One of the things I love about Reid(6) is that he throws himself completely into anything he does.   One of the things he does is follow his older brother’s instructions.   It isn’t everything Ryan(8) suggests, but a large percentage of his schemes are put into action.

Age does have its advantages around here.   There is an implied hierarchy based on the year of birth.   We have spent the week with Grandma and Grandpa which has lengthened the pecking order in Reid’s mind.

Reid looked around the room and declared, “I am 1 (Grandpa), 2 (Grandma). 3 (Daddy), 4 (Mommy), 5 (Ryan)…6th in charge!”

He commands an army of one rogue soldier, Rhett(4). Quite honestly, that one rogue soldier is a full time job.

Last night the whole family was gathered around watching American Idol. It was just prior to bed so during one of the commercial breaks Blog-Stedman sent the boys down to brush their teeth.   Historically, teethbrushing has been a split-second event.   The boys seem to believe that applying toothpaste to toothbrush and holding it in their mouth for a moment qualifies.

This time he sent Ryan down with specific instructions, “2 minutes.   I want you to have the toothbrush in your mouth BRUSHING for 2 minutes.

Ryan was back in exactly two minutes.

We continued watching the show until the next commercial break when Ryan spontaneously shouted, “Oh no!   Reid!” and sped down the hall to the bathroom.

He returned with his brother who had been brushing his teeth for the last 12 minutes.

Me:   Reid, you have been brushing your teeth for the WHOLE time?

Reid:   Yes!   Ryan told me that I had to brush my teeth for 2 minutes and he would tell me when 2 minutes was up.


  1. ROFL. He’s probably brushed all the enamel off. At least Ryan finally remembered!

  2. Very nice and cute picture of a sad boy

  3. He’s a big fan of the “I was only following orders” defense, isn’t he? Poor Reid! Poor teeth.

  4. Now that’s sweet. My kids would have come out of the bathroom, foaming at the mouth, yelling, IS IT TWO MINUTES YEEETTTTT?????

  5. I’m just hoping Ryan doesn’t come to realize the extent of his power here…

  6. Wish at least one of my kids was organized like that. Heck I wish I were too.

  7. At least Ryan remembered after only one commercial break, imagine if he had waited until the show was over?

  8. What about your youngest? Does he get to be in charge of anything?

  9. So, so cute. Does Rhett get to be in charge of the dog at least?

  10. Kids have this ability to join forces when the need arises I guess. lol. But being able to command like that is a sign of great leadership skill in the future.

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