Glass Gem Sun Catchers Kids Can Make

It’s beautiful and sunny outside! You can also take advantage of all that sunshine with pretty homemade  sun catchers.  Here’s an easy way to make a unique glass gem sun catcher  from materials you may already have around your house.

glass gem sun catcher

What You Need To Make Glass Gem Suncatchers:

  • Plastic Yogurt container lid
  • Clear Elmer’s Glue (cloudy will work too, but will dry a little opaque)
  • String or Thread
  • Suction cup window hooks (optional- you can just tie the string to the window latch instead)
  • Glass vase gems

How To Make a Glass Gem Suncatcher:

Fill the Yogurt container lid with glue.  You’ll probably want to put in more than you think you need because the glue shrinks significantly as it dries.  (Good thing kids like to squeeze out glue!)

Arrange the glass gems in the lid.  Encourage your kids to fill the whole space; it looks prettier.

Squeeze a bit more glue on top.  (This will help the gems stay in and not fall out after it dries)

Allow the glue to dry for 3-4 days.  Peel out of container.

Find a section of the sun catcher near the edge where the glue is relatively thick.  Push a threaded needle through that area.  Figure out how low you want the sun catcher to hang and tie a knot there.

Hang your new sun catcher on a window that gets lots of sun or in a dim room that needs brightening up!

**Remember, this is not a good craft for children under three without adult supervision because the glass vase gems are choking hazards.

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  1. This would make easy christmas gifts! What size yogurt containers do you use?

  2. Tracy Nelson says:

    Gonna have to try this with my child care children…we have a tree outside we hang wind chimes on, I think suncatchers will be a NICE addition!!!! Or even hanging in our classrooms!!! YAY!!! I love your site…BTW!!!

  3. What kind of thread/string did you use to hang it? I’m concerned about it ripping through the glue. Also, did you add more glue as it started to dry? I’m noticing that it is shrinking a lot but I couldn’t fit anymore glue it before it started drying. I have some deep vallies in some areas and I am not sure if adding more glue is needed or not.

  4. joni sabatini says:

    i think this a cool idea, I”m going try this using modge podge

  5. Is this a clear yogurt lid? I love the idea for a kids church Mother’s Day project. What yogurt has clear lids?

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