I ever thought they’d be. I’m a 5’8, muscular and thick 22 year old, and I was really worried about the length being too short or the thighs, too tight. But i don’t have a single complaint! And now my mom and 2 sisters, as well as countless friends and clients are in the market to get some after seeing mine. 🙂

    Trust me ladies, if anyone was in doubt, it was me! I am the girl who can never find a pair of jeans the fit length and width and end up leaving stores frustrated almost to the point of tears. If these pajama jeans work for me, they’re worth the cost (39.95) and wait! Enjoy 🙂

  246. ok it’s obvious that Jennifer’s “review” is just an add for the product she mentioned.

  247. lane bryant’s clothes are for one style/ type and that is not most people… blah

  248. anyone know where you can get some knock offs? I hate spending $40 on a pair of pj’s/pants that aren’t even real jean. Regardless how comfy they are…

  249. I am so glad you posted about your pajamajean experiences on here…I’ve been sitting around recovering from surgery…bored and armed with my debit card and thought hey I’d love a pair of super comfy jeans. Now not so much 🙂


  250. Honest to goodness, this is a tempest in a teapot! Sounds to me like you need to be 5’8″ for them to fit in the length. If you are not that tall,you can expect to add the cost of alterations to the price tag…. unless you are handy with a needle OR you like the retro look of cuffs at the bottom of your legs. I love the idea of being “armed” with a debit card!!

  251. Seems like it is time to tell the Pajama Jeans company to take a flying leap.If you really want to spend some bucks on your jeans, check out Miracle Body jeans at Travelsmith.com. Pretty pricey but looks like they would do the trick.

  252. It is pretty funny that I have been seeing other companies doing their own version. Hopefully people can find something that works for them.

  253. 5’8″ at the maximum. That is what I am and I wish the pajama jeans were a little longer.

  254. I ordered a pair back in Jan. I figured that 1 of 2 things would happen. Either I’d get a really good laugh out of it & return them. Or I’d actually like them. Well I FINALLY got them a few weeks ago. And I must admit that I really <3 them. My only complaint is that I wish they had belt loops 🙂 I actually wore them to volunteer at my kids' school the other day. Just to see if anyone would notice. And nobody would have. Except that I posted on fb that they were finally here!! After she stared at me for a few mins, she asked me if I was wearing them cause she couldn't tell. Everybody overheard & instantly flocked to me. They were all very intrigued. Which led to me being very oddly felt up by all the other moms. lol

  255. The author is hilarious!

  256. Thank you. You made my day!

  257. Ha! I have had the same experience where I am the “pajama jeans” celebrity because people have heard of them and seen them on TV, but not touched them.

    So glad they worked out for you!

  258. julia bolin says:

    well my pajama jeans have not arrvied yet it has been 4 to 6 weeks i want a number

  259. mable tholl says:

    where is my order

  260. mable tholl says:

    I made an order or pajama pants and haven’t received them, where is my order

  261. NO PAJAMAJEANS says:

    Don’t order PAJAMAJEANS, you will never get them. I have been waiting since January and i just received my second notice that they are again on back-order. PAJAMAJEANS has my money and they said that a shipment just came in when i called. They are just selling the inventory to new customers in hope that the old waiting customers will forget. DON’T DO IT!

  262. I would like to know who came up with the idea of only making them with 31 inch inseams. Do they think that all women would might want these pants are short? I think they sound great for lounging around the house, but I need a 36 inch inseam. I can’t be the only person who would order these if they came in a better choice of sizes.

  263. mable tholl says:

    what number did you call to get someone on the phone i just keep getting a dam recorder

  264. Has anyone tried those As Seen On TV stores for the pajama jeans?

  265. I can’t help you with that problem but I can tell you that you can buy these jeans at Bed Bath and Beyond for $39.99 and you can also use one of their 20% off coupons so you only pay $32.00! Good Luck.

  266. Anonymous says:

    Uh, do you really think this is the PajamaJean website? Are you illiterate?

  267. Deanne Hare says:

    I recieved pajama jeans at the end of Jan. I returnedd them Feb. 14 for a larger size. I have not recieved them yet.

