GIVE AWAY – Custom Blanket/Pillow Set from Javis Davis


With the following comment:   “those are GORGEOUS fabrics & baby bedding sets! I ™m not expecting, but they make me wish I was so I could decorate a whole nursery around them! BUT ¦.I do have a sister-in-law that is prego and I ™d love to give her a special gift so I hope I win:

Ranae is the Javis Davis GIVE AWAY WINNER!

Congratulations…and thanks to all who entered.

Lee Ann will be contacting you soon on how you can choose from over 350 fabrics to customize your blanket and pillow set.

I am so excited that we are GIVING AWAY a fully customizable blanket/pillow set from Javis Davis valued at $67 to a reader!

If you have been following the “Three Little Girls” Design series that is currently running (Part I is here), you have seen the fun fabrics that were chosen for the room.   I searched high and low for something timeless, unique, and girly – but not too “little girly” and found it online at Javis Davis. All the pillows that were used in that room are custom pillows from Javis Davis website.   The fantastic fabrics I found there inspired the color scheme.

Recently I was surfing around the CONNECTS online social network and came across a new member, Lee Ann Saye.   On her personal page she listed her business as a Javis Davis Design Partner.   I was so excited because I LOVE the products, the ability to customize and the REASONABLE prices and now there is someone LOCAL that can help.

Here are some of the fun things that she has helped create:

Are you or someone you know looking for nursery or kid bedding?

Lantana resident and Javis Davis Design Partner Lee Ann Saye can help guide you through the process of creating unique, one of a kind bedding that reflects your individuality and style. Whether its crib bedding, kid bedding, pillows or window coverings, she has over 300 fabric samples on hand to help you create a custom look. Best of all, you will find it surprisingly affordable (crib sets from $330.00).

Give Lee Ann a call to schedule a free consultation:   214-802-8899

She can be reached by email:

Lee Ann has generously offered to GIVE AWAY a fully customizable blanket/pillow set like you see here! It has a value of $67.   It makes an AMAZING shower gift or can be used as a toddler’s nap set.   The fabrics are so comfy, you will want to keep it for yourself…

This contest is closed, but please contact Lee Ann for more information about her amazing customizable bedding options.


  1. Oh, how beautiful! The fabrics look great and so unique! I would love to win this to give as a shower gift…but I don’t know that anyone would be able to pry it out of my hands because I’d want to wrap up my own baby in it!

  2. Dawn Shaw says:

    I’d like to enter! My baby is due soon, and I would love to have a beautiful nap set like this for my little one. Thanks for posting this opportunity!

  3. Those are beautiful! What a great give-a-way!

  4. Yes, what a great giveaway. Great fabrics!

  5. Candy Moltz says:

    Wow, I have friends and family expecting their ‘first’. These are adorable and I would love to win for friends and family. I like the unique look of the coordinating fabrics! The pinks/greens are great as are the greens/blues.

  6. I would love to win this bedding! It would make the perfect gift for someone who has already picked it out for their little one.

  7. Jeanette C. Millar, aka, GiGi says:

    I can hardly wait to hold our grandbaby. What a wonderful gift this would be for everyone! GiGi

  8. Shannon Kutcher says:

    Great giveaway. Everything is so beautiful

  9. Justine Kuiper says:

    Awesome! Love the fabrics. Hope I’m a WINNER!!!

  10. Heather Eckels says:

    What darling bedding and blankets! I love it!

  11. Beautiful bedding! Would love to win this for my grandbaby, due in Sept.

  12. those are GORGEOUS fabrics & baby bedding sets! I’m not expecting, but they make me wish I was so I could decorate a whole nursery around them! BUT….I do have a sister-in-law that is prego and I’d love to give her a special gift so I hope I win 🙂

  13. Aysim Foreman says:

    They are adorable!

  14. Andreana T says:

    I just looked around the site and I love the fabrics! I may be in trouble when it’s time for my little one’s big girl room!! Beautiful!

  15. They are beautiful!! It will make a great nap set for my 3 year old boy!!

  16. Shanna Pry says:

    I love everything Javis Davis has to offer. I am going to decorate my grandchildren’s nursery with everything Javis Davis!

  17. Tina Jasinski says:

    I love the blanket/pillow set. They are so unique and classy. It would be great winning the set to use as a shower gift or for my grandchildren to nap on.

  18. Kayla Hernandez says:

    i always make sure that my baby bedding does not have any dust mites on it`’:

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