Monday morning potluck…act natural!

*Please, please act normal when you enter. DO NOT mention what went down here two days ago. I am going to carry on as if nothing happened. You know how Mondays can get…*
Happy Monday. You know what that means…(electronic drum roll from Rock Band creating oodles of points needed to unlock better songs)…POTLUCK! Yeah! Today I am contributing Herb Sliders featured on this week’s menu plan at Blissfully Domestic. I am on my way to Target to get the supplies and if the kids all take 4 hour naps this afternoon I might be able to pull this off. The 4 hour time frame is in no way a reflection of the recipe author, it is more about user error. I love the IDEA of cooking, it is the EXOCUTION that worries me. The word “exocution” is a perfect fit in that sentence. So, if you are hungry now and need snacks there are a few leftover goldfi…shhhhhh.

There are several handwritten home made signs on posts (the kind that you would see for garage sale advertisement) at busy intersections nearby that read “2 Cool 4 Skool Home Daycare” followed by a phone number that is a cell number. Let me just make these bold statements: If you are selecting your child’s daycare off of homemade signs sporting cell numbers at busy intersections, childcare may be the least of your problems. And to the “2 Cool” people…LOOK UP! There is a Kinkos right there! Go get a real sign!

This made me laugh very hard from Watch Me Christine. Which brings up the fancy new widget I am displaying to the right. It is my top ten most favoite recent posts and it is updated minutely regularly. Most these things are very, very funny because really, who can’t use a good chuckle? So if you are bored and looking for a laugh, I have done all the work for you and searched out the most current giggles off my reader.

Speaking of work, my blogroll is currently under construction because it was the blogroll I designed when I had one non-relative reader. Please be distracted by the fancy new widget!

Thanks to Frog Ponds Rock for this sweet bouquet. I love visiting her site for the scenery. It is like a mini vacation.I would like to pass it on to everyone who made a comment on this post. I nearly fainted dead away…47 people! Thank you soooooo much. You have no idea how cool that is (Ok, some of you know how cool that is on a regular basis, but not me). And, if you go comment now to put me over 50 there is a bouquet of flowers in it for ya (is that too greedy?) So here I am again exceeding my blog spending limit, but no one carted me off to blogjail last time…can I say repeat offender? Someone should really write a manual so I know the rules.


  1. Slow Panic says:

    you are a completely out of control crazy blogger….. i love it.

  2. Happy Campers says:

    Yay for PotLuck Monday! 🙂 What time can we come over for burgers? They sound delish!

  3. Burgh Baby's Mom says:


  4. A Mom Two Boys says:

    You’re too funny.

    And my sister was all “I had NO IDEA that June Cleaver Nirvana had that many readers!” And I was all “I KNOW! Isn’t that AWESOME?” with only a little teeny tiny pang of jealousy that was audible to humans.

    I’m glad I’m not your only Non-relative reader anymore!

  5. jennifer h says:

    47 comments! You rock, girl. (Okay, I’m the tiniest bit envious…but in a totally supportive way!)

    I’m so thrilled you put me in your funny posts list! You’re awesome. Thank you, queen of the widgets. (I have much to learn)

    Seriously, who would trust their kids to a daycare that has a sign like that? ‘Cause they’re great at spelling?

  6. Holly–thanks so much for mentioning me 🙂
    The burgers sound yummy and I love the website–I am always looking for something new to cook.
    47 comments!!! You are now a legend 😉

  7. Crap–once again Mike was ME–I really need to start a fund raiser to get him his own MAC (he has a PC but he says mine is easier)

  8. Oh lordie.

    Anyhoo, I’ve tagged you and given you a gift. Come by when you can.

  9. You are a complete goof and i adore ya 🙂
    I’ll be in blogjail with you, no worries.
    off to look at your new little widget. fun stuff!

  10. Tootsie Farklepants says:

    The scary thing is, people are taking their kids to these daycares.

    Awesome job on the comments lady!!

  11. Thanks for the tips on not choosing my new daycare off of road signs. And LOVE the new top ten favorite blog posts you’ve read lately. Very cool! Someday I will live up to your planning meals ahead…

  12. Happy Campers says:

    I love the new “favorite article” sidebar thingy too! The Q-tip article was hillarious…I’m off to read more 🙂

  13. hilarious. take pix of dinner!

  14. Jerseygirl89 says:

    I love the new widget! You are very cool. And kudos on 47 freakin comments!

  15. Yeah, I’d like a copy of that manual too…’cause I’m pretty sure I’ve broken most all of the rules.


  16. Oooh, I like the new widget too. Next time I have time to blog-hop, I’ll just hop over here. Good thinkin.

  17. Congrats on the award!! ANd, thanks for putting me on your funny posts list – WOW, I am so honored – this coming from you!! I need me one of those lists in my sidebar – great idea. Thanks – have a good Tuesday – see you soon. Kellan

  18. frog ponds rock... says:

    hehehehe I went over to comment but you had 52 comments Woot!!! so sad little cup-cake inventor that I am , I didn’t bother..

    cheers Kim 🙂

  19. Hey there..thank you for the link on that new widget ; )! I’ve just plopped you into my reader. Plop is an awful word–sorry–I’ve placed you there. Gingerly.

  20. Your blog rocks, I am so glad I found you!

  21. thank you so much

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