Super Bowl 45 Prep in Dallas

Are you ready for some football?!?

This Sunday the country will turn it’s eyes on my home – North Texas! This years Super Bowl is being played in the new state of the art Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

It’s an impressive place to to go, and I don’t doubt that those lucky enough to have tickets to Super Bowl 45 will really enjoy the stadium facilities. I took a tour of Cowboys Stadium this summer and even as someone that doesn’t closely follow football, I was WAY immpressed!

As you may have heard Dallas/ Ft. Worth had temperatures just over 80 degrees last weekend. But this week… we received the same ice and snow storm that most of the country did. Temperatures are expected to be in the 50’s on the day of the Super Bowl, and let me tell you for Texans that is COLD. I think it’s good that the two teams playing in the game have fans from places that are used to cold temperatures, they may not be fazed by the chill in the air – but the natives are bound to be rocking some snuggies:)

The day before the cold snap I took my pumpkin over to the Stadium to get some pics of the Super Bowl signage going up…behold below!

girl in football helmet

I know, I know- it’s not a Steeler or a Packer helmet. It’s the Dallas Cowboys helmet! Deal with it 😉

cowboy stadium ready for super bowl

Over a week before the event – security was tight. The whole stadium was surrounded by police and security.

girl in front of cowboy stadium

The pumpkin sitting across the street- with the stadium in the background. What a fun photo for her in years from now.

walmart football display

Okay- this is NOT the stadium. Well It’s the Walmart that is across the street. They made a HUGE display of a football field and runners and scoreboard- out of soda boxes.

The pumpkin and I were amused.


Still at the Walmart…they made a locker room out of beer can boxes that housed every team jersey in the NFL, and it was he length of the garden area. I’m not sure what possessedd them to do it. But I bet it was a fun day of work for someone!

Are you coming to the Super Bowl? If so, there are lots of things to do around Dallas, Arlington, and Ft. Worth! On behalf of all the other Texans- WELCOME.

We apologize for the weather, it isn’t usually like this!

Enjoy the game, and the area!

And if your just watching the game from home (like we are!) be sure to wave to me when they do the big aerial shot of my home town:)

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  1. These are REALLY NEAT pics!

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