soapWith the following ingredients you can make your own soap!   It was pretty inexpensive and I used them as gifts throughout the year.   It took a couple of hours and a place to let the soap sit undisturbed for a few weeks – so make it in advance. This recipe makes a TON of soap – but it keeps for a long time. ….. Ingredients Needed:
  • Crisco – Big 3lb Can
  • Olive oil – 2 liters
  • Canola Oil – 16 oz bottle
  • Pure Sodium Hydroxcide (lye) – 16-18oz – We found ours at Lowes in the drain cleaning area.
  • Smelly Stuff – can be essential oils, cloves, etc.   Whatever you use it has to have a VERY strong smell – use lots of it.
  • Exfoliating stuff – oatmeal, coarse sugar, dried flowers, coffee -whatever.
….. Here are some really easy directions. The only hard part for us was knowing when we reached a “trace” .   I had to double the time mixing in order to gain the “trace” consistency.     Hope you have fun making soap. This post contains affiliate/distributor links that support Kids Activities Blog. ….. Oh, and this is NOT an activity to do with young children as the lye can burn you.

New to Essential Oils?

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  1. Not for little ones. You’re right. My little girl thought I was making something tasty so she took a lick off the spatula. It took some of the skin off her tongue. 🙁 We had her drink lots of water and all was fine, thankfully.