    Deanne Hare
    156 11th St. S.W.
    Vero Beach, Fla. 32962

  268. Carolyn Mahenski says:

    I just received my second pair of pajama jeans…..just love them!! I am wondering if at any time this year, maybe for spring and summer, if they will ever come in white…would certainly order two pair again. Wish the T shirts would have come in a larger size though. Thank you for a fine product. Carolyn Mahenski

  269. Amandalee Nelson says:

    I bought mine the first week of January after my sister got a pair for Christmas and loved them. It is April 1st and they have yet to arrive. 3 monthes?!? It’s been and entire SEASON! I got postcard from them last month saying they would be here by 3/22/11. Obviously they didn’t. What a joke. I want a refund, but at the same time, after wating a qtr of a year for them, I want the pants too. I want my money back AND the pants. Fat chance of that happening, but I feel they owe me something.

  270. Here you are, Mabel:


    Made possible by the Kindness of Strangers

  271. Diane Compton says:

    I finally received my order for the second time on April 1. I originally ordered in January right after New Years. I too, “accidentally ordered two pair and saw the charge of almost $100. I called them on Monday and was able to get it down to one pair. They notified me that they got my first order back( they were too small and I was told they run large) on February 21 and it took until April to get them to me. Now I find the next size up(14-16) are actually too big in the legs and fit in the waist. There is not much stretch in the waist and the design is really flawed.
    I also found that after wearing them a while, they bag and sag. Poor design and overpriced.
    I already spent almost $20 on shipping and won’t bother to spend more but I’m clearly disappointed and would not do this again. The customer service did put $10 back on me debit card since I was having such a lousy time with my order. I think he didn’t want me to back out entirely. I found some great Gloria Vanderbuilt jeans in a thrift store for $3 that fit me perfectly. Go figure!

  272. I finally got my pajamajeans today…Now they’re going back. The pajamajeans don’t open AT ALL like regular pants, you slip into them (like pajamas) but they do NOT stretch around the waist so easily like you see in the commercial so slipping them around your hips is a serious struggle. I was jump up and down to get them on. They did fit once they were on but come on! So ladies, be aware of the sizing cause you really should get a size bigger than what you normally wear to put them on comfortably. They come with drawstrings on the inside and look kinda cheap, best to wear long shirts to cover the waistline and fake zipper front. So now it’s going to be another 2-4 weeks for the exchange. I figure can wear them around the house to do chores. Another thing, is they seem like lint magnets so if you got pets, keep a roller handy!

  273. Deanne Hare says:

    I bought pajama jeans for $85.80 on Jan 27. I recieved 2 pair, but only ordered 1 pair. I was told to either send one pair back for I could get a refund of $15.00, so I got the refund on Feb. 2 . Today I got one pair in a size large instead of a med. I would like a full refund or 1 more pair.

    Deanne Hare
    146 11th St. S.W.
    Vero Beach, Fl . 32962
    Vero Beach, Fl. 32962

  274. Ooh Allison. Thank you so much for that info! I’m on my way…..

  275. Deanne
    This is NOT the pajamajeans site and you have just given everyone in the free world your address. Please don’t do that.

  276. bahhhhhhhhh, these are the biggest #### there has been advertised!!!
    poorly made, cut on a wrong angle so they fit not at all…
    No big wide waist band, just a little string run thru the waist area.

    they sag at the knee, stretch only lengthwise, get very baggy in the but and dont fit anywhere
    the way they should..
    WORST $40.00 I SPENT IN A VERY LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!

  277. I emailed use about a month ago I did not want a another pair of jeans for my wife.I need u to put my money back on my account.so u need to cancele this order.ASAP

  278. I also ordered TWO pajama jeans… actually ordered one, but there was a glilche in the system and you had to submit a second time and when I saw the price it was almost $100… but they looked good and came in my plus size..so I said, if they’re good then it’s worth it…. I was excited to get them… I received them 5 weeks later…. they are good when you first put them on and then they stretch…..and I mean stretch… if I don’t pull the string tight enough they can actually fall off after wearing a couple of hours… I also had to shorten them over ten inches… they are made for taller women and I am only 5’4″… I haven’t done the second pair yet… I may just give them to charity.. very disappointed here in Michigan… and the “free” t-shirt… I’m going to give to my 13 year old niece.. it will fit her.. if you got boobs forget about it….. you have to wear a long top to cover your stomach….. I would not recomment these to anyone. I feel like I’ve been ripped off of my $98+ hard earned money….

