Costco Is Permanently Closing All Photo Centers Next Month

I have to say, I am not surprised…

I just found out that Costco Is Permanently Closing All Their Photo Centers Next Month!

Being that we live in a digital era where all our photos can be uploaded, downloaded and saved to the cloud, we don’t need printing services as much as we used to.

With that being said, Costco has made the decision to close all their photo centers permanently next month.

While many Costco photo centers began closing back in 2018, Costco informed all employees yesterday of the final closures.

The good news is, rather than losing their jobs, they will be offered employment elsewhere in the warehouse.

A thread on Reddit reads:

All photo center employees were informed today that the photo center will be closing 2/14/2021.

Not a lot of information as of now but employees will be given opportunities around the warehouse and products will be sold on Anyone else have information to add?

So, if you are wanting to get your photos developed or printed one last time at Costco you might want to do it soon.

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