Hey bat baby! The cutest batwing swaddle blanket has arrived and it is the sweetest baby wrap blanket around. The thing about babies is they can wear whatever whenever…so this bat swaddle blanket doesn’t have to be saved for just the fall Halloween season!

Baby Bat Swaddle Blanket with baby inside
Baby Bat Swaddle Blanket courtesy of Ankle Biter Kids

Baby Bat Swaddle Blanket

Althought, Baby costumes might be one of the cutest things about Halloween…Who doesn’t adore a teeny tiny toddler bumblebee waddling up to your door?

But for those with extra small babies this Halloween, this Baby Bat Swaddle Blanket is a definite must have!

Or, baby can wear it anytime during the year. I don’t judge super cuteness!

This Baby Bat Swaddle Blanket is from Ankle Biter Kids.

Courtesy of Ankle Biter Kids

Bat Newborn Swaddle Blanket

With late summer and early fall babies, I still wanted to dress my kids up for Halloween. And, with my second, we still had an older one to take out trick or treating. We needed cute costumes that were warm and easy to wear for a baby. A decorative swaddle blanket would have been an awesome choice to have.

The bat swaddle will make your littlest trick or treater the cutest one yet. The wraps on the swaddle are scalloped bat wings, and fasten securely to keep your baby warm. The hood of the swaddle includes little bat ears to show off your vampire in training.

Courtesy of Ankle Biter Kids

The wrap is extra snuggly too, with a soft black cotton inner layer to go against your baby’s skin and a black polar fleece outer layer for warmth.

Courtesy of Ankle Biter Kids

Batwing Swaddle for Baby

Each wrap is designed and handmade in the USA by Ankle Biter Kids, with sizes ranging from Preemie to 6-9 months. The designer also states that she is “more then happy to make wraps for little ones with special needs, Micro Preemies or if you are needing the item made slightly larger or longer.”

Isn’t that just awesome?

Baby in Baby Bat Swaddle Blanket
Courtesy of Ankle Biter Kids

Buy Your Infant Bat Costume Here

You can order a Baby Bat Swaddle Blanket of your own for just $45!

But you might want to order soon to make sure yours arrives in time for Halloween, even though you’ll have the cutest bat baby all season long.

Courtesy of Ankle Biter Kids

More Bat Swaddling Options for Baby

One of the problems we have heard from readers is that the Ankle Biter Kids version is often sold out. We went on a search high and low to see if we could find some other options just in case that is what you found when you clicked through.

1. Gereral3 Newborn Baby Boys Girls Halloween Cartoon Bat Romper

This bat swaddling blanket option is from Amazon and comes in a black color sized for 0-6 months, 6-12 months and 0-12 months. It is part sleeping bag and part hooded swaddle blanket. It doesn’t have as much detail as the other option, but certainly would be cute!

2. Bat Costume Hoodies with Pants for Baby

Is it really a costume if you would wear it anytime? Oh the cuteness of this bat hoodie with matching pants made for different sizes: 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months, 2-3T and 3-4T. These are SO cute!

3. Puseky Baby Breathable Gentle Bat Sleeping Bag

This is a super cute bat choice for baby. You can get it in a black and gray or in a pink and black combination. It has cute bat ears and a bat shape. It is made of comfortable material for your little bat.

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Is this bat swaddling blanket the cutest thing you have seen all day?

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  1. Ankle Bitter Kids took my money and never sent me what I ordered. Also will not send you a refund. I will NEVER recommend them to anyone!