  279. Linda George says:

    i received a notice my jeans should have been here yesterday WHERE ARE THEY?????????

  280. Linda George says:

    want to cancel my order send me a confirmation

  281. Oh my gosh, I hope these comments are just jokes by clever readers. Otherwise the general public is even more stupid than I ever imagined. This would make me sad beyond words.

    I wish I knew whether to laugh or cry.

    Okay, I think I know. I just can’t bear to admit it fully.

  282. Also, please cancel my order and send me a full refund. 😉

  283. Has anyone received their order in a timely “fashion”? Anyone impressed with the customer service? For that kind of money, I am hopeful it doesn’t take 2 months to get a pair of pants and a too small T-shirt!

    Undecided in Arizona??

  284. Holy Cow! I wish I had read this BEFORE I ordered. I would like to sue this company for false
    advertisement!!! There has got to be a law for this. This is totally a scam and I want my money back NOW!!! That will probably take at least a year to get the money back too. DON’T ANYONE order these. Poor, Poor business management and cons!!

  285. i love my pajama jeans. they are so comfortable i could never take them off i want to buy more . i had to shorten them and taper them in to fit more like leggings but once done i want to wear every day. i stopped wearing jeans cuz they weren’t soft enough inside and these are a perfect solution.

  286. Well Pajama jeans are now sold at walmart and at walmart.com

  287. When you press #2 on the recording it finally gives you a customer service number
    which is wrong…it is Morgan Stanley and they are upset that everyone keeps calling
    them. I finally got the correct number for customer service from the operator chat.
    1-866-347-9047 Be prepared to hold for a while.

  288. Gailygail99 says:

    I ordered some from HSN (Home Shopping Network) and they should be here in the next day or two. About 5 days shipping total. I also know that if they dont fit I can easily return them and be credited back the full amount. I am hoping that they fit, they look so comfy! I wear an XL/XXL in Yoga Pants so I am hoping that the 1x that I ordered will work fine.

  289. This is not the pajama jeans website! This is just a blog!

  290. we're gonna get soccer moms that are gonna buy our product. Then ,we get bareback power bottoms that are gonna use our product

  291. I’m so glad I visited your site. Have drooled over these things for a while. Not gonna do it. Thanks

  292. My mom bought a pair, and they look very form-fitting (like stretch pants) and cost way too much, as far as I’m concerned. I’ll take a pass. I’d rather buy a pair of real stretch jeans. With the name of your blog, I’m floored that people are trying to change orders and passing out their home addresses.

  293. I’m glad for all the feedback. I bought pajama jeans at CVS today, but have not taken them out of the box. I will return them tomorrow. If not for you, I would have taken them out of the box and not been able to return them.

  294. So glad I could help Laura! I wish they were better. I put mine on for a photo yesterday and they are SO LOW I was hiking up my pants the entire time I was wearing them…ugh!

  295. I want to see them on you! I actually bought a pair very much like these at Maurices and I LOVE them! 🙂

  296. I don’t know what’s funnier – the post or the comment thread! :o)

  297. That was very rude. Didn’t your Mom and Dad teach you any manners?

  298. would be helpful if you told us exactly what the problem was…

  299. Ms Jeango says:

    Thank you all. I was going to order Pajamjeans; now I am not!

  300. I was going to buy pajama jeans and now that I’ve read all the comments…I’ve changed my mind. The comments where people thought they were canceling their order are hilarious. Thanks for making me smile!

  301. I bought a pair at a grocery store for $20. I love them so much, I have a hard time taking them off and I get a ton of compliments on them. I’ve ordered two pairs in black from pajamagram.com. One boot cut and the other skinny style. They also sell a light blue vintage style. I can’t wait to get my black pairs.

  302. Thanks so much, Allison! I called my local store here in the San Francisco, Ca area and they do have them. This is great. This way, if they don’t fit it won’t be hard to return them.

  303. Karen Wheeler says:

    I returned 4 pairs of Pajama Jeans for different sizes and have not received anything. I have written them three times to no avail or answer. What can I do?

