10 Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day

Make your Valentine’s Day celebration even more special with these 10 fun facts about Valentine’s Day coloring pages! Here at Kids Activities Blog, we love celebrating holidays and learning about them!

Whether you are a fan of St. Valentine’s Day or not, we are sure you’ll love these fun facts about Valentine’s Day coloring pictures!

And the best part is that we made two versions: a full-color PDF printable set, and a black and white printable set that doubles as Valentine’s Day coloring pages!

valentine's day facts
Kids will love these Valentine’s day facts & coloring pages – they are perfect for kids of all ages!

Interesting Facts About Valentine’s Day

If you think that Valentine’s Day is just a random day where people give each other roses, cards, and chocolate, you’re in for a big surprise.

Get ready for a fun day with these interesting Valentine’s Day facts coloring pages! For example, do you know why Valentine’s Day is celebrated? Or why do people give chocolate on Valentine’s Day?

There is so much to learn! And we can assure you it’s so much better when coloring pages are involved.

10 facts about valentine's day
You get to choose – print the full color Valentine’s Day facts PDF, or the b&w version for a fun coloring activity.

10 Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day

  1. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and friendship that falls every February 14th. 
  2. Valentine’s Day is also called St. Valentine’s Day or the Feast of St. Valentine.
  3. Originally, the day was celebrated to commemorate Valentinus, who was imprisoned for marrying young couples in love, when weddings were banned by the emperor.
  4. And since the 1300s, Valentine’s Day was associated with the idea of love and romance. That’s when couples started to exchange gifts, flowers, cards, and candies to express their love.
  5. The X became a symbol for a kiss in medieval times, because people who couldn’t write signed their name as an X, and kissed it to show good faith. 
  6. Red roses are common during this day because it’s known as the “flower of love”. It is said to be the favorite flower of Venus, the roman goddess of love and beauty.
  7. Cupid, a charming cherub who is the son of Venus, is associated with Valentine’s Day due to his magnificent love-matching powers.
  8. We believe that among all the people who receive Valentine’s Day cards, teachers might get the most! 
  9. Actually, over 145 million Valentine’s Day cards are sent every February 14, which makes it the second biggest holiday for exchanging cards, right after Christmas.
  10. Back in the 1800s, doctors prescribed chocolate as a treatment for those who had been disappointed in love – that’s why chocolates are one of the most common gifts during this holiday.
valentine's day facts for kids
Download these Valentine’s day facts for some fun learning!

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