i bought WOW storage containers

First it was Pajama Jeans and then this…WOW Containers.

Next thing you know I will be growing upside-down tomatoes on my back patio.

I can’t help it.

I am rendered powerless against the infomercial…actually, I can pass up these things until my husband starts in with his infomercial peer pressure.

Buy it!

So, here is the WOW Storage Container commercial:

See…the idea is really quite genius.

The container is a lid!

The lid is a container!


My first step in acquiring these amazing life-changing containers was to order them online.

40 for $19.95 – WOW.

I pressed the BUY button and dreamed of how much better my life would be in 8-10 business days when…

WAIT! I had been “approved” for an ADDITIONAL set of WOW containers for ONLY $19.95!

huh? Didn’t I just BUY one set for that?   I pushed the very tiny NO THANKS button.

WAIT! I had been “approved” for an ADDITIONAL set of WOW containers for ONLY $14.95!

huh? Didn’t I just BUY one set for $19.95?   I pushed the very tiny NO THANKS button.

WAIT! I had been “approved” for an ADDITIONAL set of WOW containers for ONLY $9.95!

huh? I began to get the feeling that if I just kept pushing the very tiny NO THANKS button WOW would soon be paying me to take these containers off their hands.

$9.95 WITHOUT SHIPPING was the next offer which was followed by various offers of other products that also appear on TV.

*No thanks*

*No thanks*

*No thanks*

Finally, my purchase was completed…and my original order of 40 WOW storage containers remained.   I was like a ROCK.

A week or so later I received them in the mail.

There were a LOT of them…

40 WOW containers

I started attempting to put some of the containers together.

It took me a minute to figure out how they fit together in a super secret I-am-sure-it-is-highly-patented-kinda-way.

WOW container locking mechanism

When you put two Wow Containers together properly there are short ridges that keep them aligned.

It is the locking mechanism that is a problem.

It is very flimsy and requires significant FORCE to lock.   So much force that when I locked the first container it split the plastic.

I tried again and the very same thing happened.

So now I have 38 Wow Containers due to breaking 2 in the first 3 minutes of taking them out of the box.

Wow storage containers

I was able to assemble a few more without breaking additional containers.

The idea is GREAT.   I like how they stack in the cabinet very organized and compactly.

It is GREAT to not have separate lids and containers.

The container is a lid!

The lid is a container!


BUT they break easily.

And are VERY difficult to lock properly.

And even when you lock them correctly, there is not a good seal on the container.   I used one yesterday for some salsa and the entire fridge smelled like salsa this morning…not in a good way.

I have had my set of 40 for a week or so and have discarded about 1/3rd due to breakage.

I see now why they send you so many…

WOW container crack

…and it looks like I might need some hand lotion.

I think they sell that on TV.


  1. I’m just really happy to say, that because of you it is very very unlikely that I will ever buy things from an infomercial.

    This is also helped by my rather modest amount of TV watching.

    But I’m going to give you ALL the credit.

    The husband thanks you.

  2. The Topsy Turvy plant thing works, my Daddy and Janiece have the tomato and strawberry ones and love them. They used them all last summer.

  3. I am really sad that they aren’t great. Because they should be. The idea is pretty genius actually. And you would think that they should be able to work. Or maybe not.

    I guess I won’t be buying any.

    Maybe someone will figure out how to make them work and then sell them on TV under a new name like WooHoo These are Great Containers.

  4. First they steal my WoW name (didn’t even pay me for it) and now they put out a sub par product under that name? Jeez. Thank goodness they didn’t steal my logo too.

  5. behold the power of the infomercial lol…

  6. Is there are 12 step program for infomercial junkies? I might need one too–I just bought an exercise video set because I was ‘sucked’ into the promises of a perfect body 😉

  7. I am here to help.

  8. I can’t stomach the PX90 commercials because I feel like a fat ass when I see the changes the women have made.

    And WOW..those are crappy! Great concept, poor plastic product. Too bad.

    You forgot to mention the Pancake Puff Pan…you know you bought WAY more off TV than just Pajama Jeans! Where’s your Snugee???

  9. Wow? More like Whoa…you wasted your money on these crap containers. It sounds good on paper (or infomercial) but maybe they should get their plastic from a different vendor or something…
    And those Topsy Turvey things are sweeping the nation! A guy in our neighborhood has a couple and the tomatoes he produces are pretty nice. I’m thinking of investing…once I have a place to hang them…

  10. I am totally going to have to get the topsy turvey thingy…it is destiny.

  11. That is me with QVC. I cannot help myself.

    PS. I have thought about ordering that upside down tomato grower. I still may. I make no promises.

  12. I loves me some infomercial products. I’ve got a ton of them. My favorite is the Perfect Brownie Pan.

    But, we also have the storage containers that DO have lids but they all take the same size lid and they’re on a turn-around thingie. And they are square, but either short or middle or tall. Anyway, we got them at Wal-Mart but from the ‘as seen on tv’ aisle.

    GET THOSE. They work pretty well and they’re only $15!

  13. Oh, Holly… you CRACK me up! (pun intended)
    I love that you just did the research for me. I was thinking about getting these. Only after my daughter was convincing me that we needed them! 🙂
    Thanks for another informative and fun review!

