1. The Closer – This is hands down my favorite show.   It has intelligent people acting intelligently.   It also has a strong quirky factor which I can appreciate.
  2. Project Runway – This is reality TV at its best.   A simple challenge, process, drama and conclusion all within an hour.   Since the finished product is on display for all to see, it is fun to judge at home and see if the real judges agree.
  3. Top Chef – I am amazed how addicting this show is even though I can’t taste the food.   I can’t cook, but I have a huge appreciation for those who can.
  4. Psych – I recently started watching this show and I find myself giggling through the whole episode.   It is kitschy, silly and over-the-top.
  5. Glee – I might just break into a musical number thinking about how much fun it is to watch this show.
What is on YOUR TiVo?

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  1. I love Project Runway and Top Chef. We record Deadliest Catch, Man v. Food, and I guess we will start recording Mad Men while we watch the first two seasons. During the fall and spring we watch Biggest Loser and the Office and Community.

  2. Isn’t Glee like the most awesomest show EVER?! I have to sit on my hands every time I talk about it to prevent them from erupting into full fledged jazz hands. Know what I mean?

    I also recently discovered Wipeout and just can’t seem to get enough of watching people bite the dust on a regular basis. Wipeout, indeed!


  3. ok I love Top Chef, also crazily enough Work of Art on Bravo. I really love the new shows on TNT – leverage, royal pains, and the new one with the girl from coyote ugly (shows name escapes me at the moment) I also LOVE Toddlers and Tiaras – I just can’t help myself – that one is for sure my guilty pleasure 🙂 oh and of course glee – hmmmmm I need to start watching some shows! My tivo is too ful!


  4. So many of mine are listed, but here’s the lowdown:

    If you have a teen:
    Lie to Me {should be required watching}

    When you’re feeling vulnerable:
    Covert Affairs, Rizzoli & Isles, Fringe or The Good Wife

    When you want a good laugh:
    How I Met Your Mother

    When you’re in the mood for awesome plots/twists:

    When you want to feel better about our society:
    Undercover Boss

    That’s all I can think of for now … happy watching!!!

    PS ~ hubby makes me watch all the cooking shows, but I can still burn water … so apparently those are lost on me {grin}

  5. I don’t have a tivo, but if I did, my no. one pick is………. Damages. Um helloooooooooo can’t believe no one else has that listed! I’m upset for Glenn Close now.
    Here’s my list:
    Damages (did I already mention?)
    Modern Family
    most cooking shows – Jamie Oliver, the F word (but not Hell’s Kitchen, don’t like it when Ramsey calls women donkeys)
    most home reno shows
    Two and a Half Men