Yesterday we went to a 6 year old’s birthday party at the local fire station.

During the festivities a group picture was taken in front of the fire engine with the three firefighters and 12 kids.   I took 6 photos during this photo shoot and have cropped out everyone EXCEPT my 7 year old, Reid…

Yep, MY kid is THAT kid.

But it wasn’t just Reid that made an impression on the party goers, I had my moment too.

During the fire station tour, one of the fire fighters pointed to a very large map on the wall that showed all the territory covered by the station.   He asked for someone to tell them their address so he could point it out on the map for the kids.

I volunteered our address followed by “you guys have been there”.

He looked up and studied me for a moment and said, “Oh, yes.   I remember.   Didn’t one of your boys split his head open?”

I nodded.   I was impressed that he remembered the incident a year and 1/2 later.

Someone from the group asked if that was the ONLY time that the fire department had been called to my house.


Uh, no.   They have been there three times.

That statement was followed by an audible gasp from the attending parents.



Right before we left, the fire fighters were called out on an emergency.   They headed out of the station with the lights flashing and the sirens blaring and turned left.

I doubt I was the only one with the fleeting thought that they might be headed to my house for the fourth time…


  1. We always took our emergencies on the road.

    Anything short of decapitation had us bleeding in the back of the car (which, at one point was a two seater Triumph) to head off the emergency room.

    I never had the medical care come to ME.

    Hmmph. I think I shall sit here and stew in indignance. (Which WP is telling me isn’t a word, but it so totally is.)

  2. If your fireman are as sweet looking as our local bravest, you shouldn’t mind them showing up regularly.

  3. That second to last shot is totally Christmas card worthy – work. it.

    Those are my favorite birthday parties. Mama always volunteers to take the invited boy, which has nothing to do with the men in uniform. Nothing at all.


  4. LOL! My boys are that kid all the time in group photos. We’ve had the ambulance out here twice but (once for me, once for DS2) not the fire department yet.

  5. Now, while I have not had firemen to our house-yet-I cast no stones at anyone who has! As another mother of 3 sons (and a girl), I completely understand!!!

  6. I’m laughing like crazy that one of the shots is of the BACK of his head! HA HA HA!!

  7. THREE BOYS?!? You should get an award for that.

  8. although i have never had to call the fire department to our house there have been plenty of times when my kids seemed to think that it was necessary — like when they would stub their toe or skin their knee.

  9. It doesn’t even get better with grown boys. Last year the firemen came to my son’s address when he tried out flambé on his new electric range, before installing the new matching rangehood in the open insulation laden ceiling. Boy, that insulation works much like a barbecue starter.

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