Super Simple Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets Even Toddlers Can Color

Today we are excited to have extremely easy Thanksgiving coloring sheets that were designed with babies, toddlers and preschoolers in mind. Younger kids can get creative with the big open spaces provided in these free Thanksgiving coloring pages.

Easy Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets to Download and Print - Kids Activities blog
Let’s color an easy Thanksgiving coloring page!

Easy Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

A simple Thanksgiving coloring page plus a one year old…what fun!  Today, here at Kids Activities Blog, our coloring pages for kids series continues with an idea to get the younger kids involved.

These simple coloring sheets were inspired by an article on No Time for Flashcards where baby played with first coloring page and used sweet potatoes as the coloring medium. See below for our baby coloring page activity.

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Thanksgiving Coloring Page Set for Toddlers & Preschool

Baby Thanksgiving Coloring Pages - this coloring page is a very simple turkey drawing to color easy enough for younger kids - pdf file printed shown
Our turkey coloring page is so easy even a baby can color it!

Easy Baby Turkey Coloring Page

I absolutely adore this extra easy Thanksgiving turkey coloring page. The really big bold shapes are great for big fat crayons, little hands learning fine motor skills or even finger paint.

easy pumpkin pie coloring page - easy Thanksgiving coloring sheet set - pdf shown of simple line drawing of a pumpkin pie - Kids Activities Blog
Our easy pumpkin pie recipe is really easy to color!

Easy Peasy Pumpkin Pie Coloring Page

This adorable simple pumpkin pie coloring sheet is the second Thanksgiving coloring page in our easy coloring page set. The line drawn pumpkin pie shapes are large for younger kids to color.

Easy pumpkin coloring page pdf shown with simple line drawing of a pumpkin - Easy Thanksgiving coloring page set from Kids activities Blog for toddlers and preschoolers
Toddlers! Preschoolers! Let’s color this easy pumpkin coloring page!

Easy Pumpkin Coloring Page for Toddlers

Our third easy Thanksgiving coloring page created for younger kids is a smiling pumpkin. The simple shapes create the sweetest printable to color.

Big easy leaf coloring page pdf - Easy Thanksgiving coloring pages from Kids Activities Blog
Let’s color a big leaf for Thanksgiving!

Easy Preschool Leaf Coloring Page for Preschoolers

Our 4th easy printable for Thanksgiving is an easy leaf coloring page. Kids could use one color or more than one color to make an autumn leaf.

Download and Print 4 Easy Thanksgiving Coloring Pages pdf Files Here

We have a fun printable, which would be great for the older kids to use as a Thanksgiving place-mat/coloring page, and I thought it would make a terrific canvas for his sensory exploration.

Printable Give Thanks Coloring Page for Kids

Pumpkins with letters on them spelling out the words Give Thanks - give thanks coloring page for kids pdf shown - Kids Activities Blog
Here is one more Thanksgiving coloring sheet that says, “Give Thanks”

Free Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets

Our last coloring page is a single sheet, but you can print as many of them as you would like.

  • 1 Give Thanks coloring sheet like show above. Each bubble letter is in different pumpkin.

Download & Print Give Thanks pdf File Here

Thanksgiving Coloring Page Activity for Baby

Let’s talk about using one of these simple coloring pages as baby’s first coloring page. It is a great time to introduce your one year old to crayons, washable non-toxic markers or finger paint with non-toxic paint or like we did here with…baby food!

Finger Painting Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets

I personally like the baby food finger painting method. I tried to pick brightly colored fruits and vegetables.

Baby first coloring page coloring activity for one year old - how we had baby color first coloring page with baby food.
Let baby color!

Supplies Needed

  • carrot baby food
  • green beans baby food
  • blueberry applesauce baby food
  • Printable coloring page
  • (optional) tape
  • (optional) white crayon


  1. We taped the coloring sheet down on the table or high chair.
  2. We colored the letters in the “Give Thanks” coloring page with a white crayon – My “plan” was that the picture would be a smearing of fall hues and that the letters in the coloring page would pop out as they would remain white amidst the smear.
  3. Let baby paint! Plans rarely go as you plan. While I did expect Noah to have a blast, I did not expect the page to remain white (well, maybe it became off-white).
Coloring page printable and activity for babies
Baby had so much fun!

What we Learned Doing this Thanksgiving Coloring Activity for Baby

Things that you can do to help your child have fun in their food finger-painting:

  • Remove their clothes. For reasons unknown to me, carrots *will* stain shirts (even if they fail to leave a mark on the coloring sheet. Ha!
  • Instead of putting the foods onto a separate plate (as pictured), drop them directly onto the printable. My little man kept expecting me to get a spoon and was becoming a bit frustrated when I didn’t produce one. Dumping the food onto the picture and putting his hand into it helped break the ice a bit.
  • As I said earlier, tape the paper down. Otherwise, they just might be eating the paper instead of the “paint”.
  • Have rags ready nearby for clean-up and have fun!


How did you use the easy Thanksgiving coloring pages? Did you use them as a first coloring activity for baby?

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