Rangers Going to World Series

My husband had been to several of the ALCS games and had tickets for Saturday’s game. He threatened to NOT take me because the game I went to last year did not turn out in the Ranger’s favor. It took much convincing that I was not the reason for the Ranger’s loss last year. Thankfully I am persuasive and we headed to the ballpark…

Holly at ALCS before game startsThe weather was absolutely perfect. We settled into our seats above 1st base and people watched for hours.

Just the people watching is worth the price of admission.

The game started and we held our breath until the third inning. From the third inning on we screamed. And screamed. And screamed.

It was crazy. The crowd was excited. The players were excited. Everyone was waiting for the end.

Whoo hoo.




alcs celebration confettiScreaming.



alcs ranger celebrationThe entire evening was perfect.


I didn’t even mind the fact that my ears rang for 24 hours following the game like I had been at a concert!

Go Rangers.

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  1. I am impressed with your steady hand in the video. I always get to distracted.

  2. I am impressed with your steady hand in the video. I always get too distracted. Was that your iphone you filmed with?

  3. The kindergartners and first graders came out of our elementary school yesterday chanting “Let’s go Rangers – Let’s go!” Cutest thing ever!

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