i went to the roller derby

One of the things that is great about having fun friends is the unusual entertainment opportunities that arise.

A few weeks ago I received an email from a friend that invited us to go with him and his wife to the roller derby:

We could pack some drink/food/appetizers and drink/eat before and during the event. It would be just like a picnic but without trees, sunshine & fresh air.

Of course we were in.

Who can pass up a good picnic without trees, sunshine & fresh air?

Turns out that we weren’t the only friends that couldn’t pass it up…there were 10 of us headed to the Assassination City Roller Derby last Saturday night.

I knew this wasn’t a normal sporting event when we stopped by the ladies’ room on the way in:

And they did.

There was also a lot of athletic primping before and after each match.

My favorite part was the skater’s names and numbers:

Daisy Shoots 0.357

Stone Cold Jane Austen 3:16

Eve L. Genius IQ 200

Maulder and Skully Area 51

Claire Voyant 1-900

I might have to join the roller derby just to get a cool name.

We saw two battles – Deadly Kennedys vs. Viva La Revolucion! (see, even their team name has excessive punctuation…awesome) & Bombshell Brigade vs. Lone Star Assassins.

The action was pretty fast and furious.   It didn’t take too long to catch on to the scoring and I was amazed at how long each game lasts – 1 hour.   That is a lot of skating in a skimpy costume.

Who knew that fishnet stockings could withstand that type of abuse?

The last bout came down to the last seconds.   The Lone Star Assassins and the Bombshell Brigade were tied at 112 with less than 10 seconds to go.

There was a lot of cheering, shouting and knocking down of beer pyramids.

Not every sport has that either.

All in all it was a really fun night.   The people watching was at a premium.   Even the mascot was unusual – he was on stilts and leaned over for this picture:

He was even more frightening close up…


  1. It looks like you had fun! One of my co-workers is on a local roller derby team too, but I don’t know which one. I would totally do it — if I could skate. 😉

  2. Fishnet stockings, beer pyramids, and a mascot on stilts? Sounds like fun 😉

  3. What a hoot! We just watched Whip It a couple of weeks ago and I LOVED it!

  4. i’m at a loss for words. why is that? why were we not roller derbying in college. we could have worn buckets on our heads……

  5. That is all kinds of awesome, from the email invite to the players’ names to the mascot. I need to find a roller derby near us!

  6. We have roller derby by us! It is so much fun to attend! Go Murder Beach Militia

  7. There was a derby over here a few weeks ago. We almost went.

    I think we ended up at a movie instead.

    How lame of us.

    Next time we’ll go to the roller derby.

  8. Carrie McG says:

    Who says you have to skate to have roller derby names,,,we all need an alias!

  9. Roller derby is great! I always get so belligerent and my friends end up taking giant steps away from me.

    I’m glad you went and had a good time!

  10. Have ya been back to see more derby? I am crazy about it myself. Decided at 30 something I was gonna go for it. My husband is currently deployed and I am left with our 5 kids and am sooooo glad I did! It is gonna keep me sane, for sure.

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