{Homemade Christmas} 20+ Easy Ornament Crafts

Our preschooler kids love activities and I was thrilled to have discovered so many great ornament ideas that our kids can create this year. These ideas were submitted in either our weekly linky, It’s Playtime or in the Kids Blogger Network. If you are a Kids Blogger and are not part of the network, shout-out and let us know. I’d love to add you! Thanks for participating and submitting ideas!
20+ Ideas of Christmas Ornaments your Kids can make this holiday season.

  1. Homemade Christmas Ornaments are the best – your kids will enjoy making swirled paint ones to hang on the tree.
  2. Stained Glass Windows – for your tree!   These are easy to create.
  3. Paper Plate re-purposed and formed into an angel – it’s a Christmas Tree Topper
  4. Pine Cone Pom-Pom Trees.   These trees are super cute and colorful.
  5. Felt Tree Ornaments.   Make non-breakable ornaments with your toddlers this season.
  6. Oh So Yummy Ginger-bread Ornaments.   These smell *so* good.
  7. Glittery Star Ornament.   These DIY decorations look great with the twinkle lights on your tree.
  8. Jingle Bell Ornament.   Let glad tidings ring… or at least know if your child is playing with the tree with this bell decoration.
  9. Handprint Reindeer.   These are great keepsake ornaments for grandma – remember their hand-prints.20+ Ideas of Christmas Ornaments your Kids can make this Holiday Season!
  10. We have all seen the ornaments filled with paint, how about using clear paint and candy sprinkles for a festive Christmas decoration.
  11. Jesus is the reason for the season, make a manger ornament using cotton stuffing and a walnut shell – cute!
  12. Remember your child’s handprint with these fun – and colorful hand-print salt-dough creations.
  13. Reflective Art is great to hang on the tree in the midst of twinkle lights – love this Tin-Foil Craft ornament!
  14. Melt some plastic snowmen – literally.   This Preschool kids craft uses plastic cups and markers to create snowmen ornaments.
  15. Remember the summer memories and kids activities with this seashell collage hanging from your tree
  16. Re-purpose old cards into new ornaments using this recycled paper craft tutorial
  17. Corked pipecleaner elves – these little men sit on dainty mushrooms
  18. Marbleize the salt dough for an interesting effect in your homemade ornaments this year.
  19. Mini-Christmas Tree ornaments made out of buttons, pipe cleaners and bells – cute!
  20. Twine covered twigs become natural stars to decorate your Christmas Tree.
  21. Create your own Christmas tree ornament – use anything that sparkles in your craft cabinet and create a collage ornament.

What kinds of ornaments have your kids made this year?

I’d love to hear about them in the comments.   If you wrote a blog post about them, link up here or share it on our facebook wall!


  1. Thanks so much. This is great. I am gone have fun with these projects and My 3 year old.

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