  304. Becky,
    That wasn’t rude, the comment was dumb, this is a blog. You have a problem with the company about your order, call the company. Don’t get snappy at the blog.

  305. I wouldn’t get them. Maybe if you order them a size larger, but they will be a loose fitting jean.

  306. I have 2 pairs of Pajama Jeans! I love them! A few tips: Do not ever ever put them in the dryer. Use fabric softener in your washer and then hang them up to dry. They are just long enough for me (5’7″). They only have a one inch hem so letting the hem out is not really worth it. I bought mine on ebay for 29.99 ea. No tee shirt came with them. If you are short or petite, you could get away with putting them in the dryer. I believe they would shrink up a little. I just wear mine around the house and love them. They are very comfortable and I looked dressed (as opposed to wearing pajama pants). Also, wash them before wearing them; the blue dye got on my hands too. I washed with cold water and used fabric softener then hung up to dry.

  307. I know this is 10 months after your question, but I just discovered this blog searching for pajama jean knock offs. I was in a Burlington Coat Factory store this week (in PA) and I paid $ 9.99 per pair of “sleepy jeans”, nearly IDENTICAL to the pairs in the commercial. Even the same two choices, blue and black.

    VERY pleased with them for this price. I even bought some for my sister who bought the original and still loves her first pair. I heard CVS is now advertizing jean pajamas….I don’t know the price yet.

  308. A little rationality lifts the quality of the dtbeae here. Thanks for contributing!

  309. I don’t think I should buy a pair. Especially if my bottom is going to hang out. To bad. They sound so comfortable…. Thanks to all this feedback I won’t waste my time or money. Great blog.

  310. shelley farrell says:

    I LOVED THIS BLOG!!!! One of my very sophisticated friends on facebook, just remarked that she wants a pair of FUZZY PAJAMA JEANS! are you kidding me? xoxoxo

  311. Hello from Kiwi land!! This product has just crossed to the southern hemisphere (or rather I just noticed the add) and I saw them on the telly. Interested I immediately went online to check them out. Came across this blog and spent ages giggling at post and comments. Seriously would like to know how they fit a more bottomly lass (bless you for the photo Holly but the sight of your svelte leggy piccy was more than slightly demoralising for those of the shorter choccy biccy eating variely. Seriously 41??). Don’t know if distributor wil be a bit better here either. Thanks for the giggles everyone!

  312. I’ve been wanting a pair of these for so long, but now am puzzled. The results are in, but they are varied, arent’ they? Perhaps it’s just a matter of taste. I think I’ll go to Walmart and try them on first. Oh God, Walmart………..sigh.

    Love the blog, died laughing at some of the clueless posts!

  313. Elizabeth says:

    Want to find a pair to try on. A woman at work has them and loves them!!! I have to see for myself. Supposedly Target and Walmart has them in stores. I’ll be checking it out!!!

  314. Hope you are OK with a male response. I think the idea of very comfortable jeans for lounging are a great idea, even better if you can sleep in them in comfort and wear them to the store the next morning. I read of the problems with them such as low waist and am unsure how that would work with my 5′ wife with a big stomach. The knock-off version for men doesn’t even look like the pajama jeans and I wouldn’t wear something with fades and holes in public. The Pajama Jeans for women obviously are not made for a male’s anatomy so this is something that is unavailable for men who might like Pajama Jeans. Maybe a company will design a pajama jean for men that do not ride low on the waist and that would not be tight in the crotch. Wondering what other men think of the idea although I realize I’m posting to a mostly female group.

  315. Marjorie Walsh says:

    I have a pair of these – bought at WalMart – and love them. So, I decided to order a couple of pairs for my sister and sister-in-law. Quite naturally went to the official website of Pajamajeans. It is one of the worst websites I have ever used and inadvertently ended up with two pairs. Long story short, ordered the other pair I wanted from another website. Anyway, after Christmas, arranged to return the one pair I didn’t need. They don’t make that easy but what is worse is that the paperwork that came only showed the cost of the two pairs: $39.95 x 2 which I compute to be $79.90 but the total on the sheet showed $102.75. Called them today. There is a shipping and handling charge of $22.85 for both pairs!! This was not shown at the time of check out nor on the paperwork that arrived with the items.

