heres hoping that distance helps the heart

I just dropped off a 2nd grader and a 4th grader for the first day of school.

It was time.

This was the first time that I considered NOT walking them in on the first day.

They know more about what goes on at school than I do.

I ended up walking in with them because they asked.   We walked in together and I got dumped in the lobby.   I walked down to each room to make sure they made it.

They did.

Coming back to a quiet house is a big sigh of relief.   Over the last few weeks there has been a pestering escalation that has risen to intolerable level.

The poking.

The hitting.

The screaming.

I could tolerate the poking and the hitting if it weren’t accompanied by the screaming.

My theory is that they have just spent too much time together this summer.

It is time for a change.

Oh sweet, sweet school to the rescue.   Surely 8 hours of separation can only help the situation.

Maybe they will even miss each other…

A mom can always dream.


  1. Ha ha- those are some serious roller backpacks- at first, I thought they were lawn mowers! Mine goes back to school after Labor Day and will have only been home for three weeks, but I am counting the days.

  2. –>The haircuts look good. At least when they get older they’ll have something in common – – making fun of their parents!

  3. I have the same dream. I’m so over the poking & hitting that has become so prevalent it’s actually just the default response to proactively bump into your brother before he can bump into you & then hit him for bumping you & then yell when he hits back & then scream MOOOOMMM! when he yells back.

  4. Holly I could not have said it better myself! The house was so peaceful and quiet and I loved it!!

  5. I don’t know how we moms are expected to drop off at school every year for 12 years. Today nearly did me in and I’m only at 1st and preK! Hope they had great days.

  6. I love the peaceful house, the return to a schedule, but I do not love the homework! the papers that need signing! the homework. Sorry, I especially hate the homework. I love the back to school shopping because I’m a total sucker for school supplies and the smell of freshly sharpened pencils.

    Love the cute pictures of your guys and their heavy duty rollerpacks!

  7. Oh, it’s the screaming that gets to me, too. If I wouldn’t go to jail for it, I would LOVE to call EMS just once and tell the boys “What? When I heard you screaming like that, I assumed that you were either on fire or hemorrhaging and so I called an ambulance!” But I’d have to put on make-up for the mug-shot and it’s not worth THAT much effort.

    Thank goodness for school!

  8. yep. this year I actually sent my kids on the bus on the first day of school. I *DID* walk them to the bus stop, but didn’t take them to school. it’s strangely… relieving.

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