Just a roll of the dice

The boys were playing a dice game in the next room.

A very noisy game.

First the die was rolled.

This was followed by a pause, a loud gasp and then squealing.

The squealing went mobile when the running began.

The running continued until the roller caught up with one of his fleeing brothers.

Finally, some sort of tackling occurred with an escalation in squealing.

Each round of the game was the same.





Run and squeal.

Tackle and squeal.

It sounded like WAY too much fun.   I decided I would join the game.

My turn!

I rolled the die.


The boys gasped.

The boys squealed.

The boys ran and squealed.

I pursued, tackled and KISSED amid the squealing.


Yes, kissed….that was the roll of the die:

This die has really good odds for momshug me, squeeze me, hold me, kiss me, I love you.


  1. What a wonderful story (and great for blackmail when they start dating)!

  2. I think every mother should get this game for Mother’s Day and her kids get to play it with her! I loved the way you told your story.

  3. Great blog, and great dice too! No wonder they were squealing, brothers forced to hug by a roll of the die, it’s perfect.

  4. sadly my boys are old enough that “i’ll kiss you” is a threat now. and yes, i totally take advantage of that.

  5. lol at the blackmail comment. I bet college kids have different set of dice with the same concept.

    Anyway, nice post. The die is just wonderful.

  6. What other games did the boys find in Dad’s nightstand?

  7. How fun! I have a blank die that I will add some of my own things and start a game with my kids!

    Tickle Torture will definitely be on it!

  8. Oh, how fun! I LOVED this post. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by today. Looks like I’ve found a new blog to add to my reader!! YAY!

    Have a great week.


  9. Involuntary affection. Now that’s clever.

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