Preschool Letter N Book List

Nearly there! The end of learning the alphabet is approaching! This letter N book list will help carry you through the letter of the week. Never fear! Your list, is here!

We found some books that start with the Letter N, and some other letter N books! These books to learn the letter N come from our friends at UsBorne and our affiliate, Amazon!

letter n books for preschoolers
These are some of our favorite Letter N Books!

Learn the Letter N

Now that you’re ready to learn the letter N, make sure you tailor a lesson plan to fit your children! You can start off with the Letter N craft, so you have something to refer to through the week. Then, it is time for letter N worksheets!

Words that start with the letter N like newt are in our book list
You could always use a “NEWT” book!

When you need a break from the pressure of learning, it’s ok to take one! Your child will thank you. Spend some time laughing as you play around with different Letter N activities. Don’t forget sight words and spelling words for the letter N!

Books to Teach the Letter N

Near, far, wherever you are! You’re sure to love this list of letter N books I have gathered for you! Your child is going to enjoy learning so much!

Night Night Farm

It’s nighttime down on the farm. The animals are in the barn and it’s time to say a soft and cozy, “Night, night.” Say goodnight to the horse, the dog, and all their farm friends, as you turn the shaped pages and watch as the animals go to sleep, one by one. The gentle rhymes and sleepy tone make Night Night Farm perfect for settling your little one into bed and ending with your own, quiet, “Night, night.”

Nosy Rosy

Rosy loves to shove her nose into everyone else’s business! Her nosiness quickly annoys everyone in town. But, even nosiness has a time and a place! This story follows the exuberant Rosy on an adventure your children will love.

The Best Nest

A classic book, loved for generations! Mr. and Mrs. Bird search for the very best place to build their nest. Nest-hunting takes them on some adventures to odd locations.

Nighttime Ninja

Late at night, when all is quiet and everyone is asleep, a ninja creeps silently through the house in search of treasure. Soon he reaches his ultimate goal…and gets a big surprise! Will the nighttime ninja complete his mission?

In November

November is such a beautiful month! This letter N book is a great one for any time of year, though! Follow animals as they seek shelter and prepare for the winter. The beautiful paintings are sure to inspire your little ones.

The Numberlys

A fun twist on the creation of the alphabet. Follow the numbers work together to change their dull, gray life.

Fancy Nancy

Ooh la la—five fabulous Fancy Nancy books in one box set for readers on the go! From staying up late to throwing a birthday party for Frenchy to learning new ballet dance moves and more, no one brings pizzazz quite like Nancy!

Noisy Nora

It’s tough being the middle mouse. No one’s paying any attention to Nora, so she decides to do something her family can’t ignore: make noise. Nora slams windows, bangs doors, and upsets furniture, to no avail. It’s not until she crashes out the door–and the house goes strangely silent–that her family realizes: a noisy Nora is much better than no Nora at all.

Letter N Books for Preschoolers

We love that we can trust UsBorne for age appropriate books! My kids love to learn, with these magnificently illustrated books!

Nibbles: Numbers
Numbers, with Nibbles!

Look out! Nibbles the book monster has munched his way through this book of numbers! Count along with him as he chomps his way from one to ten… but wherever will he go next?

Nibbles: The Dinosaur Guide
Nibbles loves Dinosaurs!

What was a very serious book about very serious dinosaurs is suddenly interrupted by a hole – a nibbled hole – in the book. Who would do something like that? Little ones will love trying to find the culprit – Nibbles – hiding among their favorite, easily recognizable dinosaurs. Is he an herbivore? A carnivore? Or … a bookivore?

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