25 {YUMMY} St Patricks Day Recipes

We did all the hard work for you and found 25 Yummy St Patricks Day Recipes that kids will love!

Here are some fun to make and eat this St. Patrick’s Day. We’ve found yummy meal ideas, snacks, desserts, and drinks that will help you keep the luck of the Irish on your side.

st patricks day recipes

St. Patrick’s Day Food Ideas

Celebrate St. Patrick’s day with traditional Irish foods and some less than traditional foods that are still green or rainbow and festive!

I’m sure each of these recipes will be a hit. There is something for everyone may it be savory or sweet!

25 St. Patrick’s Meal Ideas

St. Patricks day food ideas with stew, hand pies, green velvet cake, and oreo bark.

Irish Stew Slow Cooker Recipe

This Irish stew slow cooker recipe is so yummy! My kids love it. It is one of my favorite St. Patrick’s day dinner ideas because it is so filling and hearty.

Shamrock Soup

Try out this delicious St Patricks day soup recipe! My kids call it Shamrock soup even though there are no shamrocks in it. Just the bread on top looks like a shamrock! via Apron Strings

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast Recipes

Make your morning festive with this easy St. Patrick’s day breakfast recipes. These green peppers and eggs are absolutely delicious. I don’t know what it is about green peppers, but they go well with eggs. via Reluctant Entertainment

Mini Shepherds Pie

If you’re wondering what to make for dinner on St. Patrick’s day, here is a cool mini shepherds pie for St Patricks day! via Cupcakes and Kale Chips

Green Cinnamon Rolls

Looking for a fun St. Patrick’s day breakfast recipe? Then you’ll love these green cinnamon rolls! They’re sweet, full of cinnamon, covered in green icing with gold sprinkles! How fun!

Irish Potatoes

This Irish potato bites snack is perfect for the kids and are honestly my favorite. I could eat these everyday! If you use small red potatoes these can quickly turn into a great St. Patrick’s day snack idea or an appetizer. via Home Made Interest

St. Patrick’s Day Pie

Your family will love this St. Patrick’s Day pie! It tastes just like a shamrock shake, yum! via Simple Joy

Traditional Irish Soda Bread

No St. Patrick’s Day meal is complete without Traditional Irish Soda Bread. It’s so easy to make, and making it with your family makes it 100% better!

Easy st. patrick's day recipes with green velvet cupcakes, green jello, green shamrock shake, green shamrock rice krispy treats.

Avocado Devilled Eggs

Avocado devilled eggs are green and delicious! This is a healthy St. Patrick’s day recipe your kids will love! via This Mama Cooks

Authentic Irish Recipes

I love authentic Irish recipes! Here is a great Irish colcannon recipe for the family! via Fusion Craftiness

Slow Cooker Cabbage And Potatoes

Slow cooker cabbage and potatoes is one of my favorite St. Patty’s day dinner recipes. My family and I actually eat this all throughout winter we love it so much.

Non Alcoholic St. Patrick’s Day Drinks

It’s kind of hard to find non alcoholic St. Patrick’s drinks. But this one is inspired by the familiar Shamrock Shake, try out our St. Patrick’s Day Shake.

Irish Cream Cake

This Irish cream cheese cake is great for a St Patricks day dessert! I have made this a few times and I can honestly say it is divine! via Gonna Want Seconds

Green Punch Recipe

Wash down all the St Patricks day food with this great St Patricks day green punch recipe. It is sweet, tangy, and fizzy! via The Spring Mount 6 Pack

Lime Sherbet Float

I’m not sure if this lime sherbet float is a drink or dessert. Either way it is delicious! It is one of our favorite St. Patty’s day drinks! via Home Cooking Memories

Andes Chocolate Brownies

I love chocolate and mint! It is such a good combo. I am super excited to try this minty green St Patricks day Andes Chocolate brownies! via Chef Savvy

St. Patrick's day food ideas with green brownie trifle, avocado devilled eggs, soda muffins, and mini shepherds pie.

Green Jello Parfait

This great St. Patrick’s day green jello parfait is easy to make and delicious! It is also a healthy St. Patrick’s day snack for kids because Jello is low calories and low sugar! via Life Love Liz

St. Patrick’s Day Trifle

This St Patricks day trifle is tasty and family friendly! Everyone will love it with it’s brownies, mint Oreos, vanilla pudding, and whipped cream. Yummy! via The Cookin Chicks

St. Patrick’s Snacks For Preschoolers

Looking for St. Patrick’s snacks for preschoolers? Here is a St Patricks rice crispy treat shamrock snack your kids are sure to love! They look like shamrocks and are green, how cute. via I Heart Naptime

St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

These St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes are amazing! But I love any colored velvet cake. You’ll want to try this green velvet St Patricks day cake recipe, I promise! via Garnish and Glaze

Irish Pastries

Make these Irish Pastries for a St Patricks day meal! This is one of my favorite St. Patty’s meal ideas. It is easy to make, cheap, and full of potato and sausage goodness! via Frugal Foodie Mama

Green Smoothie Recipe

Celebrate St. Patrick day with this green smoothie recipe. Before you wince, this is one of the better green smoothie recipes I’ve tried. It’s sweet, fruit, rich, and doesn’t just taste like vegetables. Who says you can’t be healthy on St. Patrick’s day? via Simply Recipes

Healthy St. Patty’s Day Snacks

This is a great healthy St. Patty’s day snack for you and your family! Enjoy all the green fruit like apples, melon, grapes, kiwi, and more! via Creative Juice

Irish Soda Muffins

Check out this Irish soda muffins recipe for St Patrick day! They’re so good and go with so many different things or you can eat them on their own. via The Gingham Apron

St. Patrick’s Day Bark

Here is another yummy St Patricks day treat for the kids and family! This St. Patrick’s day bark full of white chocolate, shamrock sprinkles, and mint Oreos! is via Frugal Mom Eh!

More St. Patrick’s Day Recipes, Activities, and more!

rainbow cupcakes

Also be sure to check out our Over 100 St Patricks Day Crafts and Activities. So many St. Patrick’s Day ideas!

What are some of your favorite St Patricks Day recipes?

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