Kids Can Build a Race Car Track with Masking Tape

This DIY race car track using masking tape is an awesome activity for kids of all ages and can be done nearly anywhere and is a great group activity. Kids can get really creative if you let them build a track for their toy cars around the house. 

Build a Track with Masking Tape - masking tape road in living room on floor and on couch with matchbox cars and hot wheels driving on the masking tape road - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s build roads for toy cars out of masking tape!

Just take a look at this fun idea for a speedway made from masking tape!

Building a track is a great indoor activity. We created an indoor racetrack completely out of masking tape!

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How to Build a Race Car Track with Masking Tape

supplies needed for DIY kids race track made from painters tape - 3 rolls of masking tape and a stack of Hot Wheels, Matchbox cars and other assorted toy cars
This is all you need to make this fun indoor kids activity!

Supplies Needed


Step 1

Plan your race car track path and decide on a width based on what toy cars will be driving on your masking tape road.

Step 2

Start with laying down masking tape for one side of the road. Either work in sections adding the other side at the end of each section or another child can be assigned the second road side.

masking tape track in progress - child with masking tape roll creating road on carpet that extends onto couch - Kids Activities blog
You get to choose where your road goes!

Step 3

Continue adding to the road until it is done. Now it is time to drive and race toy cars!

build a track with masking tape - 4 cars on a masking tape track on tile with words Masking tape speedway
Make your own masking tape speedway!

Using Masking Tape for Roads

The great thing about masking tape is that it sticks to almost any surface including carpets and upholstered furniture (press the tape down lightly on carpet). Masking tape will also allow for twists and turns for curves in the road.

The best thing about masking tape for this indoor activity is that it comes off easily with no residue when left on for a few hours.

That being said, on some hardwood floors, masking tape can cause issues with the top coat and should be tested ahead of time. Blue painters tape can be more gentle, but we recommend checking into what works best for your floor BEFORE the kids start building so you can give them some guidelines.

toy cars and masking tape - kids in play with masking tape roads and masking tape parking lots - Kids Activities Blog
Make a masking tape parking lot!

Our Experience Building DIY Hot Wheel Track

This was a great building project for my older 2 kids.  They drew up plans to build a track, gathered supplies, and built away for what seemed like hours. I was amazed at their creativity!

My kids had so much fun with it, that they began to extend the track beyond our living area and took it partially up our stairs.

They used ordinary objects to create a gas station, a parking garage, and a Drive-In Movie Theatre.  Blocks, boxes, doll house toys and more were “dug up” and used to build their speedway.

When it was completed, my little guy played with it for hours – asking us to keep it up for days. Which of course gave my older two more time to add on…

and on…

and on…

Active & Open Ended Play Ideas for Kids

It never ceases to amaze me that when you give children a few building supplies and provide them with a general idea, amazing things come out of it.

This brother & sister team created something fun & unique for their little brother.  They worked together beautifully on this project, you’d never think they bicker a day in their life……

Whether your child uses masking tape to build a track or other household items, you will be amazed at how creative they can get! 

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How did your masking tape toy car track turn out? How many rooms did it extend through by the time it was done?

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