Blog Vacation July ’09

See ya later…

Blog Vacation

I am taking a little time off.


  1. Is it a staycation? I still keep trying to stalk you at Target. Just wanted to know if I could take a vacation from that.

    Have fun! Be safe! We’ll be starving by the time you get back.

    No pressure. E

  2. A whosie-what-what? Don’t tell me you’re too busy…I saw you taking pictures today for the blog! 🙂 And how am I supposed to keep up with what’s going on at the Cleaver household? Am I really suupposed to talk to the FRONT of the neighborhood to visit or something? Gah. The nerve. <:*)

  3. See you on the beach. I will have your margarita and sunscreen.

  4. Enjoy it 🙂 Just coming back from a bit of a hiatus over here!

  5. Great. This gives me more time to think up the perfect zinger to make peep of the week again!

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