Losing It Tip 5: Snack Healthy

tip 5 by jamie anneYour metabolism will work for you rather than against you if you keep your stomach working all day. This is part of the reason that drinking water throughout your day is so important. It helps you feel more full, and it gives your stomach a little reminder that it has work to do. Add some snacks on top of that, and you are on your way to a healthier body weight. Here are your snack healthy starter tips.

Snacking Healthy Tip 1: Know Your Cravings

We each have different cravings. I, for example, do not have much of a sweet tooth, but I love salt and I crave crunchy. I cannot change that craving, but I can work with it in a healthy way by recognizing it and giving value to it. If you are a chocoholic and decide that the best thing you can do is just stop eating chocolate cold-turkey, how long do you think that lifestyle change will actually last? Not long, right? You are much better off acknowledging that cravings and then learning to work with them. Carrots and pretzels are two of my go-to snacks of choice. The pretzels give me a salty crunch, and the carrots give me a cold crunch. Another great option are Luna bars. These ready-to-eat snack bars are packed full of vitamins and minerals that women need, and the variety will make you feel good about snacking.

Snacking Healthy Tip 2: Plan To Eat

Plan snack breaks into your day. Having a snack break mid-morning and another mid-afternoon does not mean you are cheating. In fact, having healthy food choices will actually work for you rather than against you. Eating throughout your day rather than gorging yourself on two or three large meals will help your metabolism keep working and therefore allowing you to burn more calories. Plan for snacks like you plan for carpool, laundry, and other to-dos. Set an alarm for yourself if you have to.

Snacking Healthy Tip 3: Know Your Portions

Just because you are encouraged to enjoy a mid-afternoon snack does not mean you should hit the vending machine at 2:00 PM or grab a bag of Cheetohs at the gas station. Know what a proper portion of a snack looks like and bring it with you as you go to work, run errands, or do the after-school chores. If you find yourself hungry and unprepared, that is when you are most likely to make a regrettable decision. Put some nutrition bars in your car, throw a pre-measured baggie of almonds in your purse, or toss an apple in your car. If a healthy choice is easier to make than going out of your way to purchase or make an unhealthy one, you are setting yourself up for success.

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