    I love my jeans but would strongly suggest that you buy them from any other website, or a store that sells items “as seen on TV”, than this website.

  316. Diane Litts says:

    I L-O-V-E my PajamaJeans. I bought them at CVS Pharmacy. I am planning to get a second pair (and maybe a 3rd). I work from home, and need something that’s in between “work” and “lounge” wear. These fit the bill perfectly. My teenage daughter didn’t even know I wasn’t wearing “regular” jeans! I have worn them out shopping, walking the dogs, and I feel like I look the same as if I was wearing any of my other pairs of jeans.

    A few comments on fit. My actual size matched the packaging size. I have a pretty low waist – often have to buy “mid- or low-rise” just to get pants that sit at my actual waist. These fit perfectly, and none of my “parts” go on display when sitting or bending over. Haven’t had any trouble getting them over the hips either; I’ve got “normal” hips in relation to my waist. I am 5’8″ and the length is just fine for wearing with flat shoes or low heals (1 inch or less), which is what I wear anyway. My hubby did throw them in the dryer one time, and they did seem to “shorten” just a touch, but normally they get hung up to dry, and the length returned to normal after the next wash cycle.

  317. well after careful review i have come to the conclusion that many of you people are either retarded or just plain stupid this is not a pajama jeans company webpage it is only a blog page where you can tell others your story what idiots no wonder this world is going to hell in a handbasket

  318. me to wahhhhhhhhhh hun people are really that dumb lol

  319. I purchased sleepy jeans at burlington coat factory before christmas. I loved them so much I purchased (two) 2 pair, black and blue. They fit so well that I started telling everyone about them. However; burlington ran out and I cannot find them anywhere. I went to a department store and purchased a pair of pajama jeans for my sister. I am going to visit her next week and wanted to surprise her with a pair. They cost $39.00 hope they fit. To all of you that are purchasing via the internet try your local department store.

  320. Christine says:

    OMG I am so glad I found this blog. I was actually considering buying these until I read this and all the comments. I would just like to take a moment to thank the blogger and all the lovely people who took the time to provide feedback. Without you people like me might have wasted our hard earned money. To those who thought this was pajamajean.com…I want to thank you for making me laugh today and I am sorry you forgot what web address was in the bar above. 🙂

  321. My sentiments exactly- first belly laugh I’ve had in ages!

  322. Stephanie Eagle says:

    I have seen them on HSN for a size small for $19.99 no tee,walmart for $30.00 something no tee,I think I am going to get from walmart & just buy a tee or another shirt from a site I found that has $5.99 shirts & etc…Thanks

  323. I am going right over to Deanne’s house in Vero Beach, Fl.

  324. This is absolutely hilarious! Thank you for the evening laugh.
    Come on people, really?
    To each his own, but buyer beware.
    Go to Reitmans. They have their comfort fit line and you can try them on, get them right away and return them if you are not satisfied.
    One last comment. If you buy pants that fit properly,and you get this buy measuring properly, you will be comfortable and look great!

  325. marie rita godin says:

    i Thank God for people like you .a few minutes ago and maybe i was lucky for i am from Canada and the order did go through, now i am told i can get some by going on a site with the .ca for Canada of course .I maybe should not to search for them jeans or pajima at all??now i wonder at first when i saw it i though my dream come trough ,like i have said Thank GOD for people like you ….now i will await .and make a bad friend of mine buy them and i ,ll try them pajama jeans from her ..lol Well thats that for me .. wishfull faty women .hey i say it like it is ,,,,

  326. Kathy McCharen says:

    Exactly what did you say?

  327. Word of advice. Order with a debit card or credit card because if you don’t get your item, or you do and it’s of poor quality you can call your bank or credit card company. I would go more for the credit card companies because I have tried calling my bank and they use every excuse in the book not to get your bank account credited. Funny, they brag on working for the customer, but they don’t. Key Bank is good at not crediting you. Credit card companies are more willing than banks to work with you. But if anyone is leery of these pajama jeans or have gotten them and don’t like them, then call your credit card company if you can’t get a hold of the manufacturer of pajama jeans. You must make an attempt to contact pajama jeans or the cc won’t help you. Document all your phone conversations with customer service of pajama jeans. No documentation will get you no where. Document dates, times and the phone number you called. That is a major problem I see now days is that people do not document and then they have nothing to go on.

