Beth Marie’s Old Fashioned

My husband works in Denton and one of our favorite things to do is drive up and meet him for lunch at Beth Marie’s.  It’s a really fun  restaurant  right on the square in Denton.  They have a lunch menu- and of course their famous homemade ice cream.

My husband opted for half a tuna fish sandwich and a bowl of chili.  My daughter picked her favorite- mac and cheese.  After finishing their lunch they picked out their ice cream.  Picking our flavors is probably the hardest part- there are so many great flavors to choose from.  Do you get Sue’s Snickers, Beth’s Raspberry Truffle, Old South Fudge??  My husband and I love their blackberry cobbler topped with cinnamon ice cream.  It is divine.  If blackberry cobbler isn’t your thing- they also have cherry, peach and apple.

A decided on a Old South Fudge and my husband just couldn’t make up his mind so he got Krissy’s French Toast, Emily’s Campfire Marshmallow, and Strawberry Cheesecake.

9 picture collage of beth marie's ice cream shop

If you have time it’s always nice to take your ice cream and stroll around the square.  There are all kinds of fun, unique shops across from the courthouse.

She Is Dallas Info: Beth Marie’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream has two locations. The original location is Beth Marie’s On The Square (south side of Courthouse) located at 117 W. Hickory in Denton.  Their 2nd location is  at Unicorn Lake (a2900 Wind River Ln. #148 in Denton.

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  1. They have a second location at Unicorn Lake. My family walks there every couple of weeks or so. Our favorite flavor is Turtle Torture, followed closely by the classic chocolate chip. Love that it is local!

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