holly in the morning…

I am participating in Girlfriend Getaway DFW and get to drive a Chevy Malibu for a month.

I need your votes.


There IS something in it for you.

A Sweepstakes with a prize of a spa weekend in Austin for you and three friends.

Please click here to enter the sweepstakes and vote for me as your favorite blogger (not in the whole world, just in the promotion)…


pretty please?

with sugar on top?


Unless you need more begging…

You can see my other Malibu adventures at Girlfriend Getaway.


  1. I can’t play since I don’t live in TX anymore. Bummer. Good luck!!

  2. Melissa R says:

    Oh no, you must live in Texas. 🙁

  3. HAHAHAHA! Holly makes toast in the car!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I wonder….can you plug in a toaster oven and make cookies on the go?

  4. off I go to vote vote vote 🙂

  5. I did Greis! A few days ago when we chatted on Twitter…great minds! Thanks.

  6. I tried. Yet another reason to move to the great TX… as if your weren’t enough of a reason 🙂

  7. I got your back! Voted! 🙂

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