  14. What other infomercial stuff have you bought? I’ve never bought anything from TV, but now I think I want to give it a try! Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. Thanks for sharing. My son can repeat that whole infomercial and I almost gave in to buy just so he would stop repeating it!! Don’t need any help with a stinky fridge!

  16. I feel like I have to have these. I am such an infomercial sucker. Thanks for letting me know that they break easily.

  17. Heehee. I am addicted to buying things with good reviews from mommy bloggers (click on my name to see my favorite, my kids loved it and now it became my go-to birthday gift).

    For some reason I’m always suspicious of infomercials, even when people seem to like the product. Thank you very much for your review. I agree with the other commenter, great concept, poor plastic product. Too bad.

  18. Wow! And, then I had 38…cracked me up. Thanks for being the guinea pig and letting me know to-wow- cross this off the list.

  19. Leanna Ames says:

    “WOW?!” I just opened the box! Can anyone say “Glad?” I REALLY wish I would’ve found your site prior to being informercial “wow-ed” You are correct, It should state, semi-seal, and I would never recommend these for microwave use! It actually is a great concept, but needs to go back to the “drawing board” I have to say, the “Wow” container is of very poor quality, even for an “as seen on tv” product.

  20. Believing the WOW CONTAINERS would be the answer to any and all container problems, I threw away several containers that I had had for several YEARS simply because they didn’t all stack neatly or save space. I wish now I had kept them!

    –Immediately, I discovered these containers don’t “lock” all that easily. And some, once locked, are even more difficult to UNlock.
    –Within a week, one container cracked down the side – I have no idea how.
    –Also in the first week, I discovered by accident that the containers are not as leak-proof as containers that can’t be “mixed and matched.”
    –After a couple or three weeks, the part of the tabs that snap into the slots to create the locked affect had broken on three or four pieces. I expect this trend will continue, eventually rendering this 40-piece finger-mangler useless.
    –The claim that these containers keep “odors out and flavours in” is completely false. I found that out one day when I opened the fridge and the odor of some freshly chopped onion about knocked me over backwards. I ended up putting the WOW CONTAINER of onions in a zip-lock freezer bag. So if the onion odor was escaping the closed/locked container…how fresh do these containers keep your foods??
    –These containers are not dishwasher friendly – they are space hogs, and even on the top shelf, will be tossed around. Pull out that top rack carefully, or you’ll dump dirty dishwater all over the clean dishes below!

    Whoever came up with these containers had a good idea as far as being able to mix and match tops for bottoms and bottoms for tops. Nothing worse than having misjudged the size container you needed. But the manner in which these containers are secured shut needs to be improved. Until then…I’d say don’t waste your money. I guess “beware if it sounds too good to be true” definitely applies in this case. I now see why they began selling these two [sets] for the price of one. One set is definitely not worth $20…and there is no way you are getting a $50 value as claimed.

  21. So glad I couldn’t remember the name of the product and found this site while searching for it. I was about to purchase these after seeing a commercial a couple nights ago but now will not be wasting my money. Hopefully there is a second revision or another company goes with this idea. Thanks for the hell to all who posted!

  22. Should say “Thanks for the help to all who posted!”.

  23. I too am a infomercial junkie.. i bought the wow containers in august 2010. ive probably broken half of them.. splits down the side just like the picture above… I love the way they sell you two for 19.95 but they dont tell you up front on the commercial that the shipping and handling on the 2 sets for only 19.95 is going to be almost 16.00. I paid 35.plus change for the 2 sets. I had intended to give one set as a christmas gift but decided no one would want them… very poor quality product

  24. Thanks for sharing this. I was going to buy these for mil…but now I am thinking better not.

  25. Cherie Price says:

    I purchased the WOW storage containers and have cut my fingers more then once when snapping them, The tabs have already started cracking and breaking all in less then 2 months, Severly disappointed.

  26. I love that your husband encourages your late night infomercial purchases. My husband lives in fear.

  27. It always bothers me to hear/read about hard working citizens being ripped off by infomercial companies. If you would like to own a working, high quality, space-saving kitchen accessory that's reasonably priced, check out handygizmos.com.

  28. Just bought the wow containers this week. Washed them up today and one was cracked.. Put left over stew in them and they did leak. Glad i got them on sale. Would not buy again. Great idea, bad product.

  29. Holly,
    We totally love your infomercial reviews. I’m with Happy Camper– you have underestimated your informercial purchasing skills. 🙂
    Bummer that ingenuity was met with cheap-ola plastic!

  30. I got wow containers as a gift. I love the concept and they are very handy, but the tabs are usally hard to close and have a tendency to break off and they are also very hard to open. the edges are sharp and I havecut my index finger several times ouch lol Over all they are a great idea just need some improvements. They crack easily too when the tabs are too tight to open and close. zi had to throw away at least two of them.

  31. Nancy Barringer says:

    I inherited my WOW containers from my mom. I thought they were something from the highrise where she lived, like meals on wheels or something. I researched online for them, and there they were! I personally LOVE them! I want more! Many more! I just don’t know where to order them! They don’t stain, they haven’t broke on me or cracked. They haven’t leaked laying in my lunch box at work. It has to be one of those things…different strokes for different folks. 🙂

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