  328. Trish Be Me says:

    I’d say the “major problem” is that gullible people are far too willing to shell out hard-earned money for “As Advertised on TV!” crap that eventually winds up being sold for pennies on the dollar in bottom-tier discount joints. My daughter began asking for these things when she first saw the commercial. My response: “Do I LOOK STUPID???” I bought her some Danskin yoga pants for $16 and told her to suck it up. Her response: “Wow! Full-length Spanx! The junk in my trunk looks FABULOUS! I have a J-Lo butt! Thanks, Mom!” A mere $16 to make her comfortable – with a butt-lift and acknowledgement that “Mother ALWAYS knows best” bonus. Today, you’re ordering Pajama Jeans – and tomorrow it’s aerosol hair in a can. Step away from the television, Ladies. IT’S NOT YOUR FRIEND. Go visit Deanne in Vero Beach, Florida.

  329. We were planning to stock pajama jeans on our store.. would you recommend it?

  330. I received a pair last year for Christmas. I LOVE THEM! Haven’t had any issues with them.. fit great and they are available today at Walmart! No reason to wait weeks or months. Just look in the As Seen On TV section. Sorry you didn’t like yours, I think peoples bodies are just made different… mine just happens to fit nicely in my Pajama Jeans.. Good luck to the rest of you. And don’t wait, just go to Walmart.

  331. Reading the comments has been entertaining . I can’t believe these people can’t tell a blog from a company site & blog . Leaving addresses and damding to know where there orders are LAUGH OUT LOUD ! Just buy some yoga pants , forget the trash also known as pajama jeans .

  332. I bought mine at WalMart so I luckily didn’t have to deal with those horrible shipping issues. I didn’t like paying so much because when I have the time to try on a dozen pairs of jeans, I always have very good luck finding a great pair at the Goodwill or Sal Army for $10 or so. I’m not smug–it goes for a noble cause and not to companies who underpay Asian workers. And I wash and dry them thoroughly in the baking desert sun that sanitizes. Back to Pajama Jeans: I admit, they really work for me. They fit perfectly, I sleep in them on these cold winter nights, they make an ideal yoga pant, and I go into town wearing them to shop. A lot of ladies at my work dress down, but I don’t wear these or any jeans to work. I also like the pockets but wish the front were a little deeper to store my iPhone more safely. Lastly, I really like that they don’t show dirt. For that reason and the fact that I feel they’re a cold weather pant, I won’t be getting a white pair if that color is produced.

  333. Where can I buy pajama jeans in Canada can you tell me which out let sells them thank you

  334. Got mine @ CVS (along with my Genie Bra – which is the best bra EVER) for $20. Love my pajamas jeans! They are my favorite piece of clothing!

  335. Well I bought my pajama jeans today for just $9.99! Wahoo a bargain! After a little pulling, and sculpting I have fit my “out of work, gained 20 lbs from eating junk cuz I can’t find a decent job” belly, butt and thighs in to these pants and I gotta say I LOVE them. They are comfortable, stylish and make me look like I at least tried to get dressed for the day even if I did sleep in them the night before. Except for the fact that they have turned my hands, couch and anything else my lower half has come in contact, with a lovely shade of blue. I figure that I will wash them with any of my other old blue jeans just to give the rest of them a boost of blue and make ’em look like new too. However, Now that I am “hooked” on the style and comfort. I’m disappointed to know that should I desiire another pair to rotate in to my new “carefree” (= fat) wardrobe, I will have to pay a steep price in the name of this bliss. My “good deal” was just one pair in my size. Now that I desire more of the comfort of pajama jeans I will be at the mercy of any ebayer and distributor that wants to charge me $30+ for me to get my “fix”. All I can say is….darn you pajama jeans……I should have stuck to flannel.

  336. I bought a pair of pajama jeans and i am not happy with them cause they are too tight on the waist and too loose around the butt area i tried to take them back but i was in the hospital for 2 months now they said it’s too late to bring them back so i am stuck with a pair of pajama jeans that i can’t wear not very happy!

  337. I soooo want some of those! I would live in both my PJS and jeans if I could and this would solve the problem. Do you think they would deliver to Australia?

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