Catch a Dollar {Easy April Fools Prank for Kids}

 Catch a dollar…if you can!  

This easy prank for kids is fun for the whole family.  

We at Kids Activities Blog hope you have a fun and memorable April Fools Day with your family.

Fishing dollar prank for kids - shown is the three steps for kids to pull this prank on a sibling or parent 1. Tape dollar to thread 2. Place dollar strategically 3. Pull string
This easy April Fools prank is perfect for pulling on a sibling or parent!

Catch a Dollar Prank

Catch a dollar is a classic prank that kids just love.  It is perfect for April Fools day or any time you want to add a little silliness to the day.

Supplies Needed for Prank

  • Dollar bill
  • Fishing pole with line (hooks removed!) – or a homemade fishing pole created with some light colored thread
  • Tape

How to Do This Easy Prank

Step 1

Start by taping the dollar bill to the end of the fishing line.

Step 2

Place the dollar bill in an open area.

Pull out enough fishing line to allow the bill to stay put while you to take the rod to a nearby hiding place like some bushes if you are doing this outside (camouflage shirt is optional).  

Prank tip:  Extra slack in the line can cause the prank to fail so keep the line a little tight once you get settled into your hiding spot.

Step 3

When your little sister walks up and sees the dollar bill lying on the ground, of course she is going to bend over to pick it up…

That’s when you make your move!  Before she grabs the dollar bill, reel the fishing line in just enough to pull the dollar bill out of her reach.

Step 4

She’ll probably think the wind just blew it out of her grasp so she’ll try to pick it up again…

Reel the line in a little more to snatch it away from her reach.

Dollar prank for kids - little girl chasing the dollar bill which looks like it is flying in the wind
If done right, this prank results in a dollar bill chase!

Step 5

Try not to giggle to give yourself away!

Easy April Fools Pranks for Kids

This April Fools prank drove my kids crazy!  My son loved being the sneaky one hiding in the bushes and my daughter was cackling with laughter at the silly dollar bill that appeared to keep running away from her!

My kids had so much fun with it that they played it over and over again out in the open just to see if they could keep the dollar bill away from each other.

Have you ever played the Catch a Dollar prank? Did you know you Can You Catch a Dollar with a Magnet?

lots of pranks for kids - April fools pranks for the entire family - 8 practical jokes shown
April Fools Pranks are so fun to play!


It doesn’t have to be April Fool’s Day to enjoy pranks for kids! Here are some of other of our favorite ideas for practical jokes. What is your favorite prank for kids?  We think you’ll laugh at these fun ideas:

What Fun April Fools Day Pranks have you tried on your kids? Comment below! 


  1. Susan Call Hutchison says:

    Nice. It’s fun PRANK in an active, exciting way. Great way to keep the game going!

  2. Howdy! This prank make me laugh! Going through this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He always was pranking us like this. I will forward this information to him. Pretty sure he’s going
    to have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This was a simple joke to play idea. I appreciate you spending some time and energy to put this article together. I once again find myself here at Kids Activities Blog spending way too much time both reading and leaving comments, but it time well spent. Thanks for the prank ideas! My kids are going to love them.

  4. I am SO immature! I LOVE April Fool’s Day and I pull all sorts of fun pranks on my family and co-workers. Some of my favorites are tying everyone’s shoes together, switching the cereal bags (so you go to pour Cheerios and Froot Loops come out), and tying my son’s backpack to something heavy like a bowling bag – he tries to grab it as he’s running out of the door and gets pulled up short! Now I have to go and do a post on April Fools ideas! Stopping by from Real Housewives of Riverton.

  5. This is a great innocent prank for April Fools day. Thanks for sharing! I’m glad you shared this with us at the Weekend Wind-Down party. Be sure to link back to us so you can be featured!

  6. How fun! My ten year old son would love this prank!

  7. This is so fun! We are featuring you on this weeks Tell Me About It Tuesday! Thanks for linking up!

  8. I remember doing this in my own childhood (with Soviet roubles, of course :)) Obviously, this prank is very international!

  9. Hugo McKelvy says:

    Cute prank! What fun, what have you found to be the results after the joke is played?

  10. Terri Crowley says:

    Hi there! Do you use Twitter? I would like to follow you if that would be okay – certainly loving your blog and look ahead to completely new posts. Thought this prank was a cute idea.

  11. Silvana Silman says:

    You have brought up a very excellent prank, appreciate the post.

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