Holly Plays The Grocery Game – Part One

Welcome to our newest REALITY CHECK series. I am going to play The Grocery Game.

The Grocery Game is a website that you join to get specific local information about coupons, specials and freebies at the grocery stores you frequent. It says that if you follow the instructions you can save a lot of money without spending a lot of time devoted to coupon clipping.

The Verdict?
Too early to tell.

The post-shopping Reality Report:

The Grocery Game website is a little awkward, but once I figured out a few things I was able to navigate it pretty easily.   I was surprised that when I entered my zip code a whole list of Flower Mound grocery and drug stores appeared.   From this list I chose the Highland Village Wal-Mart and the Flower Mound Kroger locations.   Once you choose the stores you want to follow the “rules” and shopping lists are available to print.

I will admit to being VERY FRUSTRATED that there were no coupons in the Sunday paper. Since it has been YEARS since I have clipped coupons I wondered if maybe the paper had discontinued them. I Googled and searched and tried to ask a question on The Grocery Game’s website (which was closed for Easter) and finally found the no holiday coupon clause on the actual shopping list. UGH.

There are pages and pages of reading on The Grocery Game website that I felt like I needed to review to get started. It is overwhelming at first. I kept thinking that they could give some instructions to ease beginners into the system. I may be a bit more clueless than their average mom in this area, but it does seem complicated.

I am going to keep an open mind since…I haven’t even gone shopping yet!

Next time: Shopping trip #1 without manufacturers coupons *sigh*…


  1. I have been doing The Grocery Game for about a year now and I LOVE IT!!! Those first few hurdles are awkward, but when you get a good system down for yourself, it goes fast and is unbelievable.

    I used to do about $125/week or so at the grocery store and now I barely do over $50-$75/week. Needless to say, this is massive savings and worth a little time to clip coupons.

    You can sign up for $1 trial for 4 weeks. HOWEVER, I recommend that you start buying Sunday papers and take out the coupon inserts for at least a couple weeks prior to that or you won’t have any coupons to use for your shopping trips!

    Another thing I like about it is that you end up buying things (and getting FREE things) that you wouldn’t normally ever get. For example, I don’t usually buy things like Toaster Struedel (sp?) or Totino’s Pizza Rolls. BUT when they are literally 30 cents, it’s fun to throw them in the mix!

    Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.


  2. But what kinds of things do you buy with The Grocery Game? When I see coupons, they’re not generally for healthy foods – they’re usually for crap that I don’t buy. So I’m wondering if people change their eating habits so they can save money with this Grocery Game, or if it’s for non-food items. Help?

  3. I’m so excited about this, Holly! There is nothing I love more than games and saving money, so this is just magical! I’m eager to see how this game unfolds…

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