Short Story/Long Ordeal

Things have just been crazy here.

Dorothy and Pop

On the day before Thanksgiving Pop didn’t feel well and on Sunday he was admitted to the hospital for Bronchitis.
On Sunday the 5th he was even worse (I called 911 7 times that week alone) and was readmitted -for Bronchitis.
His 91st birthday was on the 8th and the whole famn damily came into town – even though we told them that he was not up to it.
On the 9th he was readmitted to the hospital- this time with pneumonia.
He then went to a rehab hospital (which I won’t name but I highly recommend it) and was released on the 24th.
I thought that it was sweet that he wanted to spend Christmas with me. No Dorothy. It was because Christmas was on Saturday and they don’t do rehab on Sunday.
He is MUCH better now and I am happy because he is happy and healthy.
More stories to come – and more often I promise to try.

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